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    Why put news on twitter, reddit but not the main page?

    I'm not complaining about the FTB team taking their time, nor am I complaining about them selling merchandise. I think it's great. Good luck. But the latest news item in the launcher was 'Merchandise now available!' for two months. It's a little disheartening. Twitter is great... but I don't use...
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    Tech World VS Magic World - Fight!

    Wouldn't Galacticraft be the Tech equivalent of Mystcraft? I'm suspecting this war will end with a taint infested overworld, a shadow of what it used to be. A handful of survivors might still be eeking out a living, from tech based airships or magic villages. But with no ore left to mine to...
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    Why no new launcher.

    I have no problem waiting for the launcher, and I have no problem with the FTB team selling merchandise. Though when the latest news item in the launcher is about T-shirts from two months ago, it's hard not to feel a bit uneasy. This was a great post, thank you.
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    Tech World VS Magic World - Fight!

    Awesome list! Maybe forcefields for defense? Does taint spread through forcefields? Can portable holes go through it? If it safe from those, a nuclear powered forcefield might make an extremely powerful base defense for limited amounts of time. I'm wondering if moveable contraptions via Frames...
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    Tech World VS Magic World - Fight!

    What about Taint? Could that be the Magic equivalent of a nuke? Would Tech have any defense against it if they started spreading it on purpose?
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    Tech World VS Magic World - Fight!

    Once upon a time, a large FTB server had been enjoying a prosperous world. Early on, the players decided to make things interesting by parting ways and building quite different from eachother. Half the world embraced mods made for industry and technology. Industrialcraft, railcraft...
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    Minecraft - All of my wat

    Thank you to everybody who suggested how to lock my FPS, that helps a ton! And, just for the record, my Laptop is no slouch. I can play Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3, and most other current games at a very nice framerate even with many of the bells and whistles turned on. The fact that it had...
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    Minecraft - All of my wat

    Alright, so I was having massive, massive framerate issues. A bit of searching later, I find that for whatever reason, Minecraft was using my Laptop's integrated graphics card instead of the stand alone GPU. I remedy this. My framerate skyrockets. This implies that the bottleneck to...
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    Really? A "BronyModPack"?

    Edited for truth. The fact that your playing a game where you punch animals to death bothers me. Go play it somewhere else.
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    Use The .minecraft in Roaming

    When I used the Tekkit launcher, i also had massive amounts of lag that I fixed by integrating it with .minecraft. Same problem and solution with FTB. I'm posting here because the latest version of Forge seems to have broken this solution and I can't use the packs without getting an abysmal...
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    Tips on reducing lag

    I used to be able to integrate the modpacks into my original .minecraft and that fixed the lag right away, but the latest mindcrack pack won't allow that... I get a Null error. Had this same problem with the Tekkit launcher.
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    New Mod Pack Added

    Were getting an error saying that Computercraft and CC Turtle aren't updated. What exactly is the fix for that?
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    New Mod Pack Added

    I'm sorry for the silly question, but where can we download it? :P
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    New Mod Pack Added

    A thousand thank you's! I know the FTB team is constantly hounded, I wouldn't have the patience they do :) Is there a server version up for MindCrack?
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    Red Power 2 News

    That brings us over 80%!