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Aug 21, 2012
I've been seeing the idea of segmented packs, with progression walled off behind one bit or another for a while. Ages of Engineering that I was toying with before is very much tiered. Using the machines of one level, to make the next level item. Ages went further where the crafting chains got longer and longer, enforcing automation of the machines. SevTech seems to be taking another path, the entire world changes as you progress. It feels more like TerraFirmaCraft, something I've always wanted to play, but never have been brave enough to face.

This being a pack with others playing means I do not have to face it alone.

Likewise I invite you all to come with me as I walk this path.


If you've enjoyed my works, perhaps have a look (and leave a like) on one of my older works?

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Aug 21, 2012

Through the portal, and I was expecting my bed. I was expecting my overworld. I shouldn't be shocked anymore when this happens, my family has always had strange luck with portals. The gods that send me here and there seem to use them to detect my existence and pull me from world to world. They must need my assistance here. I'm just glad I've not turned up in a crashed starship again. True sky and fresh air. The taste of magic but not overwhelming. It's not home, but it feels like a place that I won't mind being in.


Seems the overlords of this realm are strict. They are making me earn my right to things that I thought I would always have access to. Strict, but not unkind, at least not so far. Perhaps I am only saying this because I know they are close, these strange unknown gods, watching, because the achievements come close and fast, and the rewards, or punishments, just as fast. They seem to want to lead my footsteps here, to make this transition easy, and that is a kindness. Even if they are doing things like requiring me to make a mesh of string and sticks in order to sieve flint chunks from gravel.


That flint, I am at least familiar with enough to know how to knap it, as I've done that recently enough in that other place. From that a most basic tool. With that, a tree becomes wood for me. Two full logs are needed to make a crafting tool, a work stump. Primitive, but satisfying.


Seems that now that I've made this workbench, of sorts, that I'm being allowed to direct myself for a while, though there seem to be some suggestions. I figure I better not leave anything out, if I'm being asked to do it, there might be something I need to know about down that way. Though, sometimes it's the things I'm not told about that are the most useful, like this wooden club and it's ability to handle stone almost as well as the flint pickaxe. Slower, but rather less expensive to make.


With it I've secured myself a little space. Hammered it out of the solid stone. Given myself a totem to protect myself from the flames and lava, having used a bit of it flowing down a cliff to protect myself from the monsters outside and shine a little light into the cave.


Admittedly not the grandest of entrances, but between the lava and the ladder carved with the workblade I think I'm pretty well protected from things getting in at random. For a starter home, this is practically high tech.


Height of fashion, a chest I can open and close, and put things into. Yes, I've already managed to meet the reaper once. Got cornered before I even found this place to hide. The good news is, it's close enough to where I've chosen that I can use it as a way to point towards home, no matter where I go, or how far. Useful when you don't have a map.


Another useful thing, using the lava to start fires. Getting my first fire from lava and lighting my torches from it means not having to worry about it inside my base until I'm ready. Not that these give much light, but some light is better then none at all.


With being able to light up my cave with the torches, rather then depending on the lava to provide all of my light, I can extend my home just a bit more, though I am trying not to be too ambitious about things, yet. Each resource gained is measured against the two most important ones, time, and food, spent. Sometimes it's better to just leave something where it's growing, instead of bringing it back, when I don't have the chest to store it yet.


You may not have noticed, I may not have taken the time to properly appreciate this, but I really have landed in a beautiful world. Things may be simple, things may be harsh, but views like this are well worth it. Admittedly I keep viewing things here either as resources, or not resources. When I first saw this massive skeleton I was thinking in terms of bonemeal, though I can't yet even grind it down to use it. I just have to remember it.


Grasslands near my base seems to have most of the useful animals. Sheep for wool, cows and pigs for meat. Crops growing wild that I can just take from the ground as eat as I get hungry. I'm avoiding killing any of the local animals, but sometimes I catch one accidentilly while fighting a monster. Sometimes I eat monster jerky, sometimes carrots or potatoes. Lacking my normal coffee I've taken to eating the beans raw. It's not the best diet, but it seems to be good enough for my health.


For fruit, I've taken to picking up and moving the bushes that grow out in those grasslands. There's more then a few of the wildberry plants, but it seems a shame to have to go hunting for them when they are so easily replanted. More then anything, this is the bulk of my diet.


