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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Iskandar, May 31, 2014.

  1. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    Thank you whoever said using an advanced inventory relay from SFM to auto un-equip a near empty or completely empty camel pack and auto re-equip a full camel pack with just a simple step of a pressure plate. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I just set this up. So good.
  2. CakeInABarrel

    CakeInABarrel New Member

    Thanks! I pushed a bunch of buttons on the panels in the cell and that works. No wonder how hard I thought the modpack should have been.
  3. Keldin42

    Keldin42 New Member

    aargh, death by shovel!

    I was expanding my basement and didn't notive my shovel was so fast it was digging out dust from under the ditch. Hordes of mobs streaming into my basement......

    Mental note for the next run, maybe a bronze shovel with a bunch of haste on it is not such a good idea :)
    Will restart when the update hits.
  4. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

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  5. MadTinkerer

    MadTinkerer New Member

    It's still annoying to have to swap them in and out all the time, particularly considering how fast they drain. The thing is, they probably need to consume water at that rate otherwise early game water pressure isn't that important, so I get that - it's just the mechanism I think is derpy/monotonous.

    A better mechanic would be to just get rid of the camelpack entirely and consume water from any source in your inventory (bottles, buckets, tanks). That way as you progress through the tech tree, you can make yourself a couple of TE portable tanks with a decent size capacity to remove the annoyance/dependency on refilling the camelpack (or building a camelpack refilling station like someone else did).

    Hmm, let me put it another way -

    Early game, the food situation is very similar - there is a lot of drudgery in making enough variety of food to keep yourself fed with 100% effectiveness, but over time as you progress down the food "tech tree" you get better meals and more options, so it becomes more tolerable over time. You feel like, "Wow I have made some good progress here and my reward is not being annoyed as much". It's not like you are in real danger of starving anyway.

    With the water situation, even as your ability to produce it improves to the point where it's not a major deal anymore, your ability to consume it stays pretty much the same - so you're pretty much dependant on that one game mechanic the entire playthrough and if it annoys you, well a few hours into it, it'll really start to annoy you :D

    A couple of good suggestion (well in my opinion good suggestions!) would be to either:

    1 - Add some other consumption mechanism that requires less drudgery early/mid game. Building a special tank with a higher capacity you can drink from in your inventory, or give the ability to refill the camelpack directly by clicking on a source block or a water container. Something like that.
    2 - Add some sort of craftable food like "salt pills" that slightly reduces water consumption. This is legit and what people do IRL when in these conditions.
    3 - Not sure if this exists or not, never got a chance to explore it, but an alchemy potion that reduced water consumption rate would be great. Give people an excuse to use the auto-brewer and maybe make splash potions that they could load into a dispenser (heh imagine taking your potion shower every morning before the heat sets in!). Even if they were stupid expensive people would make them.
    4 - Add a "water cooler" block. Basically a tank that If you are standing within X number of blocks of it, you drink from that first. Great for derping around your base and not having to refill your camelpack all the time.

    Anyway, sorry about the TL;DR. Been thinking a lot about this, because even if I do sound kinda whingy (and it's hard not to, I guess all criticism, even of the earnest and hopefully helpful sort sounds that way) I do like this mod a lot. In particular I really like the first few hours of it. It's really well done and unique and I certainly enjoyed my early game playthroughs. It's just as you approach the middle of the game it starts to wear thin on me for reasons already stated...
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  6. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    The camel pack loses about 1 durability every 11 seconds during the day and every 16 seconds during the night. A full pack should last you a full day & night or 20 minutes. 3 pack would last you an hour.

    Do not expect any improvements to the camel pack. The Mod author has stated that they won't be making any upgrades. Best we could hope for is if some one did an addon to Enviromine with some packs with larger capacity. Or making packs for the rest of the armor slots.
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  7. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    Like almost all repetitive tasks u can automate the camel back thing too. Use fluid transposer, cyclic assembler and SFM and u only must step on a pressure plate to refill/change camel back. Nothing else to do.

    And this is the beauty of this mod pack, it is pushing u to learn to automate and get rid of all the annoying things u hate.
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  8. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    So you need the Cyclic Assembler to to craft the water and pack? Might be why I can't get SFM to craft it.
  9. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    I tried hours to get SFM to do it, but failed. With the cyclic i managed to automate it in 5 minutes. Just be sure not to try to fill a fully filled camel back (blacklist it), otherwise the assembler will confiscate it. ;)
  10. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

    last I heard even Bill Gates has to stop and drink periodically... and I have every reason to believe he does so at least three times daily. Regardless of how rich, powerfull, or intelligent you are every human being must drink each and every day to stay healthy. This game is balanced so that your toon needs to generally stop and mess with water once per day. I don't see that as unreasonable for a game marketed as hardcore survival specializing in drinking mechanics.

    Salt pills do not decrese the need to drink water. They help the body replace salt lost from excessive sweating. If you need salt pills, you also need large volumes of water.

    Pardon me, but you strike me as someone who would be happier playing a mod based primarily around tech advancement and building.
  11. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Which is perfectly fine. I openly admit my pack isn't for everyone. It is sort of a middle ground between AgSkies and BloodNBones. More of a hardcore survival challenge than AgSkies without going so far as to be bloody unfair like BloodNBones.
  12. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

    I'm just waiting for Eyamaz to add your mechanics to Blood and Bones.... lol the idea of BnB with metal armor being "nerfed".
  13. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Glad to know it's not just me then.
  14. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    Nah, you can definitely refill near empty/empty camel packs with just SFM.
  15. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Please explain how.
  16. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    INPUT -> Camel Pack (Fuzzy Detection) and Water Bottle
    CRAFT -> Camel Pack (Fuzzy Detection) + Water Bottle + Water Bottle + Water Bottle + Water Bottle
    OUTPUT -> Camel Pack (Precision Detection, 0 Damage Value)

    In the crafting setup, you have to change the camel pack to Precision Detection 100 Damage value in order for the recipe to show properly, then you have to change it back to Fuzzy Detection. Otherwise the crafting grid won't show a valid recipe. So when it is working properly, it should show a camel pack with 4 waters = camel pack with no damage bar.

    With this setup, you can refill camel packs that have between 76 and 100 damage value, or 0% to 24% water left in them.
  17. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    That's the problem, i don't want to check the fill status, before i step on the plate. And i also want a refill at 27%.

    But maybe u can let SFM try and error with 4 different recipes, that should work.
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  18. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    Could probably setup a line of pressure plates, one for each (0-24%),(25-49%),(50-74%),(75-99%) and then you just walk past all four plates to get a refill. Seems silly though, I prefer just waiting until I notice my hydration is going down or I start sweating, and then I just go jump on my pressure plate to get a refill.

    No it won't work if SFM errors. It either won't craft at all or it will just move the empty/near empty camel pack to the output.
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  19. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    Just 4 interval triggered crafting lines should work, so three will fail, one will procede. Maybe with non conflicting intervals.
  20. Methusalem

    Methusalem New Member

    You can implement conditions in SFM and depending on the condition it will continue to process the next commands.

    Check if there is a Camel Pack in the chest AND the pack is not full. Then craft it with a single bottle of water and put it back into the chest. It will run the test again and if the pack is not full yet, it pulls it out again and crafts it with another bottle etc. When the pack is at 100% (or there is no camel pack at all in the chest) then it won't try to execute the crafting commands.

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