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Open Server ♚ UnionCraft Network ♚ |Agrarian Skies 2|Version 1.0.33b|24/7|Mature|SSD|64GB|20TPS|RELAUNCHED!

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by UnionCraft, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. DarkestStryke

    DarkestStryke New Member

    A well run server with a nice set of staff that do their best to help out as soon as possible. No issues so far in my experience, and one of the best servers I've come across in a long time
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  2. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    Now updated to version 2.1.2.
  3. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    could i please get unbanned i used the free unban
  4. themichaelhpd

    themichaelhpd New Member

    really fun server no lag at all :D
  5. tommy zhang

    tommy zhang New Member

    Show me the dirt!!
  6. Sporo

    Sporo New Member

    UnionCraft....great staff and lots of fun....show me the dirt XD
  7. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    We performed a world reset this evening to quash a few last remaining dupe bugs.
  8. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    Dude Please i have been Waiting so Long to get unbanned you guys had lot world resets how many times i have to say i didnt steal anything my laptop
    overheated i didnt know i picked anything,did u even see that if i took it,
  9. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    With the latest reset & the quest reset, the players cheesing the ban (not enforced) there are just too many issues, I was hoping this would have been a good place to at least finish all the quest tree, the admin does seem to try hard to keep things as stable as he can, but the humble player can not be victim of many restart/resets just no way to get anything done, gl York with your server, Hail.
  10. jesspls

    jesspls New Member

    Agree with egor.. Staff works very hard, but there's just too many issues to handle I guess. I started playing after the last reset which was a week or two ago, and it was already reset again losing all my hard work. Too many useful items are banned. I understand that it's considered necessary to keep the server stable but it ruins the game. They keep saying that this is what all the servers are having to do. I don't know if that's true, but if this is what all servers are like, I'll be playing single player from here on out.

    If you choose to play on this server, be prepared for multiple resets and banning of items. If you can handle that, it's got a lot of nice friendly players and helpful active staff.
  11. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    I completely understand and can relate, I hate having to ban anything or having the modpack in any state other than its intended.

    The good news is that a lot of the recent dupe bugs are confirmed as fixed in the next version, once tested and confirmed by us I'll be more than happy to start trimming down the ban list.
  12. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    Does that mean i will get unbanned
  13. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Good news York (I take it you are the admin posting) I messaged you the name of that guy & what he was bragging on another server, I miss the community you have going there, & if you can get things stable I would be happy to return, all in all one of the better servers just the couple of issues made it unplayable for me, spent a day redoing part 1,had most others to around 30%, was just disheartening to loose it all for a second time & have to restart from scratch.

    Again good luck & keep the faith York your on the right track as regards community, I think you do need some staff to handle things when your not around, ppl like Lady, kk or yy would be worth looking at for staff positions, mho.
  14. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    yeah he did i told him about it then he banned me
  15. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    Thanks egor,
    The guy who was bragging about forcing us to reset was mistaken, we decided to reset earlier that morning when we hit the quest reset bug and when the liquid router dupe was posted by Jaded, we were lucky to spot a friend of his trying to sell things he couldn't have gotten in the time he had been on the server which lead us to his island. This is when we discovered another the dupe bug which was actually very lucky for us considering we had a reset scheduled. The guy and his 2 friends actually did us a huge favour and the timing couldn't have been better.
  16. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Good to hear mate & glad to see your going strong, server is still in my list so can see you have a strong active community, gl but by the looks you dont need it :).

    Oh btw did you ever get around to that other server you mentioned ?, & have a look at pixelmon, I know it a very old game but the mod is real fun if you dont add many or any mods, I only added map, I may add one or two more mods to a little personal pack but none that would destroy the concept & progression of (gotta catching em all (tm).
  17. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    The Crackpack server? I'm still looking into it but with it moving away from FTB I may give it a miss.

    We might look at making our own skyblocks based modpack instead but nothing set in stone yet until i'm confident Agrarian Skies is solid server wise.
  18. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    How many time i have to say i didnt steal anything my laptop overheated and when i told you about the bug you said i can stay

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  19. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    kk York, tnx for heads up will keep an eye on it/you/server wow that sounds creepy dont it..
  20. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    Server Promotions are for recruitment and announcements regarding individual servers, with a permissive stance towards posting a single review: positive, negative, or whatever.

    People not even part of the server coming in and having a diatribe is not part of this arrangement. Clear air if that's what you're here for, or risk a forum vacation to nail the point home.

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