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Wow, my first post in FTB. Hello people.

In case you didn't see it, my new mod Voxels was released this week for 1.7.10 (working on 1.10.2). I am super-interested in making sure this works for modpacks and servers, and am open to all sorts of feedback.The config is quite flexible, and trader items and prices are configurable via JSON.

Voxels is primarily a trading modification to Minecraft, greatly improving the overall trading experience, and introducing a new in-game currency, Voxels. With Voxels installed, you will be able to trade items from vanilla or any other mod for Voxels. These Voxels can then be exchanged for items in the game, including hard-to-find resources, special armor or weapons, or even items from other mods.



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Jul 29, 2019
Updated Grue (1.7.10) (1.8.9) (1.9) (1.9.4) to 1.3.1:
  • Grues can now spawn in tight spaces where it's dark
  • Slightly reduced the bounding box size of the Grue
  • The game should no longer crash if too many sounds are played (1.9+)
I also finally set up a update checker for 1.8.9+, so you don't have to manually check if a new version is available (curse has a thing that checks in the instance mod list, but that's curse).


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Mar 3, 2015
Vazkii has started updating Botania again!

  • Please read the notes at end of this changelog for some context and important information. Thanks.
  • Added a button to the Lexica Botania's landing page to rescale it without rescaling the rest of the GUI.
  • Added the Ring of Dexterous Motion, a new bauble that allows you to dodge to the sides using the A and D keys.
  • Attempting to summon a Gaia Guardian with an invalid arena now emits particles on the offending blocks.
  • Buffed the gaia guardian's wither effect due to it being easier to dodge now.
  • Changed the Lexica Botania's cover layout a bit. It now has a random quote on it. Quote pool will expand as I find more cool quotes.
  • Changed the special flower breaking particles from the poppy particles to generic green particles like in Botania 1.7.10.
  • Disabled Natural Shedding (by default, the config is still present and fully functional).
  • Fix pylon and petal apothecary models not being placed properly in the inventory.
  • Fixed a crash when placing slabs.
  • Fixed a crash with the vitreous pickaxe.
  • Fixed improper resolution for the flugel tiara wing sprites causing framedrops.
  • Fixed Petal Blocks having no color.
  • Fixed stack sizes not showing up in a lot of places, including the lexicon recipe pages and the mana pool HUD.
  • Fixed the Lexica Botania's notes accepting localization keys and localizing them.
  • Fixed the spreader wool sleeves not being slim fit on top and z-fighting on some sides.
  • Fixed the Teru Teru Bozu not being able to create rain.
  • Increased the amount of Mana required to open the Elven Portal.
  • Made the Mod's armor bulkier to fix z-fighting with the new skin layers. This is a temporary solution until we can redo the armor.
  • Managlass, Alfglass and Bifrost Blocks are now valid targets for Chisels&Bits.
  • Moved Stone Transmutation to the main alchemy page since they're no longer new blocks.
  • Moved the side buttons in the Lexica Botania's landing page to the bottom of the interface and changed them all to be green.
  • Re-implemented the update checker and ingame downloader built in to Botania 1.7.10.
  • Rebalanced the Gaia Guardian's health and damage cap to make more sense with the damage changes in 1.9.
  • Removed avatar decoration on Vazkii's player because they weren't stylish enough.
  • Removed Dayblooms and Nightshades. Endoflames no longer require Mana Powder.
  • Removed mana loss from spreader to spreader.
  • Removed Motif flowers.
  • Removed Needless Fluff: Roof Tiles, Hellish, Soul, and Frost Bricks, Trodden Dirt, Unstable Blocks, and Signal Flares.
  • Removed Primus Loci.
  • Removed the passive decay config again.
  • Removed the prismarine alchemy recipe.
  • Removed the Pylons and Mana Pools from the Elven Portal multiblock. They can now be placed anywhere in an 11x11 area. You can also have more than 2 Pylons, if you desire.
  • Removed Timless Ivy (needless because of the existance of Mending in vanilla).
  • Replaced a lot of cringy memes and terribly placed references with some less cringy memes and terribly placed references.
  • The Elven Portal now takes mana per transaction rather than per tick. It will also no longer close itself if there's no mana.
  • The Gaia Guardian's attacks now display as an overlay in the world rather than as particles only.
  • The Livingwood Avatar can now place down dirt using the Rod of the Lands.
  • The Rosa Arcana can now get its XP from orbs in the world.
  • The Tiny Potato can now have items given to it. Many of the "easter egg" names for it have been removed as you can replicate them with this feature.
  • Updated Corporea textures and some those of some of the livingrock blocks.
  • Updated the dispenser planting's entry and feature set. It now duplicates Quark's dispenser planting so it can plant Cocoa Beans as well. Quark's disabels itself if Botania is present.
  • [API] Removed a bunch of stuff that is no longer used.
  • [API] Added a getFacing() method to IAvatarTile, this is used for the Rod of the Lands.
  • [API] Increased version number to 80.
  • This version is for Minecraft 1.10.2, and carries on from the latest release of Botania Unofficial.
  • A massive thanks is due to williewillus, who took it upon himself to port and maintain the mod all the way through 1.8, 1.9 and to 1.10. Please go send him love and hugs, as us being here would not be possible without him.
  • If you want to know what changed in between, have a look through the Releases page on williewillus/Botania.
  • This is the first release for 1.10.2, which sets up for further content expansion, while removing obsolete and bloated pieces of content. More content is planned and will be coming soon.
  • You can mitigate your worlds from Botania Unofficial to Botania just fine, any of the removed pieces of content you had in your world will just disappear.
  • A few pieces of content from Botania's 1.7.10 releases was removed in Botania Unofficial due to them being added to Quark, another mod by me which I highly recommend you install alongside Botania.
  • If you were looking for BotaniaV2, most of that project was scrapped in favour of this update instead. I decided that instead of reinventing a mod that's already good, I'd use the concepts there to make a new mod instead, which I am planning, but want to get some new stuff onto Botania and Quark before I move onto that.
  • And that's it for my important note. I'm back to Botania, and I hope you carry on enjoying it.