I do though tire of a fruit based diet, even if it is easy. I've made a few options that can cook some food for me. The firepit is nice for a fish or two, or scraps of meat that I'd culled from the herds, if by accident. The grill will quite nicely handle potatoes for me, but I'll need to work with fire to use it safely, and the kiln, well that seems to be the path towards finally taming fire.


While I was doing all this crafting, instead of doing it all just one at a time, I went and made a slight upgrade to the work stump while I was at it. Much easier to craft when I can do more then one. Low grade coal blocks to keep the kilns and grills going, and things started to progress again nicely.


Next big task has me down by the river side, picking up water a bladder at a time, using it to pack salt crusts onto hides that I'd roughed up with the workblade. It's a slow process to make leather, but just as strangely satisfying as everything else in this primitive world of mine.


Primitive, but automation is possible. The wooden hoppers quite easily take the hides from the cabinet and force them into the drying rack. When dry they fall into another hopper and get stored in a chest. Then I need only take it down to the water and rub tannin, ground from bark, into the leather with another bladder of water.


Torches don't make enough light, and while if I had some coal I could probably get them to burn brighter, how about I skip the middle man in this process? It's easy enough to make some low grade charcoal, and if I put it into the floor a bit, then it won't set other things on fire quite as easily as all that. Long as I'm careful to keep everything away from it a bit, I shouldn't have too much of a problem. Just in case I'm also going to stick a bit of wall on top to keep me from walking down into the burning pit.


There we go, one of those every few blocks, one with a set of grills over it, and another row just behind me with kilns to make more charcoal if I need it. My chests all nicely against one wall, hopefully far enough from the fire and the flames. Other side of the room has my drying racks, a compost bin (for fertilizer, or the occasional biocoal), my manual grindstone, chopping block, and the workstump MK2.

Not civilized, but what is?
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Jan 29, 2015
Great stuff! :) I love the story you throw in here, and it sounds like you're already enjoying the experience! I know its not to everyone's taste, but I had a feeling this pack might agree with you.


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Aug 21, 2012

Some of the leather into a belt for latter. Others have become leather cordage. Making a saddle too as there's some horses around. Might tame one for a little companionship while I'm out and traveling. A bit of a process to make leather, but there's quite a few options for it. Even a tepee to setup outside so I can pass the night sometimes. It won't wear out like the sleeping mat will.


And since I've made the tepee, I might as well make the book, no point into starting with the items from a group without reading the guide they give me. Totemic powers are quite a broad range of granted booms that I intend to use for what advantages I can in this strange world.


Before heading out to set this up, I'm going to turn some of the leather into one of the most important resources, free space. I will never underestimate the value of being able to carry even just a few more items.


While I'm crafting, I can push this just a little further with a stone upgrade onto the backpack. That gives me a chest worth of storage going with me in addition to my normal capacity. Anything I might need, I can pack with me and take it along on a trip. A well prepared journey is ahead of me indeed.


A bit of crafting and I've made the basics, a rattle, a flute, a drum and this bit of a strange kilt that makes me chime as I move. With a few of the windchimes up on a totem that makes me rather well prepared for the basic rituals. It clashes just a little with my leather armor though.


Savannah wolves are the most common threat here. One at a time isn't much but many of them show up in a pack, sneaking in from the sides. Smart pack behavior but I'm more durable then they expect, and my single fang is sharper then the mouthful they each bring. Flesh of my foes again supports me, this time being made into a rather tasty sandwich.


First ritual enchanted my flute, the next gave me red cedar saplings. A tree that wouldn't normally grow in this region with a hearty wood that I will need for future projects as well. Bit of a strange shade, but cedar can age to the most lovely looking texture with time, it might improve.


Preparing for the next ritual, I went into the field and located some of the cows that had spread farther afield in the grasslands. The cordage I'd made before was useful as leads to get them to come back to my base, and because I had wheat they came mostly willingly.


Soon, I had my small herd sheltered here, fed them the what that I'd promised and then back out to perform the next ritual. Took a few times to get it right, but soon I'd forced my will on the world and the spirits blessed me by transforming some of the herd into buffalo for me. With more what, more time, and a few more repetitions of the ritual I'll have a strong herd of these mighty beasts.


