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    1. Why would I ever buy Drugs if I can get a much safer Shield that does the same thing for less gold?
    2. Can a player buy an item at any point? If so... Won't the first seven days (at least) just be everyone buying shields? :p
    3. How can the town win? The sheet says they win by "surviving to the end", but the only game-ending condition I see on there is the mafia's "kill the town".
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    Bigd you have a bit of a reputation on the forum. Can you confirm you're familiar with the rules and willing to abide by them?
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    It's kinda hard to read the rules/roles on mobile, I will on my computer sorry

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    What do you mean 13

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    Its my rather rude way of saying your existing signature is immature (evidence of a pre-teen, e.g. less than 13 years old). Don't tell shazam08 that I'm being an asshat.
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    There is more evidence than that, it's kinda obvious.

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    I'm not on any kind of search for evidence, quantifying it is irrelevant.
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    He already knows. :rolleyes:

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    In this game though, the village aren't working together entirely, because they all need to survive at all costs.
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    I'd like to see how this concept turns out. But most likely everybody will just shield themselves and nobody dies for the first few days :p
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    7. Once you get out of the prison you have 3 days cooldown until you can be jailed again.
    Does this mean we can do what we want or we cannot play?
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    Oh yeah, who carries out the jailing anyways? The Warden?
    And how does the Warden & Detective win?
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    1. Only Bodyguards roles and the Dark Past Townie can buy shields now
    2. You can buy items at any point... Read 1.
    3. The End has been defined in the rolesheet
    You can play, but after 3 days people can vote to jail you again.
    I jail people, the Warden can free them, but at a cost.

    So, what should the cost be? Should I make it be 400 Gold? More? Less?

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