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    Simple Early Power Gen DW20 1.12.2

    You can do a Heated Redstone generator setup. First, get a red orchid and use a garden cloche to make redstone from the red orchid. You will need a silk touch pick to get redstone ore to grow the red orchid. Next, get a Lava Fabricator. It makes lava when given power. Pipe the redstone and the...
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    Tinkers Con Smeltery

    The problem with automating the TCon smeltery is that by the time you are in a position to really automate and do something fun with it, you already likely have a better ore processing system through IC2 or TE. I've always wanted to try putting all my ore processing through TCon, but it would...
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    Did they change energy conduits?

    Why not just use steam dynamos instead of stirling engines? The steam dynamo will automatically throttle down once there is no longer anything downstream requesting power. It also won't explode.
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    Greg, you've done it...AGAIN !!!

    BevoLJ has a pretty good series on Youtube that kinda shows you how to work through the new Gregtech tech tree. Check out his TechPack Let's Play.
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    Is there way to repair mossed tinkers tool, without having it on the hotbar? (Direwolf20 pack)

    The flux capacitor can be turned on and off with a right click. It doesn't recharge items when you have it turned off. However, that's not really the best way to recharge flux items anyway. You are better off using the Energetic Infuser with an ender chest setup to recharge your items.
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    Best way to make large amounts of TC Alumite?

    That explains a few things...
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    Minecraft Darwin Awards 2014

    True. My last stupid death was from AFKing in the nether while waiting for blazes to spawn. I had the place surrounded with grief protection so I assumed I was safe. Then I got distracted and came back an hour later to find that another player had found me and killed me with gravel. I had to log...
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    Is it me, or do some people not "get" that FTB and its mods are free ?

    The problem with that analogy, and the thing that annoys many people about that attitude among devs and fans is that the players aren't homeless people. The mod creating a game isn't charity. It's not a needed service that the players would die without. A better analogy would be if you decide...
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    Is it me, or do some people not "get" that FTB and its mods are free ?

    Yeah, but then the drama dries up that much faster. It's certainly conducive to a more civil environment, but you also don't get the really hilarious flamewars that keep you entertained for days.:p
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    Applied Energestics General Help

    It's always funny to see people complaining about old threads being pushed up to the front page. Especially if there's a recent thread with people complaining that nobody ever uses the search functions and keep posting the same thing over and over again. It's like you can't win no matter what...
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    MPS Support Thread

    The new IC2 nuclear system makes you take radiation damage from processed uranium in your inventory unless you have a full radiation suit on.
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    Would you build this?

    Those would be better off displayed as text on a monitor.
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    Azanor presents Thaumcraft 4.1 Research

    Research is part of playing the mod. If you aren't doing research, you aren't playing the mod. Encouraging people to *not* play the thing you want them to play is generally not good game design. The problem with it is that you end up skipping a lot of the early bits of thaumcraft. For example...
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    connecting multiple AE networks

    AE really works better with just one larger network. There's no benefit at all to having two separate networks in the way you are envisioning. However, that said, you might consider moving away from AE for part of your processing/crafting. Export and Import busses can get pretty expensive, both...
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    Azanor presents Thaumcraft 4.1 Research

    I really like the new changes. It's taken away a lot of the randomness that was really frustrating about both TC3 and TC4 research to date. For example, anyone else notice that with the new research system there's no longer any "impossible" research? There are more or less efficient paths, but...