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Whitelist Server ★ Unix Network ★ - RPG Immersion Pack - White-Listed -

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by SilentThief, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. CoolioCors

    CoolioCors New Member

    Can you put the server up yet? :D
  2. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Sever is up, I was at school sorry.
  3. CoolioCors

    CoolioCors New Member

    Ahh, OK. :)
    My school was closed due to snow. :D
  4. GamerOfReality

    GamerOfReality New Member

    White-List Format
    1. In-Game-Name:GamerOfReality
    2. Real Name: Anthony White
    3. Age:15
    4.Have you ever been banned before:Ill admit, yes i have been banned, but for arguing with multiple admins in the favor of the community.
    5. Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences):I recently joined another server and they reset their map after we got to the 2nd dimension. After this they reset it again due to host issues and corruption. I became interested in Divine Rpg around when it came out and was gonna play with a friend creeperkiller17. Soon after we installed the mod it turned out their multiplayer server went down for a while so we gave up. Since the server I mentioned earlier(can give you name of server if requested) got reset 2 times, Iv'e been looking for a suitable server under fair rules and a tremendous community. This server also seems to have fun with the community via events and doesn't rule like a tyranny over players.
    6. What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences): Like I said Iv'n the above question I did try it when it first came out but sadly multiplayer was out of the question for a while. I began playing this mod pack once again after it became a FTB mod pack. I now have been playing this mod pack constantly, but sadly get only get t the 2nd dimension, and almost to the 3rd.I do however know how to do most with the mod because whenever I have a question I refer the wiki.
    7. What role do you want:I enjoy the mining part of the of the game and yet also enjoy building and exploring. (Quick question also): If I choose miner does that mean I cant build or farm or something? Id like to be a miner if the answer to this question is a no.
    8. Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences):I enjoy the extravagant feeling of finding a rare ore and or dungeon. With the new ores of Divine it gets my blood pumping even more with ores like rupee or arlemite/realmite. Creating rare minerals such as shadow bars and others it becomes an addiction to me. 9. Although the annoyance of torches is in question and the dang Dramakry(I think that's what theyre called) that kill in one shot. I believe it will be easier due to the low difficulty of the server although, so i assume I wont die as easily.
    10. I hope I get accepted, but Ill accept the decision makers decision.
    11. Vow to follow the rules: I GamerOfReality/Anthony White vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.
    12. Also on a side note if there is some missing information or anything else you need to know feel free to ask me.

  5. Xephon589

    Xephon589 New Member

    In-Game-Name: Xephon589
    Real Name: Austin
    Age: 13
    Have you ever been banned before: No
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences): I would like to join this server because I like to play modded minecraft servers. To me, Vanilla is not entertaining enough. Also, I have quit a server I was previously on because there was no grief protection and I was getting too irritated with griefers. I have been searching for a server with rules just like yours for a long time, no griefing, players helping eachother, only fight if you agree, etcetra. I really like to help people with just about anything on servers and I hope that I can help out on this one.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences): I have only played on two DiviveRPG servers. The first one switched to a different mod pack after two days. The second one was filled with greifers and I quit because of that. I have watched the lets play from TheAtlanticCraft on youtube so I know alot about how everything works on DivineRPG. Overall I have not had so much hands on experience with DivineRPG, but like I said earlier, I have watched a lets play so I know how it works. I plan to still learn alot about DivineRPG on this server.
    What role do you want: I would like to be a Player or a Miner. Preferably a Player.
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): I would like to be a player because I do not like to isolate myself to only one thing to do. I like to mine, fight, explore, and even just talk to other friendly players. If I shall not be a player, I would like to be a Miner because over my year and a half of minecraft experience, playing Vanilla and modded servers, I have developed many mining techniques to get the most ammount of materials in the least ammount of mined blocks in a moderate ammount of time. I like to take alot of risks when I mine, it makes mining fun. Because who would just join to mine and not have any fun?
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.): I, Austin aka Xephon589, vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.
  6. Curatho