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May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools Control 1.1.0 and Deep Resonance 1.2.4 (for MC 1.10.2).

Changelog for RFTools Control:


  • New opcodes and functions:
    • New opcode to read the damage value from an item
    • New opcode to get the readable name of an item (needed because conversion to string has changed, see below)
    • Function to get the last value as an item. Also has the feature to convert a string as a registry name to an item
  • Changes:
    • Slot is not optional for examine item. This was marked wrong
    • Converting an item to a string will now return the registry name and not the display name. That's more symmetrical with the opposite conversion that already exists. So be aware of this if you were using this feature and use the new opcode to get the readable name of an item
  • Fixes:
    • String concat opcode was wrong. The input parameters were marked as integer
    • The random function was not working
    • Went through parameters for various opcodes and sanitized their usage
  • New API so that other mods can also add opcodes and functions (currently only Deep Resonance supports this). Warning! This API may still change!

Deep Resonance has been updated to add 4 new opcodes to RFTools Control through the new API. With these opcodes you can measure RCL liquid stats and make programs to do various things based on that:

Download RFTools Control: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/250763-rftools-control
Download Deep Resonance: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @sci4me with Kablooey
sci4me said:
So basically I was blowing stuff up and I wanted bigger explosions so I threw together a really quick and dirty explosives mod. It just allows you to craft TNT in a 9x9 grid for compressed TNT. Those compressed TNT blocks can be further compressed in the same way.

The mod WORKS but, like I said, I did throw it together pretty quickly. But, on the bright side, it SHOULDN'T crash. Have fun!
and @derf6060 with BTAWC
derf6060 said:

You may be asking what is BTAWC or what does it mean. This acronym has no meaning behind it and I randomly came up with it when I was creating this mod. That is what this mod is about, random and useful or some time weird items and blocks that you can use to improve your Minecraft experience. Right now there are only a few items that are fairly useful and they include...

  • Growth Device: Allows you to speed up your crops, there are 4 tiers
  • Flotation Device: Grants you the ability to fly in survival.
  • Magnets: Right now there are two different types
    • Item Magnet: Pulls both items and xp orbs toward your character.
    • Animal Magnet: Pulls in those pesky farm animals toward you so they won't escape your ranch. Works on...
      • Pigs
      • Cows
      • Chickens
      • Sheep's
      • Dogs
      • Cats
  • Animal Ingot: Very potent food source that fill your hunger bar and has a high saturation rate than any of the vanilla foods, however, its kind of expensive to make.
  • More will be added soon.
I guess the best description for this mod it will be similar to ExtraUtils, OpenBlocks, and RandomThing. Basically it adds fun and useful stuff that will improves your Minecraft experience. ~Cheers

Note: Please don't PM me for permission to use this mod. You can use it regardless if your a regular user, mod pack author, or a fellow modder. This mod is under MIT licenses which mean its 100% open source. This mean you already have my permission to use it for any purpose just as long as you follow Minecraft's EULA. This also mean you can look at my mods source code to learn how to mod Minecraft if you want to. ~Another Cheers


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MrAmericanMike with Fart Fertilizer
MrAmericanMike said:
With this mod you can just sneak when walking next to your crops and you will start "venting" and eventually farting. All this will cause the crops to grow.

