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Aug 21, 2012

New world, new foes, and to get a start here I have to tangle with these. Take what I can get from them as I fight them, and rend the essence from them with the staff. While I'm not entirely sure what I need, I know I'll need the flesh and essence to upgrade the staff and the tome.


From pictures in the tome there is an unknown object that I seem to require. While less tricky to handle than some of the things I've seen, I still have to make it one at a time, infusing starlight and letting it transform. As long as I don't try to handle this too much it won't revert. Then I have to expose it to the corruption and transmute it. Even then I am not done. I have to further refine this etherium down into a brick by smelting it.


I've had the crystallizer working, breaking down objects into the most basic shards. Taking those shards in hand I am able to take the building blocks of life and make these crystals that thrum with it. Artificial simulation of life in my hand, I return to that deepest void.


Taking the refined but lifeless bricks and infusing it with this simulation of life and then pouring in vast amounts of power harvested from this distant place I am able to get the ingots that are needed to work the materials of this world.


The most powerful pick I've ever seen made from living Ethaxium. The very stones of the world are infused with souls, slowly built up over eons in the deep black of the void. Nothing less than a living pick refined from the same substances will let me work with these materials.


These materials are so hard to work with that I cannot melt them, nor can I craft blocks of it. I had to finally tap the power of the flowing waterfalls in order to press the ingots into the block I needed.


The book is crafted thus into it's final form. It mentions hints of what is ahead of me and I hesitate. I turn back, I know I am not prepared.


I gather the resources of the previous world, things I'd not dared work with due to the corruption it spread and took another look. Seems that if I use pure crystals I can form a blade that won't spread the corruption that is uniquely sharp and dangerous.


Further work with infusion lets me form a set of armor that will help protect me against the strongest blows that could threaten me. With this I take myself into the void and search.


A village of the strange remnants, those who worship that what is at the core of this place. They seem almost willing to trade but I seem to lack anything they desire. Our communication is rudimentary, I have to keep consulting the book and showing it to them. They claim to have what I need, but I have nothing for them.


I take a bit from the village itself, stone enough for my tower, and I form myself a bridge over the void. If anything goes wrong I want to be able to return on foot, rather than having to recreate what I lost. This way I can leave behind that what I dare not risk.


J'zahar thinks that I cannot possibly be a threat at this distance, and so does not rise to face me yet. This lets me get in the first strike. I get in a few more before closing to fight him nearly on top of his own throne.


The fight was enough of a struggle that I didn't have time to record it. Turns out this was but a shadow of J'zahar, the smallest fragment. A voice from beyond claims I must have been mad to think I could take on the real thing, and tried to take me with the shadow as it departed the world. I was nearly drawn in. Though it be just a shadow, there was a fragment I could harvest from it. It let me finish the staff, but the staff is not powerful enough to let me reach beyond this void.


I experimented a bit and found this terrible explosive could be made, and it would rip a hole in the world, perhaps let me push further and escape? I doubt there is any escape in this, but one has to check every option.


No escape, something else came in through the rift. Sacthoth from the darkness under the world. Mightiest of the shades.


I was able to strike this being from outside with an instrument of torment that I'd collected in lands between. The final blow with the blade I constructed from the dreadium and enchanted beyond anything else.


My reward a blade beyond anything else I'd ever seen, one that makes me stronger just holding it. It's a hungry blade that feeds on those I kill and grows in strength over time. With a weapon such as this there is little that can stand in my way.


A quick look through the book sent me into the wastes with supplies again. There's a few things I'd not collected or created and this was the place to work on them. More sets of armor, some designed to help defend me in water, others a mighty bulwark against damage, but not quite as deadly as the dread material.


While the dread legendary treasure was indeed nothing but dirt, it is perhaps the only block in that entire world that wasn't corrupted. I preserved it for the novelty if nothing else. I've not quite a full set of trophies but I can work on these with time.


