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  1. DoctorOr

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    I'm fully aware that sheets can be made from a pressure chamber. The context of the conversation was "available before pneumatic craft".

    *After* you go beyond the plastic and make a Printed Circuit Board, which is the 10 + 5 minute process with items decaying in the second part that is so ridiculous.

    And of course, doing it that way means that MFR items such as conveyor belts that don't use plastic sheets and instead use rubber are not available until after that quest is done.
  2. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    You can't craft a thing with unknown damage value (1% to 99%) in SFM, so only try and error is working. (The output needs an exact damage value. So the crafting result must be at 100%. Starting with 4 bottle should work, but that's try and error.)
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  3. Keldin42

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    The etching can be automated, simply use a dropper (triggered by a redstone clock) to drop the pcb into a stream of etching fluid. The stream leads the pcb into a hopper at the end of the stream. From the hopper into a chest and then back to the hopper with an item duct (fully etched pcb blacklisted).

    This worked fine for me so far, just toss a bunch in the hopper and forget about them. Just make sure to use covers or solid blocks so that the pcb can only land in the etching fluid.

    edit: screenshot [​IMG]
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  4. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    No, you were complaining that rubber tree seeds were too rare. Which is exactly why they are a quest reward there. And they are a quest reward there simply because you have 0 use for plastic sheets up until you can make printed circuit boards.

    As for rubber, yeah, you can't make conveyor belts. Darn?

    My quests are designed as they are for a reason and gated like they are for a reason. I do make the occasional mistake, this was not one of them. If you don't like Pneumaticcraft, I'm very sorry. Again, I'm aware that this modpack isn't for everyone. I designed this pack with Pneumaticcraft at its center. If you don't like the mod, then this is probably not the pack for you.
  5. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    I haven't done that quest yet but did somehow manage to get a rubber tree - I'm using the conveyor belts for my cactus farm so I must have gotten it from somewhere. Think I was looking for my soybeans. If you wanted to keep in line with the story and stick to quest progression maybe you could think of it as being lucky?
  6. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    See, this is one of the reasons this pack exists, to encourage this kind of creativity. If you have a problem with a game mechanic find a solution. In most cases I either built one in or there are enough utility mods to get you around the problem.[DOUBLEPOST=1406831523][/DOUBLEPOST]
    That is why the rubber tree sapling is an optional reward. If you get lucky sifting dirt, you can pick another reward. If you're absolutely stuck, well, there you go. I do plan my quests with some forethought, after all
  7. GriefingAssassin

    GriefingAssassin New Member

    Right after I got deep into pneumatics I noticed I had some extra dirt and said "what the hell" and ran it through my sieve and I got 2 rubber tree saplings... This pack is a big troll xD I gotta say though it's one of my favorites.

    I was also wondering if you , Iskandar, were planning on adding anything from Big Reactors into the quest book? I'm not fully through all the quests yet but it doesn't seem like there are any quests with Big Reactor blocks/items yet.
  8. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    There isn't. Quests are roughly 60% complete. I will say Big Reactor components are going to be more salvage and less crafting. Don't worry, you won't be able to miss the reactor buildings.
  9. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    That's a great idea! Having to go looking for components for big reactors sounds like it'll be fun and give a reason to go out of your base.
  10. Planet James

    Planet James New Member

    I'm guessing the world is infinite and are there any hidden things like chests or Easter eggs?
    I'm also running out of water and power early game HALP ME
    Loving the map so far, thanks
  11. MadTinkerer

    MadTinkerer New Member

    I deleted my world, otherwise I'd have a screen shot for this, but I did something similar that takes less space (I get that you are using a long channel to increase the amount of time the PCB is in the acid bath). Basically put a piston blocking the stream and have it on a rs switch with clocks to open the channel every minute for 5 seconds.

    I did the entire thing with just vanilla redstone clocks and buried it underground so the entire footprint of the pcb system was like 2x3 above ground. Also, the vanilla dropper does that stupid random placement thing when it drops, so I had plans to place a dispenser directly next to the acid bath source block instead and just block it off completely and use pneumatic servos to whitelist completed boards into another chest. Eventually I was going to replace all the vanilla redstone with a MFR controller because the wiring is neater.

    That being said, a turtle would be the best solution for this (and most of the automation tasks) as they are perfectly suited for picking up and placing/dropping items and can be programmed to do comparisons and work off timers. No computer craft however :(
  12. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    Okay guys, after messing with it. I did figure out how to refill your camel pack regardless of how full or empty it is with just SFM.

