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Jul 29, 2019
HAYO EVERYONE! ... I mean... this is not an IndustrialCraft² update. Well, its as good as or better for many, so anyway:
GregTech 6 has been released! Be warned that GT 6 is NOT savegame compatible with GT5.
GregoriusT said:
@everyone: Set Debug3 to true if you dont wanna crash on startup

6.00.00: (savegame incompatible, 1.7.10, API not released as standalone for now because of some minor issues)
Universal and technically GregTech independent Energy API with all Use-Cases of the RF API,
plus the Possibility to determine what Type of Energy something is (like Electricity, kinetic Energy or even Redstone Flux),
the Usage of the DataType Long instead of Integer,
additional Data being accessible for the more complicated Energy Network implementations, such as Minimum, Recommended and Maximum Size of Packets to be transmitted into or out of a Block,
the Functions being named in a way so that the second word after "get", "is", "do", "insert" or "extract" is always "Energy" and then being followed by the rest of the Name in a Table alike fashion,
and a simple Compat Class to insert Energy of the Electric Type into IC2 Machines, and Energy of the Redstone Flux Type into RF Acceptors,
also containing an IEnergyItem Interface with really everything one could ask for, such as Coordinates or the Inventory the Item is contained in.
Universal and technically GregTech independent Network Handler,
where only the sent/received Packets have to be defined. Everything else is done by the Network Handler itself.
Also including optimised Packet implementations for transmitting Coordinates without wasting Bandwidth,
and a default Sound Packet for sending Sounds to the Client.
Universal and technically GregTech independent OreDictionary Manager,
with the ability to silently (much unlike the very loud regular GT OreDict Manager) Filter out and distribute OreDictionary Events to their respective Targets (such as OreDictPrefixes),
to automatically re-register OreDictionary Names (for OreDict Lists for example) by just adding Strings to a List,
and to find unknown OreDictionary Materials and add them silently to a List (which GregTech would access to put them into the Log).
Versions of OrePrefixes and Materials, which are no longer Enum dependent,
with shorter class Names for the default OrePrefix and Material Lists (MT and OP),
better HashCode uniqueness by making hashcode independant from IDs,
and also Utility for shorter Code ("OM.stack()" is much shorter than "new OreDictMaterialStack()"),
including a List of all Chemical Elements and their Anti-Elements from Hydrogen to Triennennium,
complete with ALL Melting and Boiling Points of said Materials (which are known to Wikipedia, and without the decimals),
some Isotopes of them like Deuterium, Tritium, Carbon-13, Carbon-14 or Lithium-6,
and also some aliases like "Aluminium"<=>"Aluminum", "Wolframium"<=>"Tungsten" or "Farnsium"<=>"Ununseptium" and more (and it is possible to easily create an alias to rename a Material).
Universal and technically GregTech independent Tool Rightclick Usage Interface for the Block Class with all Parameters one will need,
including Tool Name, Approximate Tool Durability, The Coordinates of the Block with the Side clicked (to get the TileEntity if needed) and much more,
returning the Durability lost by the Rightclick on the Block, so that anyone can use his own Tool Damage System,
also including a Compatibility Class for vanilla Blocks and some other Mods Interfaces, so that one doesn't have to implement the special cases for those over and over again.
Interfaces for delegating whole TileEntities into different positions. This is very useful for extending the Sides of a Block or for Tesseracts, if the accessing "Third Party Mod" decides to use the Interface. All GT-API based TileEntities automatically access that Interface when getting TileEntities.
Interfaces for giving "stupid" Blocks the ability to return a TileEntity, in case you have your own TileEntitiy Registry. "UT.Worlds.getTileEntity" automatically uses that Function of the Blocks if no regular TileEntity has been found.
MetaItems which everyone can create by just calling a Constructor once (Same goes for MetaBlocks too).
I now differenciate between the Prefixes for "blockIngot", "blockGem", "blockPlate" and "blockDust", because people fucked with that Prefix way too much.
I re-registered some of the "block"-Prefix based Items to fit their proper new Prefix in order to keep at least some compatibility with the old Prefix.
I also added "blockSolid" for a 100% Cast Metal Block. Even though some "blockIngot"s look like they have been cast in vanilla, I see the difference in crafting.
With all those new Storage Blocks I don't need the Config for Storage Block Recipes anymore, since EVERYTHING is now available in some Storage Block Form or the other.
Improved Worldgen with Ores for almost every kind of vanilla Stone/Sand.
Memory Leaks from GT Fluid Stacks caused by the List of all Fluid Stacks being filled with every instance of the GT Fluid Stacks even after the Server Started (since those Fluid Stacks are just for Recipes)
Railcraft Names for Items being outdated causing some Recipes to be removed.
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Jul 29, 2019
Universal and technically GregTech independent Energy API with all Use-Cases of the RF API,
plus the Possibility to determine what Type of Energy something is (like Electricity, kinetic Energy or even Redstone Flux)
what does this mean?


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Jul 29, 2019
He created his own power system that can be dynamically converted between all the other mod power systems. So he is no longer dependent on any other mod's power system including IC2's EU system.
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May 13, 2014
New version of RFTools (2.42):

  • The shield camo system is now a LOT more stable. In the previous versions of RFTools you could actually corrupt the world by putting in a wrong thing (item, energy cell, ...). This should no longer be possible. If it can't render it then the shield will simply be invisible.
  • If you got a corrupt world due to a wrong block in the shield this then there is a way to fix this with this version of RFTools. To get your world back simply set disableShieldBlocksToUncorruptWorld to true in the config. Load your world, remove the offending block from the shield projector. Exit. Then set the flag to false again and you can continue playing and use a better block in your shield.
  • Shield blocks and the matter transmitter beam blocks should now relay be indestructable. With the shield system it is now possible to make a wither killer as it can cope with the explosion of that mob. However, note that you still have to protect the projector (move it far away from where the wither spawns).
  • The tooltip of a screen now shows the number of modules.
  • The shield collision detection system now considers lit tnt, xp orbs and other non-living entities the same as items.
  • Fixed a problem with the crafting of larger/transparent screens crashing if the original screen wasn't placed in the right (top-left) slot.