Time though, for the next challenge. If I cannot escape outward through a thinning reality into the abyss, perhaps the fires below will have something for me.
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Aug 21, 2012
I'm absolutely cheesing things to go to the end of abysalcraft before going to the end and naturally getting endstone, so I'm an age ahead. You can TECHNICALLY get that sword in age 2 if you are willing to antimatter bomb a section of the overworld. There's also one last thing in the final age that functions as a final boss also locked behind abysalcraft.

So, to be EXACT, the nether corrupted. There's a corrupt chunk in the nether. I could delete the chunkfile and force regeneration of the world, and then push on into plastic, but I've honestly just not felt the urge to play further then this age. 5 was never anything special, and the gameplay loop of "new planet, find rare resource, upgrade rocket, repeat" just aint all that to me. Sure, pnumaticraft drone based automation is cool, and being able to go from the huge machines to slightly less huge machines is neat... but not as neat as HUGE MACHINES.

Honestly having WAY more fun with the escape room pack I picked up as a challenge to myself, guess I better post that too eventually.


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Aug 21, 2012

Arriving in the nether I find a reminder that most of my work is already done. Course I'd gone a long way and used methods that are not that efficient to do some of this, so lets get a proper start instead.


Monster sword, charm of cleansing, flight, fire resistance, void sigil, magnetism, check check and check. Have to love the built in strength buff that comes with the fire resistance on the abysal boots, nether monsters might be tough but nothing survives that much damage.


Found Amethyst right near the portal. I was prepared to mine the entire nether to find this, but the right biome was right here, certainly a bit of luck, but it isn't the only thing I came here to find.


Frozen Nether. It's not quite ice, water wouldn't survive here in any form. I didn't find the strange liquid that would have made netherwart grow easily in the overworld here though. Instead I found other ways, and did without where I could. Don't have much need for regular potions when I've got the ones from betweenlands to work with.


Crystals of the nether ice growing in netherack, nether rime. Almost as rare as the nether amethyst this stuff is, and I only had one use in mind for it. Still I wasn't going to leave without getting it.


Withered skeletons rising from the soul sand in the wastes, feral ones far from the structures they normally protect. They still drop just as many skills. I can get my farming done here instead of waiting until I stumble into a fortress, so I might as well take advantage of the opertunity.


Inside the fortress a proper blaze spawner, one that works quite contently and tries to swarm me in flames, useless as that is while I am so protected. I'd soon destroyed enough of them to get what I wanted. Scattered the flames into the winds. Not a single blaze rod, even from these, even here. Still I do have solutions for that.


Roof of the nether is as smooth as anywhere else, but it still makes a useful lid to help contain a wither. Charm of cleansing took a bit of a beating keeping me healthy while it tried to convert me into one of the mindless undead that guard the fortresses, but each one defeated left enough experience to repair the charm again.


Blaze powder plus pressure and a proper mold makes rods out of it. I really should get around to making a platform and running power properly for this press, and perhaps a few others too, but not yet. More important things to do first.


First two nether stars, and a few of the blazerods to get a specialist blade. With a single strike this sword purifies and destroys the withered skeletons, leaving nothing but the skull. With proper fortunes you can get even more then one skull sometimes. Strange how magic works.


As it's far too early to automate the production and killing of withers I figured, might as well make sure I don't need to do it again for a long while. Spend some time in the wastes and in the fortresses, and then kill until the killing is done. I shouldn't go through this many stars any time soon. When I do, I'll just do this again.


When you have to deal with random chance, I always try to make two. The first prism turned out to be a dud. The second as well. But you can reroll these stats. Reroll until one of them is good, then hold onto it and reroll the other until it's better. Reroll the first until it's better. Continue until one of them is good enough, or you run out of materials to reroll with. Saves you regretting.


Bonus to all enchantments and an additional bonus to sharpness where it exists. Sharpness 7 and strength 3 is nothing to sneeze at, but if I'd not run out of supplies I might have gotten the charm even better than this. If I'd had better ways to work with enchantments I'd be quite tempted to make some protection 6 armor sets. Perhaps something for the future, that suit of erridum armor is mighty indeed.