Given a vast and unlimited world, every resource is somewhere, but given a flowing river why not use that? If I set up some nets and strainers I'll be able to catch materials from the very water itself. Sure, slowly, but without having to worry about much. On the other hand, I could just dive into the ocean and fight some sharks. ... no, how about I don't.


While I can't use that leather belt yet, I can make one machine from the descendants of the flowers, a grindstone. This will let me grind more things then the millstone, some of them with better results, but it costs me more in food then the alternatives. It's a fair exchange as I see it. One I even take advantage of sometimes, as the more I eat, the sooner I can balance my diet.


I've carved a ladder all the way to the top of the cliff I've made my base under. Protected the path with bat and spider totems so that I can climb safely and be protected even if I fall. Blaze totems to protect me against the lava in closer to my entrance. Torches spread through the world to lead me home, hidden under blocks to help keep the world looking pristine and beautiful. It all really is worth preserving, this world is something special.


The cliff above my home gives quite the amazing view. For as far as I can see, glowing trees that shine softly in the night. As much as I can I'm trying to not cut them down, leaving them to guide my travels.


There are many strange things in this world. Somebody left behind massive portals, scattered like playthings of a careless giant, left behind as they moved on from place to place. One of these was close enough to a lava lake for me to preform an experiment.


I was able to get the portal lit, and I think I could have done it with nothing more then a hatchet and a wooden club. Sadly when I tried to use it, I couldn't escape. I seem to be trapped within this world. Whomever sent me here does not want me to leave yet. I seem to be at the least trapped in a rather attractive jail.


So I've returned home with my resources again. Two kinds of cactus from the hot lands I wandered into, sugar cane to farm for many tasks in my future, and a few more treasures. Sadly I didn't find a villager to trade with, I've got nothing to guide me beyond the stars and the sky...
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Oct 12, 2013
you are lucky to have found a nether portal so early X D problem is you probably realised you cant enter it untill the age were it unlocks [at least i heard its like that]
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Aug 21, 2012

In my explorations I wasn't able to find everything I was looking for, and though I did find a village I didn't have anything they wanted, and what I wanted most wasn't there. In the end I found what I was looking for with a lone villager living in a hut in the fields, though rather far afield.


I took another trip to the village, this time I brought things they needed. In turn they taught me about farmland, and gave me some seeds that I couldn't otherwise get my hands on. Also picked up an improved fire lighter, though around my home I'll still use the fire sticks, at least when I can afford the time.


The other thing I was looking for required me to cross an entire ocean. Water as far as I could see. Nothing between me and the sharks but a raft, speed as my only saving grace. I went as fast as I could, and when I landed, I only stayed the briefest of moments before returning. The darklands are not a safe place.


Brought back a sapling, planted it near the apple tree that the villager gave me seeds for. The darklands wood is a strange, pulsing, oddly alive thing. It's also slow to break and difficult to harvest.


On the other hand it makes a very good chest. With how much stuff I've been collecting this is rather useful to me. Sure I can make a cabinet that holds even a little more then the chest, but there is something about the familiar click of a closing chest that feels much more secure.


With these travels, and the map to see me safely home, I've been able to bring home some parrots. Magic in the music brought back the lost bird, the eagle, from the seed of their existence, just like it brought back the buffalo and the cedar. Once these grow they can have one more use to me.


Meanwhile, I'm building something on the top of this mountain, with a nice view while I work. For now the primitive torches have been working, but I need something that can cast just a bit more light. These cost more, and get in the way, but sometimes they are just what is needed.


In this case I wanted to have enough light to keep the monsters away and keep my pets safe, even though I do have to put them to work. A mill, a press, and a chopper. Each setup properly, next I'll build hoppers and chests to store the materials the animals work for me. Not faster then doing the work myself, but they can work for me in batches while I prepare other things.


With the eagles grown, I can make of them a sacrifice. Perhaps it cursed the bone whistle made in this way, for what it summons is the darkest of foes. Perhaps it was only meant as a challenge.


A strangely twisted skeleton with a bow as fast as darkness. Baykok. Though fast he wasn't that smart and followed me too willingly. Then I was able to close him off and take sneaky shots at him when he wandered in close enough to strike. As a reward I was able to take his bow. Far better for ranged fights then a spear or a tomahawk.


