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    Whitelist Server Electrum FTB [Whitelist][24/7][Ultimate v1.1.2][32GB RAM][4 Slots]

    IGN: 12Kilometer Have you ever been banned from a server?no If yes say why? Why would you want to join the server?FTB server Age?19 Have you had experience with the mods in the modpack?v3-5 months How long do you intend to play on the server?4 months if not more
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    Whitelist Server FunnyCraft[Ultimate v1.1.2][Whitelisted][24/7][16 +]

    Whitelist application: Name:Smith IGN:12Kilometer How long have you played Minecraft: Since Alpha How long have you played FTB: Two to three months active Suggestions/Comments: None Do you have Skype and a Mic: Yes and Yes
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    Whitelist Server Beast Legends | FTB-Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelist,15 Slots| 5GB | Factions | No Banned Items

    Minecraft Username: 12Kilometer Age:19 Do you have TeamSpeak or Skype and can talk:Yes Do you have any previous FTB experience: Yes, About 4 months of FTB What Will you Bring towards the Server: Machines that combine with other mobs to make a giant machine
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    Whitelist Server [Simply Feeding Dat Beast] [Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Teamspeak] Looking for 10-12 people

    IGN:12kilometer Age:19 Knowledge of FTB: Over 5 months Why would you like to join:Small Server Any cool builds(optional): Machine and engry set up Other:
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    Whitelist Server K's [FTB Ultimate V1.0.1] [Hard] [18+]

    IGN: 12kilometer Age (18+)*1:19 Gender: male Location: East USA English skills*2: Main Language Do you agree to the rules?: Yes Experience with mods (Do you have a favorite mod?) : Exp with most mods How creative a builder would you rate yourself as?: Not very Activity-Level (How many hours a...
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    IGN: (Offensive or vulgar names are denied.)12kilometer Age: (16+ as of now)yes 19 Previously Banned?: (paste result url from Why do you join whitelisted servers?: (Don't like griefers?)No greifing Where did you hear about us?: (FTB forums, google, word of mouth)FTB...
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    Whitelist Server Debaubau's FTB Server|FTB Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Mature

    Woot. bau has my skype but rage message me if you want to get mine
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    Shafted! ft. Debaubau & 00kevn []

    12K or Kilo checking. :D
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    Whitelist Server Debaubau's FTB Server|FTB Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Mature

    I believe Buddy and roxx have teamed up now to
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    Whitelist Server Debaubau's FTB Server|FTB Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Mature

    Ash and I are one of the teams :D
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    Whitelist Server Debaubau's FTB Server|FTB Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Mature

    My IGN is 12Kilometer and im 19. I have been playing minecraft since alpha and FTB about a month. Hobbies are swimming and running.