With the nether opened, I've unlimited supplies of netherrack, with that I can finally make all the soul steel needed to fully upgrade my water wheel system, as well as finishing all the habachi and spring bellows. Feels good to know that this system at least is as advanced as I can get it. Though perhaps I might return and automate parts of it a bit further.


Floating in the nether, odd purple structures, blazing with blue fire. Within an ivory urn containing only the deepest sorrow. These spawners make the area good for collecting ghast tears, but I've enough of them from the Carminites in the Twilight. I'll take this urn elsewhere for the fight that will follow.


Sorrow in the frozen wastes. I added a potion that expresses loss and a single tear as a catalyst to give it form. This lets the Urn be filled to overflowing and complete it's purpose.


In the twilight there was the Ur-Ghast. Here though I face the Ghast Queen. Soon the air will be a cloud of her children, screaming and spitting fireballs in every direction. Soon it will be chaos. In this moment there is only me and her. Once this is done there will be only me again.


Back to my base. Twilight has it's tower, but the nether needs something a little more dramatic. Burnt nether brick, polished nether block and natural netherrack reconstructed into a deep gorge that inverted the hill that was here before.


A touch of fire, a bit of flowing lava, a few gems to sparkle if you know where to look. The nether rhime lets me create blue fire that serves as a highlight and light portals any way I want, making a floating cage of them in the sky. You can just barely see the glass platforms that lead to the hidden passage back into my base.


Some tricks with hidden timers and some toys from the Twilight let me add the finishing touches. In the darkness the entire structure shines. I am quite satisfied with this touch of tamed nether in my backyard. .... though without the ritual, it does tend to spawn lava monsters uncomfortably close to my giant trees.
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Aug 21, 2012

Through the redbrick there is a path up through the lava to the portals. With the powers of blood magic that wall will let me walk right through it, but nothing else. Perhaps walking through the library of enchanting isn't the best passage, perhaps I should have put a bit more brimstone into the design on this side, and perhaps latter I could expand one, or both of those ideas, but not tonight.


Upper that pulls runes up into it, carefully prepared to only accept what I want, combined with a timer that flickers at intervals that slowly lets stone into the altar, now it's more automated then it's ever been before. Still have to rush from here to the tranquility and back again and again. The armor helps but I'm starting to hit my limit in what I can handle.


Tier 5 orb, to go further I'll have to explore further angles of the will and not just harvest from monsters in the world. The amount of blood that it takes to turn a shard of the spirit of nether into something compatible with is magic is almost beyond belief.


With the touch of the nether to refine the paths I'm able to stretch the tranquility to the limits. A tiny forest grove, a garden with only the most natural of crops. Lava pulled from the nether, the tilled soul sand cannot grow tranquility but the nether wart does. The last supports little more than fire but it is enough adding to the odd balance of it.


I'm spending will that I collected from slaying monsters in order to fuel the growth of these clusters. What I can harvest from them is more pure than what I get from those creatures. It's not completely pure though, there's hints of other aspects laced through it. The book talks of these and of ways to access them, but that'll take more work.


First I need proper instruments in order to measure the will and the aura more properly. A curious gadget but it seems to work well enough for the purpose, and honestly I'm just glad this isn't a rune that I have to keep fed.


Another ritual, this one fractures one crystal once it grows and forms fragments, each of them one of the pure aspects of the will. Each turned as far as possible into it's kind and while they don't seem to have any powers in and of themselves but when used with other items that are sensitive to will it seems to add more to them.


The pure crystals recombined give me crystal blocks that let me cap another tier of the structure. Powerful enough that I'm able to infuse the slates one further step beyond the previous limits.


The ritual of forsaken souls lets crystals grow without my spending will to grow them. Though it does require me to bring monsters in. There's small monsters from the lands between that expire rapidly from the effect of the ritual, a spawner of any of them is perfect for this task. Another ritual that fractures crystals and lets them be collected fits easily into this form as well.


