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Thermal Expansion or Industrial Craft?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by placeholder21, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. placeholder21

    placeholder21 New Member

    Whenever I start a FTB world I always have started out with IC2 to get the macerators, electric furnaces and what not. Now we have Thermal Expanasion which can do the same early game things. Now I'm not sure if I should go for IC2 or TE. The one thing I have against TE is the power gen, I have never liked getting buildcraft power but the pluverizer gives extra ores. Should I go IC2 or TE?
  2. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    It's ultimately your call.
    If you're playing Ultimate, and plan on using GregTech(aka don't have it disabled) I'd suggest the IC2 route for ore doubling(because with GregTech, you can very easily get more then triple the standard output on many ores, with the Industrial Grinder), but if you don't mind trying out TE and don't use GT, I'd suggest using TE for many things. But without GT, a solid choice for ore doubling is Factorization. Yes, the Slag Furnace gives you less then 200% on average, but you can get a much higher output then that with the full chain. You get roughly 350% (IIRC) per ore you run through it's system. Plus some clay, which is nice. I honestly can't remember the whole process in the correct order, but you need a grinder, a mixer, a slag furnace, and a crystallizer.
  3. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    If you like things exploding and requiring rubber and complicated recipes, choose IC2.

    If you like things being nice to you after you create them, and skipping through the woods with engines smiling at you, choose TE.

    If you like crystals that actually grow when you see them, choose Factorization.
  4. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    In the past I've usually gone TE because I haven't found rubber (and because TE was new and I wanted to try it out) but in my newest world I found plenty. I've still gone for the TE powered furnace and pulveriser rather than macerator and electric furnace since I like the way they work, had the resources, and generally find TE stuff easier to craft. (It's generally 2 stages of crafting while IC2 often has 3, plus double-smelting of iron).
    I do have a generator, batbox, and recycler though, so I can get some value out of my cobble, and charge a batpack for my mining drill and chainsaw (I turned off the harder recipes that require steel for those tools :p).

    The extra pulveriser ores are certainly nice, but in any case, do whatever you have the resources for soonest. As for BC power, TE does add some new energy generation options. Currently I only have a plain Generator for IC2 and a Hobbyist's steam engine for BC power. This certainly doesn't run my TE machines at full speed and isn't so good when I want to run two at once, but I've been holding off on making more engines until I have my proper permanent base built so I have space for expandable automation (unlike the hollowed-out natural tunnel I'm currently moving out of).

    So yeah, there's lots of options either way. Since you're in early game you don't have to commit fully to one or the other. Or maybe do both and compare, if you can afford it.
    Another benefit of TE is that once you build up enough to be able to make its energy conduits, and if you use any of it's engines, you don't have to worry about anything exploding.
  5. LightKnight

    LightKnight New Member

    well in my opinion i prefer industrial craft because i like the power system in it more and also with gregtech you can triple your ores output , also the industrial craft machines can work faster with overclockers and the advnaced machines ( induction furnace etc) maybe the TE recipes are more simple but i personally prefer more IC2 but that is up to you
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  6. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    Doesn't blow if you know what you're doing.

    If you prefer speed and don't much care for efficiency (in the long run this is) then IC2
    If efficiency is the be all and end all of everything you want from a mod, then TE
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  7. noskk

    noskk New Member

    It really depends on if you turn on the expensive recipe (with steel and gear) for the TE or not, I always enabled them on so I went IC2/GT all the way, rotary macerators are enough to grind most non-ore stuff (except bone I think), and industrial grinder is there for the final ore processing.

    If you don't use the expensive TE recipes, then.. TE all the way.
  8. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Or go super hardcore and grind everything by hand with the Applied Energistics handcrank thingy.
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  9. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech New Member

  10. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    I did this for like, a stack and a half of iron in my current world. Now I have enough, I think.
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  11. Neirin

    Neirin New Member

    I did the Quartz Grinder long enough to get my rudimentary TE machines made. Those have sustained me very well through the hovel/dirt house stage of my game, but I'm currently building a proper base, and I plan to use mostly GT and IC2 for processing. Since I ultimately plan on having a large AE network handling my storage and crafting needs the ultra-fast processing speeds provided by overclocked IC2 machines will be invaluable. I want coal dust macerated and ready to go instantly if I need it.
  12. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Personally I did ~6 stacks of iron, 2 of copper, 3 of tin, 2 of gold, and ~1 of silver. I will never NEVER do it again. Though it was infinitely useful.
  13. Mobott

    Mobott New Member

    I go TE because:

    1: I like the various ways to get power.
    2: I like not having my stuff explode when I hit them with the same tool that I hit EVERYTHING ELSE with.
    3: I like not having my stuff explode if I mess up some wiring.
    4:I like not having my stuff explode in general.
    5: Tesseracts ftw.
    6: I like the way the input/output thing works.
    7: You can do more with MJ than you can with EU. (Why bother with IC2 power tools when there's Modular PowerSuits? :D )
    8: I just like the theme of TE better than IC2.

    Also, just going to throw this out there: Factorization is the most efficient ore processing.
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  14. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech New Member

    So you like creepers you say?
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  15. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    Go TE for at least one world, as you've never gone that way before. In fact, avoid IC2 until you've maxed out your TE systems.
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  16. Norfgarb

    Norfgarb New Member

    TE is great you should definitely do a TE build, only compliant I have with TE is it needs a larger late game energy storage block, because I can't stand leaving my engines running, and there's only so many RSE Cells you can have before you start to feel like you are are playing a full time game of Make-More-Storage-Cells-Craft, but that may just be me.
  17. Hitmaniac

    Hitmaniac New Member

    I think TE is better than IC2 in the beginning. Its simple, easier, and better. IC2, however in the end is better. You can put overclockers in the machines to make them run more than twice as fast as TE machines.
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  18. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S New Member

    Well in BC energy you have low energy engines which you turn on and off depending on requirements. Energy cells can do almost anything, except providing good energy storage (in comparison to IC2). One energy cell is equal to only one bucket of fuel. You can try making on demand system, where engines are turned on only when they are needed, possibly using energy cells as a buffer. Gates are your friend.
  19. Norfgarb

    Norfgarb New Member

    Problem is I run the RSE Cells in Parallel so its difficult to measure at any given time whether energy is needed or not. If you run in a series you loose 5% energy for every cell you have.

    EDIT: Also in a series you have a maximum output of 100 MJ/t
  20. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S New Member

    Well, I run 2 energy cells for each about 100 MJ bank of engines, however now (with fixed gate) one is enough. If cell is empty engines start pumping, if cell is full stop engines. You can get even cheaper, one cell per 200 MJ, making 2 sides for gates, 2 for input and 2 for output. Steam is good if you have large constant drain, for anything other biogas, magmatic or combustion are the best, just turn them on and off when needed automatically.

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