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Whitelist Server Walrus Craft FTB WHITELISTED

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by noah dropkin, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. noah dropkin

    noah dropkin New Member

    Welcome! This is a private, whitelisted server run by ADDWalrus.

    Note; all prior members of PermaCraft FTB, the old server died, so I started a new one.

    To join the server please reply to this post with:
    Your exact In-game-name:
    Reason for wanting to join the server:
    Experience with mods:

    The I.P. is:
  2. arbijter

    arbijter Active Member

    Your exact in-game-name: arbijter
    Age: 14
    Reason for wanting to join the server: i think its a friendly server and i think its a lot of fun
    Experience with mods: i first played a lot of tekkit and now i play for some months ftb and i know mutch about many mods like gregtech,forestry,and more
  3. Frix45

    Frix45 New Member

    Your exact In-game-name: Frix45
    Age: 18
    Reason for wanting to join the server: Because right now im looking for a new server because the other ones i have played on are all shut down, and i really enjoy playing on servers with a small group of people and having fun playing and doing community stuff or just having some fun with new friends. I will play everyday and help with anything i can.
    Experience with mods: Im experienced with some of the mods not all but i have played FTB for about 5 months now
  4. volcom1648

    volcom1648 New Member

    Time zone:eastern
    About my self:i am a calm and friendly person i love to play ftb. I love helping people and making friend i also like talking to people on skype.
    Things i dont like about minecraft:to tell u the truth nothing really i love minecraft its a creative and fun game
    Reason:i want to join because i want a friendly server that has nice people to play with and have fun and maybe even have a conversation on skype.
    Experience:with ftb i have alot of experience i have been playing for over a year know so i know alot of stuff about ftb.
    Have i been banned before:eek:n ftb no never not that i know of i usually play singleplayer but know i want to play with other people and make friend its for fun then singleplayer i think
    I have read and i agree with the rules: yes signed by volcom1648

    Thank You for your time
  5. TW_Ninja

    TW_Ninja New Member

    Your exact In-game-name: TW_Ninja
    Age: 16
    Reason for wanting to join the server: Want a small community server to play on.
    Experience with mods: Have played tekkit but haven't messed around with many ftb mods yet
  6. Gpeck

    Gpeck New Member

    Your exact In-game-name: Gpeck22
    Age: 18
    Reason for wanting to join the server: Need a new minecraft home!!!
    Experience with mods: Played FTB for about 5 months, minecraft for about a year
  7. noah dropkin

    noah dropkin New Member

    added: Gpeck22, TW_Ninja, volcom1648, Frix45, arbijter
  8. Lucas Dantas

    Lucas Dantas New Member

    when u usualy play ADD?
  9. noah dropkin

    noah dropkin New Member

    Im on now.
  10. higpog

    higpog New Member

    Your exact In-game-name: higpog
    Age: 16
    Reason for wanting to join the server: well, I enjoy playing FTB and mindcrack is probably the best! I like small server's, and i'm friendly :)
    Experience with mods: I know every mod like anything else...... I play a lot so its very hard to find something I don't know :)
  11. Trez1

    Trez1 Active Member

    Your exact In-game-name: Trez1
    Reason for wanting to join the server: i played on permacraft and i'd like to join this server too?
    Experience with mods: i know of most mods

    oh your ADD should have guessed by the servername :p hope to see you again
  12. spencer

    spencer Member

    Your exact In-game-name: spencer8021
    Age: 16
    Reason for wanting to join the server: I want to be part of a community that talks alot.
    Experience with mods:I have been playing FTB since it came out. (November I believe?)
  13. Add when will It be fixed
  14. spencer

    spencer Member

    chris are u an admin
  15. spencer

    spencer Member

    ok so am i added
  16. Trez1

    Trez1 Active Member

    Chris could you please whitelist me too?
  17. Trez ya I will when I get back I'm gone this weekend though so get get add todo it
  18. higpog

    higpog New Member

    me too please :)
  19. Crusher487

    Crusher487 New Member

    IGN: Crusher487
    Age: 15
    Reason for wanting to join the server: I was on old server and i wanna play...
    Experience with mods: I get more all the time

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