Combine the two, cover with structures that can seed will crystals, and form a darkened room below for the monsters and the production of crystal shards can be almost completely automated. In the future an automated collection method and specially placed clusters can make this far more efficient, but for now this will do quite nicely.


The sentient sword comes into power when given the focused will, and given time to experiment with it the Vengeful will quickly becomes my favorite. Rush in, strike, rush in again. My will be done. My will is Vengeance.


Though there is something to be said for pure destructive power. The pendant increases the enchants on the armor past normal limits, making this a more then worthy power to wield.


With the growth of the altars to this final stage I am unable to keep up with the hunger they have. Instead I've had to take the cages from the abyss to capture and transport witches from the twilight. Each one given a nametag to force them to remain, and within the well they stay, healed but unable to escape.


Combining every rune I've ever made and quite a few more I'm able to get the capacity high enough to transform one of the capstones. This makes the final orb. I'll need a few of these, alchemy table, crafting, and one to keep the rituals fed that lives in the altar.


Runes of the Orb drive the abilities of the orb into levels otherwise completely unimagined before. An orb kept in this with the node system moving life essence produced by the ritual into it will keep it fed by the obscure practices of the witches and an altar designed to maximise this eternal sacrifice.


The altar I'd been using for my crafting I overclocked with runes of charge. Entire stacks of runes can be made in the blink of an eye. I need not the garden of tranquility, nor the armor that had formed itself around me as I progressed, but I shall keep both if only as reminders.


Around the edges of the floor I've crafted other rituals, this one lets me break down the living armor. It lets the armor forget. What it used to know forms fragments, and those fragments can be combined to increase the power in them. Each increase in power comes with a matching cost though, such is the way of this magic.


The ritual of Living Evolution goes hand in hand with the Draught of Angelus, what one prepares the other perfects. This is a mighty and costly ritual, taking much to activate it, and every new set would require the touch of this ritual to awaken it. Still I've pushed the altars far enough that even this could not easily deplete the total.


Once you have figured out the best way the armor can grow with you, once you have trained it to the highest potential, cleaned it, combined the fragments and counted the price, there is only one way to make it stronger. There must be penance. There must be a price paid. Sacrifice those aspects that you can do without, and hone those you desire even further.


Once you have nearly endless power for rituals and devices of the blood, finding ways to spend it can become an obsession. I could fly between levels. I could climb the ladder, or the stairs. Why should I though when I can rig a teleportation system to send me where I want to go. Most of these were never connected, I couldn't make up my mind what places were important enough to make shortcuts to reach. Sure, each of the floors of the base, but then where?
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Aug 21, 2012

With the infernal forges of bloodlust sated below my base grows another level. This time I am embracing a mechanical feel as I turn towards the power produced by the water wheels.


I've had machines, but they were more the kind of thing powered by magic. These are true mechanical devices, powered by flux in wires. Due to my having run lots of iron through the blast furnace since the first moment I had one, I've enough steel to make these machines without hesitation. Crusher first, as always.


Squeezer does little by itself but it's almost always the second machine I make. Letting the crusher run to make more metal out of the chunks than I've had before, I'll be returning to it latter.


With the crusher making coke into dust and the squeezer able to make the dust into ingots, the next step is to make the Arc Furnace, because no point in making the electrodes if I can't use them. Arc furnace unlocks materials that the smeltery was unable to handle, things it just wasn't hot enough to forge.


Fermenter isn't useful yet, but as I've got the squeezer and the space, as well as the materials I might as well toss it down. Surely it'll be of use eventually.


If I didn't have all the waterwheels I'd be in a rush to automate those machines to keep this refinery fueled, so that I could power something else to run things. Honestly the arc furnace does strain my system a little, but with enough power storage I tend to not notice. I can pretend that I have enough for at least a little longer.


Wires, tubes, special glass, redstone, and refinement. Boards let machines grow more complex and let me make devices to control everything better. And yes, I know I should have one of these upstairs too, I'll get to it.