Back with the bow into the darklands and I found myself a more fair match for monsters of darkness now. If one manages to take me by ambush I find myself in a bit of trouble, but I am able to get a few shards and gems from the fights and make it away safely.


The strange energy in the dark stones isn't quite meant to be turned in this way, but carefully contained I was able to get it into a hopper that was hot to the touch.


With the flame hopper I'm able to get a kiln and a grill that will work without my home being at risk of open flames anymore. Not that there is much risk in these halls of stone. Still, another few hoppers, another few chests, and I'll be able to batch through some cooking in short order.


Back to the manual grindstone, working with the lever, cranking my way through my food while I process clay into a more refined form. A smooth white brick with more then a few properties of use.


The most important of these uses, a simple melter. It still needs a heater before I can put it to the use it is made for, but it marks a first step into a new age. A long way to go.


A long way to go, but everything here is so beautiful. I don't mind the work, if it means I can live in a place like this.
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Aug 21, 2012

Taking a step back, a quick look, making sure that I've properly handled everything I'd been shown. I guess I could have done more with the cart, but I didn't really travel much, just a few blocks down the river. Food was never desperate enough that I had to stop grazing and put my donkey to the plow. I might revisit the water strainers once I've got a bucket.


Funny, it seems I wasn't able to notice that right outside my door. I've grabbed some of it, I'll come back for it latter. It seems to go rather deep down and I'm not entirely prepared for this.


More important things, to make a proper crafting table, and to be able to place some of those chests I'd taken from the monster spawners. Only thing that was in there, other then monsters and doom, but worth heading down towards the sounds to figure out what was down there.


Found a wooden crate that I can store a bit more in over a wooden chest, and I even get two of them at once from each chest I have to work with. These give me enough storage that I shouldn't have any trouble going forward, but you never know.


Now that I've somewhere to store it, back to the coal deposit. Still just this stone pick, breaking anything is a bit slow, but I've got the magic in the totems to make the task a little easier. Just have to be a bit careful with placing them just so.


I did say that I'd want to automate these a bit more when I had the time and resources, and now I can process on the grill and through the kiln a batch at a time without having to tend the process.


Likewise I've done what I can with the chopper and the press and grinder. When I want more planks, wander into the forest, take down a few trees, fill the chest, and then return latter to collect my planks. If I'm smart I can find something else to work on while this is happening.


Seems that the villager didn't want to tell me everything about farmland, not when there was still hope of trading with me to get more of what they need. Last of the basic tools, the hoe. Course if I'm going to have a garden, I'm going to have to make sure I've got a secure place for it.


Rather then operate blindly, I'm using the plumb bob, digging down under the river, and letting the water down into the garden. This will tell me when I'm deep enough to obtain my ends.


Looks like the hemp won't grow inside, no matter how nice I make the space. The river will hydrate the soil for me without my having to move any water anywhere, so it's a simple matter of picking a spot. A nice field of hemp will give me enough fibers latter when I know it'll be in high demand, best to get started now.


Two streams of water diverted from the river, I let them flow along some sand for sugar cane. This entire room quite nicely is maintained with just that little bit of water. Stone lamps in the walls for light, a few exotic crops in the center, and I've setup some totems so that when I'm in a rush, I'm only a bit of a waltz from grown crops.


With a steady supply of food coming in, next up for me is a cauldron to cook the food in. I'm still rather fond of donuts, a batch of them doesn't take much from me and gives quite a bit back. As with many of the other things that are almost automation, I can just set it up and let a batch run and pick it up latter.


A crop or two of wheat is enough to make hay bales, and then from that a primitive bed. It's not the most comfortable night's rest, but I can bring it inside and not have to sleep under the stars anymore. Safer to wake up here too. A bit uneasy of a sleep with that portal so close, but it seems safe enough.


The coal was at the surface, anything else will be deeper. While the samples on the surface are a sign that the metal will be near, a prospector's tool will help me find it.


First metal was a deposit of copper that just happened to be detected inside a cave near my base. With the dowsing rod finding the exact location of the deposit was less problematic then I expected. Mining always feels slow, but even with haste from the totem this wasn't the easiest thing.