    Curatho New Member

    In-Game-Name: Curatho
    Real Name: Tim
    Age: 23
    Have you ever been banned before: No
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences): I'm very interested in this mod. In the beginning I tried to play alone, but soon found out that this is not fun to play alone. I did some research to find a server and found this one very quickly. I saw and experienced that this is not a server that you join very easily. In my opinion that means that there are good rules and that the people who join are really motivated to play. I'd really love to have fun with a group and help each other. I hope I can come and join you guys.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences): I've tried for a few weeks to play this mod and get some experience. It is a very interesting mod with a lot of possibilities. The experience that I build up is enough to get started but I do not know everything. Besides this mod I did play a lot of other minecraft mods with friends on our own little server which was fun and on which I learned a lot. But I hope to get more experience when playing with you guys. I do have RPG experience with other games like WOW, torchlight, Rift and Everquest.
    What role do you want: I would like to be a miner because I think you are dependent on minerals to be better and to get stronger. With these minerals you can also survive longer, by making new gear, weapons and building new houses. I have spend a lot of hours mining in minecraft and I know on which layers to find the good stuff ;). I am open for other functions if you have to many miners. It actually doesn't matter what I am as long as I can mean something for the group and the community.
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): I like mining but do not mind to do something else. If I can help someone with it I will do it. I am an adventurous player who likes a challenge. But I also follow the rules and always keeps in mind to have some fun. Because without fun it wouldn't be a game ;).
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances. I Tim, (Curatho), vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.

    Edit: after I posted it the layout was all on one line.. I tried to edit it again but this is the result.
  7. LeMegito

    LeMegito New Member

    InGameName: LeMegito
    Real Name: Mason
    Age: 15
    Have you ever been banned before?: Nope :)
    Why do you want to join?: I would like to join the server because I have played the mod pack for hours on end, and I love it! But I think it would be so much more enjoyable if i was able to play it with a couple other people. :D also I think that your server would be a great way to learn more about the mod pack. I would put in a lot of hours towards making the server a better playing environment.
    What experience do I have with DivineRpg?: like I said I have played the pack for hours on end. And Have read he wiki while Head scratching about some of the info :p
    What role do you want?: I would either like crafter or Builder :)
    Why do you want the role?: Crafter because it may sound wierd but that is one of my favorite things to do in the game. i could craft things for ever. And Banker because it sounds like it would be really fun and i am good with numbers:p

    I LeMegito/Mason vow that i will folllow the rules under any and all circumstances.
  8. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    All applications are on hold.
    P.S: Sorry for downtime, someone did something with Vethean and it crashed it. Looking for a fix.
  9. Meatbul123

    Meatbul123 New Member

    In-Game-Name: Meatbul123
    Real Name: Nick
    Age: 14
    Have you ever been banned before: Yes, I have been banned before, but it was because I had just started playing(2 and a half years ago) and I though it would be funny/cool to grief. It was not and I wish I hadn't.
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences): I would like to join for a few reasons. My first and main reason is because I love playing on RPG servers and I love working with my friend(Ossidian/Bloodring509). My next reason is because I love to build amazing Minecraft productions, then pimp them out with cool items from different mods. Hopefully If I join this server, I will become not only a better player, but a great friend and helper to all on the server. The last reason I want to join is because white-list servers are much more close-knit and I love the feeling of knowing everyone on the server.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences): My experience with divine RPG is about medium-high. On my single player world I have gotten to Uvite dimension. This took me about 3 days of hard work. I also know about half of the recipes. I have the knowledge of how to make excellent strip mines for Rupite, Arlemite, and Realmite. AS for how to fight good mobs I do not have much knowledge, but I know which ones not to attack right away.
    What role do you want: For my role I would either like builder, or miner.
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): I would like builder because, as I have said, I love to build semi-large projects, and then make them super cool with small things like shelves, lights, bedrooms, studys, kitchens, and so on. I also like builder because once you have finished a project, the satisfaction that follows is immense. I would like the role miner because, I know how to strip mine very well, and I love exploring caves, ad finding what is around each corner.
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.): I Nick/ Meatbul123 vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances. The only problem with one rules, is, activity. I am only allowed to play on the weekends, and then only sometimes, because of homework and chores. I will, at almost every possible time, try to come on the server, because I love RPG.
  10. Syrenthra