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/meko4nk5gd2c2bz/rftools-2.42.jar
Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
Umm ... that gregtech sheet ...

Should I applaud the layout, or is that something that minecraft does automatically now?


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Jul 29, 2019
Jabba 1.2.1

  • New: Added config option to reverse behaviour of left clicking so a click is one item and a shift click is a stack
  • New: Added dolly support for BluePower Machines by request of K-4U
  • Fix: Fake input stack is now created on world load for barrels that need it
  • Fix: First ghost update sent to a client will now not (fake) clear a locked barrel if it is emptied
  • Fix: Recipes are now created using the OreDictionary name defined in the config file where appropriate. (Regression fix)
  • Fix: Block world texture generation now correctly works on structural levels which are multiples of 10
  • Fix: Added additional protection against invalid calls to Block Methods
  • Fix: Barrels with Creative Upgrades on them will now properly drop their actual stored amount when broken
  • Fix: Any barrels that have a structural upgrade higher than the current max tier after editing the config will now be downgraded and marked in the log to prevent NPE’s
  • Fix: Hopper upgrades should no longer stack items in inventories greater than the inventory normally allows.
  • Change: Adjusted break texture from nothing to nearly nothing as a temporary work around for a Chisel bug that is being looked into
  • Change: Dollied Monster Spawners now show the name of the entity they spawn in their item tool-tip
  • Change: Tweaked texture generation to reduce incidences of blank textures


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Jul 29, 2019
New tutorial thingy in botania 1.5, oh and also corporea.

R1.5 160
  • Huh, 1.4 was shortlived.
  • Added a new "Ender Artefacts" category to the Lexica Botania, it contains new and old ender related things. Some entries from other categories have been moved over to this.
  • Added a Tutorial Mode which guides you through the pages you should read, in order, to get a good understanding of the mod's basics.
  • Added Corporea, a new mechanic that allows for item verbal requesting. Here's a video of it in action while it was still in development, it looks a bit cooler now.This is by no means meant to be an AE replacement or competitor, just throwing it out there.
  • Added a Bottle of Ender Air, used as a crafting material and as means to create renewable End Stone.
  • Added End Stone Bricks and Chiseled End Stone Bricks. It's totally a good addition, stop judging me!
  • Added more alternate textures in the Unity texture pack style by Tobbvald to join those by Futureazoo, you can enable them in the config file.
  • Added some disclaimers to the lexicon that shears made of mana materials will trigger tripwire and that blood magic messes with the fallen kanade (if BM is loaded).
  • Changed some recipes to use a Bottle of Ender Air.
  • Changed the creative tab so all the fluff (decorative blocks and the like) is right at the end rather than in the middle.
  • Changed the texture for Livingwood, Dreamwood and the Lexica Botania to new, more detailed textures also by Tobbvald.
  • Fixed a timing related dupe with Force Relays.
  • Fixed the barrier display of the Gaia Guardian being 1 block off.
  • Fixed the Hardmode Gaia Guardian's missiles never despawning and causing a load on the server.
  • Fixed the Thorn Chakram and Enchanted Soil not being in the creative tab.
  • [API] Added hooks for corporea stuff.
  • [API] Added the new ender category to the api.
  • [API] Fixed the tools category being priority 0 rather than 5.


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE has been updated to version 1.2.0: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files
* NEW: Config option for using nether stars instead of diamonds in some recipes
* NEW: Alchemical Tome renamed to Tome of Knowledge to better represent its use
* NEW: Tome of Knowledge crafting must be enabled via config
* NEW: German language file updates
* FIXED: Possible fix for transmutation GUI NullPointerException


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Jul 29, 2019
Our almighty dragon friend @Reika has released v4c.
DragonAPI: Fixed colored light support
DragonAPI: Added Nether Saltpeter to ModOreList
DragonAPI: Version checker no longer triggers if you are using a newer version than the most recent
ChromatiCraft: Fixed progress past rune crafting being impossible due to iridescent shard fragment being registered as too low-level, blocking access to making a Chroma collector, despite requiring chroma to obtain itself
ChromatiCraft: Blacklisted Torcherino torches from Tile Accelerator
ChromatiCraft: Made biome weights configurable (minimum 2)
ChromatiCraft; Taint biomes can no longer generate dye trees
ChromatiCraft: Fixed geode ore rendering lag (probably)
ChromatiCraft: Fixed casting room blocks not being replaceable with runes
ChromatiCraft: Fixed Pylon aura appearing suddenly
ChromatiCraft: Made fragments more common in native structures
ChromatiCraft: EE blacklisting is now much faster
ElectriCraft: Fixed NEI wire crash
MeteorCraft: Fixed end meteor crashes
ReactorCraft: Fixed magnetic pipes spawning charge and plasma
ReactorCraft: Fixed tritium lamps not lighting
ReactorCraft: Fuel cores now emit Cerenkov radiation
RotaryCraft: EE blacklisting is now much faster
RotaryCraft: Fixed custom flakes not being smeltable
RotaryCraft: Custom flakes can now produce a native ingot/dust/etc
RotaryCraft: Afterburning jet engines now gradually heat up, eventually exploding if left on too long
RotaryCraft: Readded enderpearl PCB and Power Unit recipes
RotaryCraft: Fixed shaft junction erroneously breaking