Back at my base, I counted out clusters, made sure that it would become neat blocks, and let a batch process. Each of these blocks would have to be hammered out to get ingots latter, but I could do that I I need it, no reason to fill all those crates just this early.


Tin required me to go a little further, but not that far. I'd seen a few samples before and remembered one that wouldn't be too hard to reach. A bit of digging, the totem, and soon I had a few stacks of tin chunks.


As the copper had finished, I setup the tin to go next. Chunk by chunk, and into blocks I poured it. Had to fill the melter three times for each block, but I've time enough while waiting for my garden to grow and other projects.


The most important thing though isn't the copper, or the tin. I could say that the most important thing is everything, or in this case, both. I put together a kiln that could make simple alloys for me, gave it fuel, and from this I made myself bronze. While I might have made tools from the copper if I was desperate, these will be far better for me.


I do want something that will last, given the project I've picked for myself. Sure, I could keep living in a cave, in tunnels and passages in the earth. That's not enough for me. I want a proper home, fortified and secure, a towering bastion.
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Sep 29, 2015
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I started this pack this week, too, and I can't get over how well put together it is so far. I'm right before you get to finding ores, just taking my time and developing my base and not rushing through the pack like I've done in the past. Last night, I spent 3 Minecraft days looking for a villager with the atlas trade. I just got on a raft and sailed up the river until I got to an ocean, took a right, sailed for a day and a half, then turned around and went the other way. As soon as I found him, my raft de-spawned (or sailed off, I can't be sure), and it took me another full MC day to figure out how to get home because I also lost the river that took me home.Right when I was about to give up and start a new base, I found markers I'd laid out on a hiking and exploration trip and was able to get home.

I think my favorite part of this pack is how the biomes are stratified like a real planet would be. I tried this pack when it was first released and don't remember it being like that, but man does it make a difference in gameplay.
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Aug 21, 2012

Flesh that was once human, flesh that never was human. The formation of a vessel in the form of a book. It contains knowledge, words that seem to shift and change the longer I look at them. Very little of it makes sense. There is enough in it to work with, but I'm going to need to investigate something else before I can use it.


With tin and my portal to the hunting dimension I've been able to put together some rudimentary snares. Before I go there, it's smart to upgrade as far as possible. Combat is never easy here, monsters are always well equipped and it's hard to get ahead of them in ability. The ones in the hunting dimension come in a wider range of ugly and nasty then the other worlds. Bronze makes good tools and useful armor. The bow from Bakok fires true and fast even if the best arrows I can make are from flint. I've also brought some shears, not every creeper can be defused, but for those that can, best to be prepared.


With the help of a number of totems I was able to get the snares to work and got a most important resource from the hunting dimension. A small pile of will, and the least of it gets used to be the core of a alter. Some dark and hungry presence, or just the blood itself, I do not know. I do know that it works well enough even if what it can do is limited.


Zombie flesh melted down is a ready source of blood. A bit of sacrifice combined with the slimeball gave me the start to a primitive apprentice orb. Another tool to expand the range of uses of blood magic. This age, is a bit of a time of darkness, I seem to have to go through these passages to reach the brighter times. So be it. I'll sacrifice.


I'll fight. With totems for support, I took on a nest of shoggoth. I needed to bait some of them out into the open, so that they could be encouraged to make structures to harvest. I also harvested a number of them for flesh. I even took from the stone, some blocks at the edges could be taken without too much risk to myself. I'm not nearly well enough dressed to handle this fight for long, but I was able to at least keep them mostly contained while getting what I wanted from them. I'll call it a draw.


I've been slowly working on hollowing out that mountain from before. It looks like a place that I can make a proper home. As an island that's a matter of defense all in it's own, the cliffs another layer, and I plan to increase that another stage even further. The downside is that I've only rather primitive tools to work with, while trying to remove the heart of an entire mountain.


I've started with a path to the top, worked my way down inside, and gone so far as to come out again at the bottom. I now need only increase the amount of space inside my new home. At first there's no sign of my work from the outside, but that's how I want it, the best made settlements in my mind are ones that fit with the world and respect it.


First blocks of polished andesite in place, I'll be building my walls up from these stones, not the most stable foundation but I can work my way down replace the other stones latter once I've got the time to worry about how things look.