    Syrenthra New Member

    Real Name:Kalan
    Have you ever been banned before: I was banned incorrectly on MCbans for a reason I am still not aware of, I have gotten it cleared up though and was removed from the list.
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences):I want to join because I started the pack recently and have had fun with it but the singleplayer aspect fun has been lost to me due to me being somewhat of a causal with fighting. I want to be apart of a larger group who is going through the dimensions of the new universes. I like the roles and the role I want to be, I feel I can be of great use to the server. I like to help others and collaborate on projects and make massive works for the use of everyone. I respect other players and their works and will help as many people as I can. Lastly I like how tough you are on the applicants and feel the server has some of the best players
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences):I have been playing the pack for about 4 days and have been reading up a lot on the wiki. Although I haven't made it to the dravite hills, I feel I know the basics of the mod and can learn with others quickly to reach the end game areas. I can also help setup mob farms for the different mobs like cyclops, dramcryx, or the eyes and such at the lower levels of the world. I somewhat know of the different weapons and tools that can be made. I know a fair bit of the types of ore and how/where they can be found.
    What role do you want:Farmer and maybe miner on the side
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences):I love to make farms that are efficient and also good looking (at least to me). I make big farms which will help to feed the server and also like to make sure there is more food than anyone could eat (it would almost be needed to burn it there is so much). I also like to mine because I do stripmines, which will help with finding the ores like arlemite and realmite. I keep my work area organized and labeled so players can come stop by my areas and pick up resources they would need for their adventures or just day to day minecraft life.
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.): I Kalan vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.
    (If there is anything that you would like me to elaborated upon, feel free to contact me.)
  11. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    The server keeps crashing when I try to run it. We might have some issues.
  12. Syrenthra

    Syrenthra New Member

    naturally once I finally get my account active after waiting 6 days for the email and apply
  13. Orgini

    Orgini New Member

    Real Name: Trygve
    Have you ever been banned before:No, if you dont belive me, check this link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/5a805cea5373698f1961b28da60603a0b173c853
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences):I would like to join this server, mostly beacause it seems like a stable server, not like all the other Immersion pack server i've found that resets the world every now and then. and also because i like the job system, or role system whatever you want to call it. Another reason i would like to join is that (of course) divine rpg is a great mod to play along with others, doing boss battles together and suff. one thing that makes me want to join this server is the pvp rules, because its always some jerk with the best gear that ruins it for everyone, on servers without such rules that is. And the final thing is, that it seems really fun^^
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences):I do have some experience with it, not too much though. i can most of the basic recipes for items, and such. Me and 2 other friends have been playing some Divine RPG, not alot though. I have been playing legit on a non whitelisted server as well, where i have gotten to as far as uvite. I have made some advanced items in the mod from scratch on the previus mentioned server as well.
    What role do you want:Crafter
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences):I would like the role of Crafter, because it would help me alot in learning how to make all the hard and difficult things in divine rpg. it would help me provide assistance to others as well. it would be easier for everyone to clear difficult dungeons, and boss battles. And, i know this is irrelevant to the question, but it would be cool to make a trophy room for the server where all the different items are showcased and a shirt discription of them, to help other, new players. thats about the things i wanted to say.
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.):I, Orgini(Trygve) vow that i will follow the rules under any sircumstances.
    Thank you for reviewing my application. Have a nice day.

    This is my last and 2nd reapply, wich i was allowed to.
  14. Hologuardian

    Hologuardian New Member

    By the way, it's a known bug that vethea crashes in SMP, it's currently being worked on and will be fixed for the next update.
  15. FunnyTheBeast

    FunnyTheBeast New Member

    ^ I am having this issue. I can't run my server. This is really irritating me. I've done some research, and I've found there is an alternative launcher called "void" something or other. Check it out, I haven't taken the time to test it yet. Even disabling Vethea will not let me server start. I've deleted all Dat files, and it worked at first, but I'm still getting the errors. I'm ready to give up on this stupid mod pack, even though it is so amazing in every other way.
  16. SilentThief