Works also on saplings, cactus and sugar cane.

Small config file to tweak some values if you want to expetiment with them.

Don't want to hear the farts? You can disable that on the configs.

ModPacks: You can use this Mod in any Curse, ATLauncher or FTB Modpack.
and @Ivorius with Recurrent Complex
Ivorius said:
Recurrent Complex 1.1
+ Over 40 new structures (in the nether, overworld, and as natural tree spawns)!!!

+ Sapling Generation: Growing saplings can now generate beautiful hand-built structures!!

+ Decoration Generation: Completely replace tree/mushroom generation of vanilla with more interesting foliage!!

+ Placers: Completely new structure placement logic. This allows safe spawning on the surface, the nether, end, caves and wherever else!!

+ Preset saving: You can now define and use your own presets for biomes, dimensions, blocks, transformers and placers!

+ Property transformer to easily replace a property by name and value! (Also available as /#property)

* Expression results now scroll with you as you edit the expression for easier usage

+ /#wand which selects the whole structure if it has been cut out

* Generation in general is now a lot faster

* Natural air now checks for flying foliage and removes it to look better

* Natural air and natural floor now perform a lot better and look nicer

+ Ensure transformer: Ensure certain criteria to be fulfilled before spawning the structure!

* Negative space transformers can now limit the destination blocks (e.g. only act if the resulting block is stone)

* Lots of new variable types for different expressions

+ /#genat which allows you to specify a special entity as reference to where to spawn the structure

+ /#gen can now specify with what generation info to spawn

* Static generation works again

* Improvements to natural floor / space spawning

* Lots of improvements to existing structures

* Generic floor / pillar transformer didn't work correctly in villages

* Randomize buttons now take less space

* Village pieces now don't try to save instance data when there is none (fixes crash in sponge)

* Tooltips are now often over the menu items' titles rather then the elements instead, to be less invasive


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop 1.7.10-0.40.0
Build 0.40.0
Added wing skins.
Added flying option to mannequins.
Added skin properties system.
Block skins can be set as glowing.
Block skins can be ladders.
Added Angel Wings, Bat Wings, Butterfly Wings and Evil Wings skins. (Ethan)
Fixed not being able to override renders on items with more than one colon in their name.
Updated ru-RU land file. (Shtopm)
Increased allowed depth of bow skins to 64 blocks.
Players UUID is saved skins they create.
Updated zh_CN land file. (Ethan)


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
RFTools Control 1.2.0 for MC 1.10.2 released:


  • New opcode to test if a tag of two items is equal
  • New token item that can hold information and two tokens to work with that. One to copy a variable to a token and one to read out a token. These tokens can be used to transfer information in item form. For example, you could use such a token with a railcart system to code a destination on it so that at a station it can be read to see where the railcart has to go
  • New 'exclusive' option for a processor (settable in the GUI) to make sure that programs on a card can only execute on the corresponding core. This way you can dedicate a program that needs more performance on a higher tier core while the other program(s) run on lower tier cores. This new option also helps with more controlled concurrency handling
  • New IPC (inter process communication). Using the new network identifier card and the new advanced network card you can now send messages from one processor to another. A message has a name and you can also associate a variable with information with it. IPC has no distance limitations but the destination processor needs to be chunkloaded
  • Some tooltip improvements
  • Fixes:
    • The crafting station failed to send over damage/metadata to the processors so the processor would craft the first item that matched the item ignoring meta
    • Fixed a bug introduced last version where the editor for a 'side' field didn't display the current side correctly (programs did work though)

Download: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/250763-rftools-control

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Soulas125 with Much More Spiders
Soulas125 said:
MMS is a mod that adds many unique spiders for every biome, every spider has own unique attributes and abillities, in future they will have own drops and counter parts, and even more will be added soon!

Currently mod adds 7 spiders!

Forest Spider

Health: 12.

Damage: 4.

Special Attribute: Poison on hit.