It took quite a bit of exploration to find myself a pack of wolves that were willing to be transported here to my base. They'll be slightly more effective working the horse mill and other automation compared to the buffalo, and honestly slightly easier to deal with. IN a pinch I can even call on them to help me.


That sourceblock of water was the key to my plans. I expanded, I dug down, I mined it out and eventually reached that water source. If I just let it flow, that's a small garden that I can grow here inside, like I did at the other base under the river. With that secure I'll take a break from building in order to find a few more resources I've been lacking.


Deep in a swampy forest I was located and ambushed by some druids. They used some strange telekenetic abilities on me, throwing me into the air, slamming me against objects, and moving in ways that caught me by surprise. Still I was well enough equipped, still dressed as well as I could be and I'd practiced in the hunting grounds. They dropped strange objects that I didn't quite understand. They seemed to fit together but didn't quite make sense.


Strange to say, if they hadn't ambushed me, I might never have found this stone circle and the device in the middle of it. This strange device accepted the bits the druids were guarding and turned it into the object that it looked like it was peaces of. I can't figure out any use for it yet, but I'm sure it was valuable. Why else would it be divided up and guarded by a cult of fanatics?


While exploring, I looked into the water, and saw something glowing. A single sea lantern in the cliff side underwater. A deep breath, a quick swim, and I was able to secure a small foothold underwater. There was probably more then just the sea lantern and a few blocks of prismarine, but I wasn't able to get much. I wasn't prepared right. I took what I could and continued to explore.


I'm not entirely sure how much time I've spent exploring, but I've been careful to map where I've been so that I will always know how to return here. This time I've found a jungle. A few useful kinds of saplings. Some melons. Some cocoa. All worthwhile resources but I think I'm going to get the most use out of the melon, it seems a rather compact source of food, even if there's not much to each slice of it.


Under a strangely glowing swamp I found another of the items I need. Small impure nuggets of Corelium in stone. I gathered them up and took stacks of them home with me. Mingled the fragments with stone and melted them down again, getting a slightly more pure form of the material. This is one of the things that was mentioned in the ever shifting book that whispers to me so at night.


Taking one of those pearls and the stone from the monuments the shoggoth built, I was able to make pillars and structures that resonated with the statues. I started channeling the strange power into the book, it was a vessel for more then words.


Upstairs, the altar fed from me, and stone was refined into slates, and slates were formed into blocks, ready to be carved with runes. The structure was now a bit more complete, and one of the pearls was ready to be elevated into a less crude orb to serve my needs.


A sacrifice of materials to show my intentions. And yet the teleporter was blank, no destination yet. It wasn't ready to take me where I needed. Still, I have the power, I can force my will on the world.


With the power in the book and further sacrifices, the blankness was forced open. Darkness infused. I now had a way into a place of deeper darkness. A place I might find resources that I need. Seemed that I wouldn't be able to get everything just by exploring this one world around me. I need to dig deeper.


It is a beautiful world. Seems almost a shame to leave it. But I know that trip won't be forever. Maybe I can delay just a little longer.
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Aug 21, 2012

The ritual gave me this block, it seems to draw the eye, and all the light in the room. There are things I must have on the other side, it seems pointless to delay any further then I must, and I've already some useful tools for the fight.


Somewhere in here, in the living darkness, there is a quartz that has taken some of the darkness into itself. Down here in the lowest levels of the darkness, mixed into the stones. That is where I will hunt. If I just happen to locate a few other things I need, I won't hesitate to take them too.


The simplest of the resources that I took out with me, andesite, for the building. Making a castle on this scale will take the resources of worlds. I'm burning out my picks, running out of claws, and even running short on bronze to repair as I work.


The ore from the darkness, first into a grinder, and then cooked to get the crystal from it again. It's not the most efficient way to gather resources but it's all I've got within my reach now. There's quite a few things I can do with these little shards of darkness.


Infusing a shard of will from the monsters into the blade, I'm able to make a weapon that makes the collection of will much easier. The sword almost seems to hunger for it.


Inside this world of monsters I'm slowly extending a network of totems, to let me see in the shattering blackness of this world. The foes here are more dangerous then the ones I've encountered anywhere else. Even those in the deepest darkness are not as varied or numerous.