    SilentThief New Member

    Server will be up next update due to vethea.
  17. Ossidian

    Ossidian New Member

    This happened with TechCraft as well, spawning in Vethean items will crash the server. Going to Vethea directly will corrupt world files and force you to delete the entire world and all of the player's .dats . There is a bug with Ender Triplets (that may or may not be fixed in the next update) that when you kill them with a melee weapon such as an ender sword it will crash ssp or a server. The only way to kill them would be admin commands or shooting their fireballs back at them, with the very low chance of it hitting.
    SilentThief likes this.
  18. Lakeboy97

    Lakeboy97 New Member

    In-Game-Name: Lakeboy97
    Real Name: Noah, though most of my friends call me Dean
    Age: 16
    Have you ever been banned before: No Sir.
    Why do you want to join: I really like the concept of Divine RPG, but I prefer to play Multiplayer instead of single player. That being said, I would like to join so I can be a part of a community that works together (via the class system). I've been known to be cooperative, so I believe I would fit right in. I am also I'm favor of the PVP Rules, because I don't like being killed when I'm trying to accomplish something. And, lastly, I am glad to find a stable server for the mod itself.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG: Personally, I have a basic experience, but a very good understanding of the mod. I have played up to the Dravite dimension, but have not progressed any further. Though I do understand the mod, partly because of CaptainSparklez, mostly through various tutorials and spotlight videos on Youtube. Severus of my friends often come to me while playing the mod for advice, if I may add.
    What role do you want: Builder, preferably
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): First off, I'm a creative person, and an Amateur artist. I love to get creative while I'm building a structure, be it a house, mansion, shack, or floating island (those are my personal favorites). Second, I'm OCD. I don't like to see a structure built wrong, or off balance, or disproportionate. I would rather build something that looks nice and makes sense, than to see something that doesn't. Lastly, I love gathering materials. That's the true fun in building a structure, is finding all of the things needed to proceed.
    Vow to follow the rules: I, Noah, vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.
  19. OnyxOwl

    OnyxOwl New Member

    In-Game-Name: S4rge46
    Real Name: Steven
    Age: 16
    Have you ever been banned before: Nope
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences): I love Minecraft and i Love RPG's so i love DivineRpg. Also i want to Play multi-player as its a lot more interesting with more people. I like how its optional PVP which is awesome because i hate being killed when im trying to make a house. And i also heard this server is up alot and i admire that because a lot of other servers are down all the time. And i love the role system because i like being one thing instead of being an all around player its just a lot easier.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences):I have made a SP world and i didn't really understand what to do.When I played SP i got to the Nether and then stopped playing.I don't know much about the mod but i'm willing to learn and have a fun time. I've read up about it but i want to play multi-player to experience it first hand. And i'm also a quick learner so i can pick it up very fast.
    What role do you want: Scavenger
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): I just love running around finding various cool things. Also i like killing lots of mobs making scavenger sound appealing. When i play a MP server I usually make a sword first because i love combat. Also finding temples or cool Biomes interests me because i love seeing new things. And i hate seeing a world unexplored so i want to explore all i can!
    Vow to follow the rules: I, Steven, vow that i will follow the rules under any circumstances.
  20. Exodius7

    Exodius7 New Member

    Real Name:Andrew
    Have you ever been banned before: No.
    Why do you want to join (5-6 Sentences): I want to join the server because it's hard to find good servers these days. I like playing minecraft in multiplayer, when someone needs help with anything or not. I don't like singleplayer, it misses that feel of adventure, excitement. I especially want to join because it's the rpg immersion pack. There aren't any good ones these days. I can get angry real quick, but that shouldn't be a problem, because only when it's something big.
    What experience do you have with DivineRPG (5-6 Sentences): Not much, but I know a few mobs, dimensions and some minerals. As I said I don't know much but I'm willing to learn. You can't learn that much in singleplayer.
    What role do you want: Multi Dimensional Traveler
    Why do you want that role (5-6 Sentences): The normal look of Minecraft (Overworld) isn't that entertaining anymore. I like finding new dimensions and how they look. I love the mobs in the new dimensions and I want to find out every corner (so to say) of all dimensions.
    Vow to follow the rules (I ___ vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.): I, Exodius7 A.K.A Andrew, vow that I will follow the rules under any circumstances.

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