Armor: 6.

Spawns in any biome that is of forest type, that means roffed forest, birch forest or any other forest biome!

Jungle Spider

Health: 16.

Damage: 5.

Special Attribute: Poison 3x on hit.

Armor: 6.

Spawns only in jungle!

Desert Spider

Health: 18.

Damage: 6.

Special Attribute: Confusion + Hunger on hit.

Armor: 6.

Spawns only in hot biomes, that means savanah, desert and mesa!

Cactus Spider

Health: 16.

Damage: 6.

Special Attribute: Poison + Confusion on hit.

Armor: 3.

Spawns only in desert!

Snow Spider

Health: 32.

Damage: 6.

Special Attribute: Slowness + Mining Fatigue on hit.

Armor: 3.

Spawns in any cold biomes, that means in cold taiga, frozen lake and etc.

Nether spider

Health: 30.

Damage: 8.

Special Attribute: Sets on fire on attack.

Armor: 6.

Spawns only in the Nether!

Ender Spider

Health: 40.

Damage: 10.

Special Attribute: NONE.

Armor: 6.

Spawns in the end and has a chance to spawn in any biome in the overworld!

p.s every of these spiders has own unique jockey type, to beware of fireball or exploding jockeys! :)
and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 1.10.2-3.7.6
  • Added: Igniter
  • Added: Block of Sticks
  • Re-Added: Ocean Chest Worldgen
  • Added: Worldgen config option for ocean chest
  • Changed: Colored grass can now be harvested with silk touch
  • Changed: Beans are now ore dictionaried
  • Fixed: Redstone Interfaces crashing
  • Fixed: Crash when using the Ender Anchor while there are no chunk loading tickets left
  • Fixed: Sakanade making the mushroom block it's attached to invisible
  • Removed: Player Card
  • Like
Reactions: DreamMasterXXL


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
RFTools Dimensions 4.40 for 1.10.2 released. This is the first non-beta release:

  • Fixed a problem where the dimlet workbench would show many duplicate dimlets
  • Dimlet parcel in off-hand no longer works (avoids problem with infinite dimlet parts)
  • Fixed a potential problem with dimlet parts sometimes having 0 stacksize
  • It is again possible to craft mob dimlets with the workbench
  • Fixed specialized biome controllers. Things like checkerboard and filtered should work again
  • Partially brought back 'bed protection'. It is not possible to set spawn yet but at least beds no longer explode by default
  • The special efficiency, mediocre efficiency and peaceful are craftable again
  • The dimlet workbench now shows in the tooltip when a dimlet is not yet craftable

Not all dimlets are craftable yet but the dimensions itself should now be stable and all dimlets are working.

Download: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions

Have fun!

Blood Asp

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Jul 29, 2019
Three new GregTech 5 updates at once.

GregTech 5 got ported to Minecraft 1.10.2! A huge thanks for that to Archengius aka. Dragon2488
Some first builds had been done without announcement, so we already reached version .04 and got rid of the biggest issues.
There are still some lighting issues and most machines/mechanics are untested, but as far as we know it is ready to play.

Major changes:
Rewritten oregen system (by Muramasa-)
The addon GalacticGreg got integrated and can now be removed from modpacks without any issue.
Oretypes for Galacticraft planetes stones got added.
Oretypes for Underground Biomes stones got added.

More heating Coils for Electric Blast Furnace (by OneEyeMaker)
Old heating Coils are now Depricated. They should automaticly update. If not, you can pick them up and shapeless craft them into the new Coil types.
LuV+ Materials now need higher tiers of heating coils.

Load speed optimations (by Bogdan-G, portet by Muramasa-)
Many small improvements. The slower load was before, the better the speedup. 5-30% less startup times have been measured.

Now fully functional and activated. To get exact pollution value, use the Tricorder/Portable Scanner on any block to get pollution in the current chunk.
Can be disabled in config or limits for effects can be set.
Current effects, limits subjet to change:
Pollution > 750 000: Sometimes weak poison effect, gets stronger and more often as pollution rises.
Pollution > 1 000 000: Grass, Trees and plants start to die.
Pollution > 2 000 000: Rain becomes acid and slowly destroys stones.
Fuel burners and muffler hatches produce 10-100 pollution per second.
Every chunks pollution gets updates once per minute. Pollution goes down by 1% + 2000.
Neighbour chunks that have less than 80 pollution get 10% pollution moved over. Transfer minium 50000.
Planned: Smog, pollution production from other mod burners, better balancing, better multi dimension support.

