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    Problem Bizarre chunk loading behavior - way to see what mods are loading chunks?

    Followup: I did some experimentation, and it appears that removing ProjectRed's Worldgen module from my mod pack resolves this issue, so I will contact the author of that mod for more information.
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    Problem Bizarre chunk loading behavior - way to see what mods are loading chunks?

    Ah, yes, I've seen that part, the problem is what exactly is "game loaded"? All of the chunks mentioned in the initial post are marked as "Game loaded", which means nothing - I need to figure out *why* the game is loading them, as there is no sensible reason for it to be doing so. I can only...
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    Problem Bizarre chunk loading behavior - way to see what mods are loading chunks?

    Where exactly does MapWriter show which mods are loading individual chunks? I know I can show which ones are loaded easily enough but see no information on what is loading any specific individual chunk. Keep in mind I'm not talking about forced chunks, as these aren't classified as force loaded...
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    Problem Bizarre chunk loading behavior - way to see what mods are loading chunks?

    Apologies if this has already been posted/answered in similar fashion, a search turned up nothing that could help this particular situation. In my current modpack, I'm having some absolutely inexplicable chunk loading behavior. I have Roguelike Dungeons and Witchery as part of the pack, and for...
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    Classic Carts

    May we include this in a modpack? I had a lot of fun with boosters back in the day, so want to add it to one I'm working on, if possible.
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Quick request, I just tested this (1.7.10 V2); would it be possible to add support for detecting mobs from other mods (lycanites mobs, in this case) for the defensive weapons? I tried placing/powering an Anti-Air Gun, it fires at ghasts fine but seems to ignore modded mobs. I was really hoping...
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    Unfortunately many whitelist threads I've seen approve anyone who applies; like you said, kinda' defeats the purpose. This also leads to the expectation of rubber-stamped approvals rather than people making real efforts at applying. I've yet to see an actual useful elaborate spawn; all the ones...
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    On the subject of server adverts, I feel like having a whitelist is a large detriment. People seem to prefer the simplicity of not having to deal with an application process (and God forbid you reject someone!) Of course, going open is just an invitation for disaster, so you really can't win...
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    De-nerfing/nerfing mods

    The only time I use minetweaker is for recipe conflicts between mods, or items that are severely bugged so I disable them until a fix is available. Otherwise, config settings only.
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    Would you play a pack that has greg tech in it?

    ...This about sums it up for my friends and I. I'll follow the "If you don't have anything nice to say..." mantra and keep my thoughts on the issue to myself. :p
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    What are the most essential mods a mod pack could have? (in you opinions)

    Every modpack must have bees. BEEEEEEES!!! (Gendustry would be nice, too.) Modpacks are really a matter of preference. For instance, my friends and I avoid exceedingly grindy or hardcore packs/mods because we all work and have little time to play, but these packs/mods seem to be gaining in...
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    A standard set of mods for modpacks? Or is that dumb?

    Because optifine causes more problems than solutions for many people. Minimap/status indicators are also a personal choice; the status indicators can cause burn-in on some monitors or overlap other HUD elements, and sometimes minimaps can be considered somewhat cheaty (especially if they have...
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    Looking for exploration/challenging mods

    If you want challenge, add Lycanite's mobs and leave it at default settings. You'll never want to go near water again, and every 20 or so minutes you'll want to quickly bury yourself in a hole and wait until the event spawns clear out. I had to dial it down a bit after 50+ deaths.. :confused...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    This. At least you can run up and try to bludgeon a creeper to death before it blows. Skeletons are more: Try to run up>arrow to face>get knocked back>repeat steps 1-3 a few times>die ....or the lovely "hmm, that diamond ore is near a lava lake, I should be fine if I crouch..." next thing you...
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    What pack are you playing right now?

    I'm currently building my own pack, though it doesn't have any particular focus, mostly just mods my friends and I find potentially fun/interesting and want to try out. Sort of like a Horizons pack but bigger, and I plan to update it relatively often. I just set it up on my test server this...