Werewolf-Little Town of Helyr [GAME THREAD]


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Nov 24, 2012
Vikestep posted something, and now it's gone. >.>
This is what I was told when I used my detective on n1

" You wander into Shazam's house and are immediately struck by the fact that the house is empty. Clearly he's out and about at night. You find a book entitled 'Methods of an investigator'. You recognise it, it's one you read before. You make your way upstairs and find a bathroom. There's a lot of hair trapped in the plughole. You would search further, but the screams of LivingAngryCheese interrupted you. You rush out to see what has happened, and are joined by all the town in doing so. You gain no further clues this night."

I think I'm a false detective too. That's why I thought shazam was a detective and trusted him too much.
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Jul 29, 2019
Let's look at this. You took a post by vike that reveals a useful role to the villagers that was deleted and you bring it up again. Showing wolves that to reveal his role.

AND Shazam was a wolf :p
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