With the conflagration of will, I've formed the essential reagents for blood magic. The most needful of these is the ability to make light. Haste and growth are also of importance and now are in my pack constantly. Bounce and Ice are of lesser importance, but could have a use.


With these tools I can now face the darkness and be more comfortable there. As much light as I could ever need is a weapon for the darkness, even if it does cost me my vitality to use it. Some sacrifices are needful.


With how high my walls are getting, I need another form of protection. Less armor, but now if I slip I won't have the unfortunate issue with gravity. Sometimes I suspect that is a more deadly foe then any other with my particular luck.


The single block of water on the edge of the mountain has determined just where and how high my base will be. As I can't easily move the water, I have moved myself to the water. Now I need only lower enough of the stone of the ages to level out enough space to work with.


As i need more stone and more tools I return to the darkness, taking it from there one piece at a time. Eventually I've taken enough to make a multi tool formed from the dark quartz. A stack more of the materials to keep it repaired.


And in time I've carved out a solid wall of chests and crates. I keep thinking that I'll have enough space to store everything, and I keep running out of chests. Maybe this time this will be enough. I doubt it.


From the foundations of the earth, my castle grows, one wall at a time. At first it was little more then a few hints of stone among the grass, half hidden and half lost. Yet it was still more then the cave I started in.


Given time and persistence and patience, I've expanded, turned the corner. A tiny bit at a time my realm expands. It still looks like not very much at all, but this work is like flowing water, patient and slow. Water in time wins against the hardest stone.


Thus it is I can stand here, and watch the sunrise, knowing I've done a night of work, one of many. That I've done it well, and made things better. It's not earth shattering, these changes, but this work is mine and it brings peace.
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Aug 21, 2012

I've run the aquaducts so that I'll be able to make a nice field of crops. At the end I've let the water flow through a waterwheel. Mechanical power, and constant enough to power a saw. From this a large number of things can be accomplished. I've got a rather specific goal in mind.


The first new item made from the smaller scraps of wood and the ability to fit them precisely, a turntable. Again this opens the world a little more, lets me have more options. Much of it through I'm going to wait, until I can reach this goal.


I'm trying to focus, though I know with being able to turn clay into things like this will make many useful changes in my world. Before I could use it though I had to make more axles and gearboxes, to bring power to this newest machine.


I've got a bucket now. In theory I don't need the aqueducts anymore. I don't need this base. I could move the water that I've so carefully shepherded anywhere else instead. I won't though. I've gone through enough trouble to form this place, I won't be leaving it now.


While I've configured the water wheel in this way, I'm taking advantage of this, and spending just a little time with the millstone I made before. Stacks of flax that I've been growing near the old base, into the mill to process it all for me now.


With all those small projects taken care of, I've put away the water wheel and will keep it and the tools that go with it for latter. That saw? I used it to take the bark off of mullberry tree. That bucket, to fill a mixer. I've soaked and pulped the bark to make a very special material.


While that dries, only to be mixed and combined again, I've gone and made the garden more complete. Everything I need for food that I can grow is right here. The wheat could even be of use should I farm myself more beef for the stew.


Another small project, while all this was drying, growing, and sitting, I've gone and brought some wolves home. Sure the buffalo are strong, mighty, beasts. The buffalo are also hard to move. Wolves also are quite willing to help defend me, when I'm able to bring them along with me.


Here's where I admit, that wall of storage? It hardly lasted a few days of digging before it was full of stone, and more overflowing of stone. I've taken some of the copper and let it soak into a chest that has been coated in dirt. The hard shell protects the chest and lets me make a larger chest then otherwise. Over the next few days I'll be melting down more and more copper for this side project.


I did try to say I wasn't going to let myself be distracted, didn't I? Sadly, I was, but it didn't last long. The aquamarines are the other stone from inside the darkness. These are closer to the surface, but I had to make quite a tunnel to reach up to where they hide.


The special paper and the aquamarines, rare parchments, and I've formed myself another magical book. This one speaks of the stars and light and hope. Far more easy to read about then the other that talks of blood and pain or the one that talks directly into my mind when I open it, as the words writhe and twist on the page.