Update Capelist URL.
Correctly remove items from Assembly Line input hatches.
Fixed assemblyline not working in negative world coordinates.
Fluidfilter cover fix.
Wires used in some IV recipes changes.
Updated Achievements.
Made GT machines sounds adjustable with sliders.
Fixed Super Fuel Fuelvalue handling.
Made wires paintable.
Update Processing Array recipe on machine replacement.
Large Turbines now explode when producing more than the dynamohatch voltage tier.
Fixed localisation of Assembly Line constructions plans.
Fixed large turbine integer overflow.
Added Magneticraft compatibility. (GT ore processing gets loaded into Magneticraft multiblocks)
Return slabs on paper crafting.
Added Metal Subtags to Tungstencarbide and Vanadiumsteel.
Fixed dimensional teleporter.
Reduced teleporting costs for long and interdimensional distances.
Changed item pipes behavior. The one transfer per second now can be split into multiple targed inventorys.
Naquadah Gen Mark III now also returns used naquadah.
Added missing reactoria leaf recipes.
Changed Magnetite aurelia processing recipe.
Fixed wrong quintuple plate recipe.
Force only single maintainance hatch on Distillation Tower, rised min stainless steel casings by 10.

.24 directly after .23 even trough .23 took months? Well, this version has only one, but a huge change we prefer to keep seperate for now.
Muramasa- rewrote the whole Materials and Metaitem system. The changes were huge, so quite possible that some things are still broken.
The important points about the change.
We again can add more materials. Before it was limited by the maximum size of the materials enum.
Everyone can add and change materials. As addon or even in the config!
Materials now load dynamicly depending on the mods loaded. Less Materials = faster startup.
Players/Modpacks that use materials that are now disabled must reenable them in the config!
Unused Metaitems also got disabled for even faster startup times.
Same here, should they been used in the modpack, they have to be reenabled in the config! It is possible to enable the whole metaitem type or single metaitem/material combinations.
These changes again brought a huge improvement in startup time. Depending on prior performance 10-40%! So .24 compared to .22 improves in some cases to less than half the load time.
Currently do not use with TGregworks. This build would break all existing tools. We are working on an fix.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @raoulvdberge with Refined Storage
raoulvdberge said:
Refined Storage 1.1
  • New art by CyanideX (CyanideX)
  • Added crafting preview screen (way2muchnoise)
  • Added max crafting task depth (raoulvdberge)
  • Added helpful tooltips to Solderer and Processing Pattern Encoder (raoulvdberge)
  • Every machine now compares on damage and NBT by default (raoulvdberge)
  • Updated JEI, fixes crashes (way2muchnoise)
  • Fixed crash with Disk Manipulator (way2muchnoise)
  • Fixed autocrafting not giving back byproducts (raoulvdberge)
  • Detector amount text field doesn't autoselect anymore (raoulvdberge)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @CreepCraft with Precise Time
CreepCraft said:

Ever thought Minecraft days are too short? Or too long? Or do you just want to make nights last almost forever because your friend sucks at killing zombies?

Well good thing this mod can do all these things AND more for you!

Current features:

Adjustable Day Length

Adjustable Night Length

Forever Day

Forever Night

Auto-sync when joining a server

Loads client settings when leaving a server (so your Single Player world isn't affected by server settings)

This is currently a BETA release.

While it shouldn't break anything because it only changes the sun & moon position, it's always best to make backups just in case!

Potential Issues that will need compatibility fixes (These will be worked on soon!):

BiomesOPlenty/RealistWorldGeneration/etc not sure it works with custom world gen

Probably doesn't work with Morpheus

Currently when you set night time longer than day time, things get a little weird. Working on a fix!

Not compatible with:

Stellar API or Stellar Sky (They also adjust how long a day is, just use that instead. I know they don't allow you to set night length, but nothing I can do :p)
and @Skerp with The RC Mod
Skerp said:
The RC Mod is an advanced Remote Control vehicle modification for the game Minecraft. The RC Mod introduces many fully interactive Remote Control Vehicles into your custom built world played and controlled in game. Featuring the most advanced flight dynamics and ground physics currently available. The RC Mod outperforms any other mod available. This is the first mod to introduce the full “6 degrees of freedom” to the game offering you the most immersive and realistic in game experience yet.

This mod requires jBullet. Visit thercmod-minecraft.net and follow the installation instructions!