    INPUT -> Camel Pack (Black List Precision detection 0 damage value)
    INPUT -> Water Bottle (White List)
    CRAFT -> Camel Pack with precision detection 100 damage + 4 water bottles, then switch the precision detection for the camel pack to fuzzy after the recipe shows properly.
    CRAFT -> Camel Pack with precision detection 75 damage + 3 water bottles, then switch the precision detection for the camel pack to fuzzy after the recipe shows properly.
    CRAFT -> Camel Pack with precision detection 50 damage + 2 water bottles, then switch the precision detection for the camel pack to fuzzy after the recipe shows properly.
    CRAFT -> Camel Pack with precision detection 25 damage + 1 water bottle, then switch the precision detection for the camel pack to fuzzy after the recipe shows properly.
    OUTPUT -> Your armor slot or chest or whatever, White List Camel Pack with Precision Detection 0 Damage value.

    Works for me.
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  13. MadTinkerer

    MadTinkerer New Member

    I'm sure Bill Gates also has to take a dump at least once a day as well. Should we have that mechanic in a Minecraft mod as well?

    To be clear - I'm not criticising the core concept here of water as a manageable resource. I'm sure most people would agree that the resource management aspect is the core tenet of this mod and not necessarily the implementation of how that resource is consumed. I just don't like that one mechanic because it's stupid annoying. It's not like I am in danger of dehydrating because water is always just a few steps away, in that light, why force me/punish me for having to manually go and refill something. The food situation is actually more tolerable because you can put 2-3 different stacks of food in your tool bar and just cycle them for hours of playing. If I could carry 64 stacks of water in my tool bar to drink and I had to actively drink 3 times every 20 minutes, that'd actually be more tolerable to me than the camelpack.

    Also, your last comment was uncalled for. No need to take a dig at me because I'm saying I don't like a couple of game mechanics in an otherwise really fun mod. I'm offering this up because I think that it'd be a nice enhancement that wouldn't ruin or change the core concept of the modpack in a negative way.
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  14. Planet James

    Planet James New Member

  15. DrakeAedus

    DrakeAedus New Member

    You are correct, there are many minor enhancements that would make hydration a "progression-able" resource. Iskandar is limited to what the Enviromine developer provides.

    We deal with it because it is a unique mechanic, and many members are quite willing to defend it because they (we) have watched it grow into the modpack that it is today.
  16. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    As said earlier, the beauty of this mod pack is, that it is pushing u to learn how to get rid of the anoying things by automation. Would u rather play something that provides no challenge?
  17. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    Too bad they don't let you drink your juice/smoothies/sodas to help out with the hydration more than they do. At least those stack.

    And it would make sense if the drinks hydrated your thirst 'bar' and the foods saturated your hunger 'bar'.;)
  18. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

    In a mod pack based around survival why should we expect to carry a weeks worth of water without issue? In hot weather terrain you should plan on at least a gallon a day, or 8 pounds. Now most of us can carry a weeks worth at that level, but it's far from convinient and would limit our activities greatly. Any mod looking to add realism to food and water mechanics can and should take measures to make it very difficult for players to go day after day without thinking about it. I for instance would point out that a stack of 64 water bottle would likley weigh 128 pounds.....

    Regarding waste.... propper disposal within the scope of survival circumstances is not normally an issue. That said I'd argue that poisoning water sources near large groups of animals would be quit appropriate.

    regard the last comment, I don't see it as a dig, I see it as sound advice..... your comments have made it clear that you have serious issue with mechanics that are at the core of this pack........ makes me think you may be happier elswhere.
  19. MadTinkerer

    MadTinkerer New Member

    I'm glad someone seems to understand what I'm asking for...I just would like for there to be some tech progression to this one mechanic as it doesn't add any complexity to the game play. If anything, I think that the water generation via leaf->crucible is too generous as once you've established even a rudimentary smelting capacity you can turn 2 iron bars -> shears -> 13-15 buckets of water (or more if you repair durability). To me, the resource management aspect is the challenge, not how much water I can carry in my inventory. I also think that water source blocks should evaporate, which would make farming more of a challenge as well. So, it's certainly not about making the game easier from my perspective but about providing additional avenues to advance.

    Frankly I don't think that you have to mess with Enviromine code to make this happen. It'd be easy enough to add an item or two gated appropriately that increased water carrying capacity of the purpose of drinking (manually or automatically) and I'm sure if Iksandar was keen to implement additional options in this regard that either myself or someone else would be happy to code them if he doesn't know how to program java.[DOUBLEPOST=1406844123][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Look, you're arguing with me about how much water you can realistically carry in a game where you can hold a few metric tons of rocks and the contents of an entire grocery store in your pockets.

    I think you need to check yourself and how much you just like to argue with people for no good reason.
  20. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    Yes google is your friend.. this is a config issue, it took me all of 30 seconds to find this list and add it to the microblocks.cfg

    # Chisel blocks
    found this here http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/1syq84/multipart_configs_for_chisel_mod/

    added that to my config and instantly was able to make covers from all the chisel blocks

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