Though to craft the altar, it seems I will need to make use of something from that twisted book of deepest darkness beyond darkness. At least this time I don't need a living sacrifice. I've read rituals that will call for more then blood and flesh for me to cast them.


A moment of pause to look back, to see that I've accomplished much. What has been asked of me, I've done and more. I've been a useful servant to those who demand, or so I hope. So I do hope.


I take the starlight ritual table from the eldritch platform and claim it for me own. There is a sound like jubilation and fireworks. There is also a feeling of dread and import. It seems this was not the last demand they would make of me. That, would be too simple.
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Aug 21, 2012

First things first. VERY first. Take that crafting table and transform it into something a little more refined. Then use up some of the stone and take it up stairs.


More difficult then you'd think to move a pack of wolves up on top of a mountain when you are climbing a cliff. I should have carried them up one at a time instead of letting the rest of the pack follow me, but now I know. Well trained horses would be even faster, but there is little as dependable as a dog.


Out front of my base is a bit of river that dried up, but some digging and some bucket work makes it a nice place to put a sugar cane farm. With the sugar cane I can make thatch. The thatch is worked into blocks, and then combined with the wool taken from sheep to make a proper block of wool. Could carpet the entire fort if I wanted to take the time.


Because some things take more time and effort then I would like, I do them in large batches so that I won't have to do them again soon. Making one large batch of paper is less of a fuss compared to doing it a few at a time each time I could use a few more. I'm looking forward to being able to automate this better, if only so that I won't have to think about it.


The other reason to automate things is to get them out of the way. Once I grew tired of chickens wandering around underfoot from the eggs I brought back, I came to me that if I just gave them a place to roost, I wouldn't be bothered anymore. A few nests, a few hoppers and a few chests. Soon enough eggs that I will never run out, no matter how much pie I make. Already feathers beyond counting.


Once I'd done that, I realized that another thing I had been looking at was easily rebuilt. Though I needed a more advanced hopper for things to flow properly. Power comes in from the water wheel underground to the mill stone. I'm starting to think that I might just make water wheels for every bit of the machines of this type. Having already set them up to all work from one power source I think I can go without doing a complicated system this time. I've enough resources, including more then enough water, and I can make this look good.


The armor station is an extension to the concept of tinkering that I'd not thought much of before. Why shouldn't I be able to make armor out of any metal, right? If I take one of these with me I'll be able to repair my armor anywhere. Much better then having to replace it every time it starts to break down.


I did find a place with enough lava that I'll not have to worry about running out any time soon. For some of the metals the charcoal is enough, but many of the things I want to work with will require this much heat.


Glass I can just barely heat with charcoal but it's slow going. Sitting here, tending the faucet and filling the basin over and over. Pouring some of it onto the casting table makes a glass pane that I've other uses for, so I make some of them too.


Curiously, the watchers claim that I've won the achievement for gold even though I've never owned any of it, though the advanced prospector should help me to find some. Perhaps it is because of the market place?


This sea lantern was a bit tricky to make. I'd found a small cave with some prismarine in it, glowing out under me as I crossed the sea. I had to break it down into shards, and then press that to form small glowing fragments. With them I was able to craft these lanterns, as rhythmic and flowing as the sea itself.


With the prismarine I had almost everything I wanted for my armor, but before I could make it, I needed to improve my tinker's setup. So I had to make some grout in the grinder and then let it cook in the smeltery for the bricks to reinforce the armor and weapon stations.


With a proper forge I started on my project. With the bronze I formed most of the armor, saving just a little of the prismarine to make sure that the water was no obstacle for me.


Perhaps I could have done better, but as I've not yet located any deposits of metal from this age there really is only so much I could do. Still this will do for the task that I've got in mind, one that will save me from having to find any metals for a little bit longer.


One last thing to take care of around the base, a specialized crafting table. Just put this down, make an empty frame, and then I can use this to finish it into a drawer. Holds quite a bit more then the crates with a few upgrades in it, a much better way to store all the stone.


The armor wasn't the only thing I'd prepared. A full set of tools, including a new bow and a hammer and a full set of backups. Everything I need to repair the tools and my backup tools and even a stack of melon to keep me going even if everything else runs out. I'm not as confident as I might have been if I had things like this before the world got harder to live in, but I am sure I will do well.
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