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Open Server ♚ UnionCraft Network ♚ |Agrarian Skies 2|Version 1.0.33b|24/7|Mature|SSD|64GB|20TPS|RELAUNCHED!

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by UnionCraft, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    Server Specs
    Server IP: play.unioncraft.co.uk
    Agrarian Skies 2: Version 1.0.33b ALPHA
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 Ivy Bridge
    Ram: 64GBs
    Solid State Drives (SSD)
    Server Location: Europe
    Website: www.unioncraft.co.uk

    The UnionCraft Network is pleased to present our Agrarian Skies 2 server cluster!
    This modpack brings the best of skyblocks to minecraft and it ain't easy, if you're looking
    for a challenging experience with unlimited possibilities come and give us a try, we offer a
    solid dedicated server with excellent specs to ensure your gameplay is as lag free as

    As with most networks, we have linked our chat so you can play on any server of your choice with the ability to chat with others anywhere on the network!

    Our rules are fairly straight forward and based on common sense.
    • Be Respectful to your fellow players.
    • Do not steal, grief or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of others.
    • Any exploitations, including but not limited to, X-rays, client hacks, duping and the such (previous and current) will result in an instant ban.
    • Please be responsible and thoughtful with animal farms, machines and such.
    • Please keep chat clean.
    • Please chat in the appropriate channels.

    Please check out our website for further information or dive straight in at play6.unioncraft.co.uk

    Please note: The Agrarian Skies 2 modpack is still in an alpha state and issues will most likely crop up.

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  2. s82873326

    s82873326 New Member

    show me that dirt
  3. DarkestStryke

    DarkestStryke New Member

    I play on the unioncraft skyblock server because its out of this world... erm.. I mean.. 'Show me the dirt'
  4. Barumann

    Barumann New Member

    Show me... the dirty!
  5. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    You all saw some dirt!

    Server is 20% full, hurry and get your place while you can!
  6. werko

    werko New Member

    I can totally recommend this server. York's a great admin and the staff overall is really kind and helpful. The server is really stable and most likely just down, when there are new updates to be installed.

    Oh and by the way, show me the dirt.
  7. Jigokuchou

    Jigokuchou New Member

    Show me the dirt :D!!
  8. duckzila

    duckzila New Member

    show me the dirt!
  9. dlkane

    dlkane New Member

    Show me the dirt!
  10. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear New Member

    Is it true you disabled the Nether on the server?
  11. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear New Member

    i guess if your players like it, but its hard to experience this pack with it disabled. Jadedcat made the nether have infernal mobs that are boss like and nether ores. its were you mine in the pack.
    edit; i noticed you said no easy nether.... have you been in the nether that this pack creates? its hell.

    how do you get netherack then? since you need to hammer it to get Fire shards from thaumcraft. do you really make the players get a laser mining drill set up before they can make upgrades to mariculter and start thaumcraft?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
  12. Daeresha

    Daeresha New Member

    show me the dirt[​IMG]
  13. lukethedude

    lukethedude New Member

    About how many people are on at the same time?

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  14. LordG66

    LordG66 New Member

    show me that dirt
  15. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    We now have updated to version 2.0.2 which includes the party quest update. To aid in this update we performed a world reset.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
  16. Advance

    Advance New Member

    Show me the dirt!(Ashandle)
  17. UnionCraft

    UnionCraft New Member

    You saw the dirt Ash and Lord!

    We are almost at 50% capacity.
  18. elfruler81

    elfruler81 New Member

    show me the dirt
  19. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    I love this server no lag,nice admin, best server ever

    Show Me The Dirt Please
    My IGN : MrEagleCraft
  20. xXKamwinXx

    xXKamwinXx New Member

    "Show me the dirt"

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