While I'm working on things though, lets see if I can push things a little further. Yes I like my bow, yes I have good ranged options, but with armor piercing rounds that I've electified, there's potential there as well. Not enough that I'm going to use these all the time, gun powder may be made by my modfarm, but making bullets isn't trivial.


A Flashy shield, the electified rifle, and a workbench for each blueprint, this feels like a good set of upgrades to me. I'd been going without a proper shield more often than not using the offhand to do things like hold a crystal to prevent wither more then trying to defend myself against hits. It's not always good to tank everything with your face, this shield is an admission of that much.


With the board I made, and rare resources from multiple dimensions I'm able to finally make the brains of the storage system that I've been poking supplies into for the longest time. So much easier now to just put everything away at the end of the day... well, not EVERYTHING... but at least, more.


When running chest loads of supplies through the furnace, power is sometimes a bit short. I've made more power storage and run this directly from that on a high voltage line to try to reduce the struggle. Perhaps I should have run three lines from three separate banks of power, maybe next upgrade.


With the arc furnace on an independant loop of power I can setup a bank of presses, each one with it's own permanently placed mold and hoppers to automate it. These are actually for my manual batch crafting because any fully automated version of this would need a timer to make sure that items are fed out in the correct amount and nothing can spoil on the belt.


A massive batch of plates and I craft powered lanterns, all on a web of LV lines. The ritual that prevents monsters has a few issues, these allow me a bit more freedom. With both running I can be absolutely sure that nothing will be able to blindside me within my own base.


Starting here within my own castle, at the base of the mountain fastness, I setup a core drill and started to explore, testing each chunk to see what lays under the bedrock, what other resources I might draw up with the right machines.


Nearby I found a deposit of quartz and as I've never been too fond of the nether, I made an excavator and left it to run. Waterwheels are not meant to power something of this size, but it still generates a slow stream of resources for me.


Now that I've built way too much that takes power, it's time to use the resources I've been sitting on and make something to make more power. I'm using a well bucket to make the water, feeding it into a distillery to purify it, and then passing it into the boiling chamber. Sure, these use up some of the power, but not as much as they end up producing by making the system run so much better. Perhaps I should have made a set of waterwheels for them as well?


Steam production established it goes into this massive metal turbine. The cooled steam is vented to the air rather than preserved with a primitive system like this, but I'm okay with that.


Rotational motion from the turbine goes into the alternator and for as long as the sun shines power is solved. These six high voltage batteries fill up almost instantly. The first power drawn from them goes always to the distiller, and the rest is pulled from the bottom to join the rest of my wiring. Can just let the grinder run and process everything I'd mined from the vast deposits this world forms in. Arc furnace glows with the light of the sun, turning them to metal to feed my growth. Industrial Plant indeed.
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Aug 21, 2012

Decided that there was only one material that would do for my next project, so here I am back in the place between places, in the void at the edge of worlds, to collect materials. Remembered that I'd not quite finished here and worked on the tower and bridge a bit while I was here.


Cleaned the vines off now that I'm not falling off the edge all the time and I don't need an easy way back up, maybe a few scattered vines might work but getting just the right amount is almost impossible. One isn't enough, but it's also too much.


With the beacons in place below determining where walls can't go for my rooftop village and wanting as high a door count as possible it takes a bit of planning and tinkering. So I started with paths and cobblestone, tried a few designs and in the end I went with all of them.


In another age I might have moved some of the shades from the villages floating in the void that I took some of these materials from, but given the limitations I wasn't quite ready to pull that off. Even if they are polite once you get past your brain melting out of your ears from them talking to you.


To populate the village this time I used a sack to transport this redcap spawner from the twilight, gave them a small dark room to spawn in and then hit them with transformation powder, turning them into villagers. The villagers then walked out to the nearby doors and my build became an actual village.


It wasn't self supporting until one of them converted into a villager who was willing to work in the fields. After this the limit was only time and the number of doors, and how many my computer would let exist before getting unhappy. I looked through the trades and there was a few that would award emeralds or accept emeralds without my knowing what they were, so I expanded my collection of forbidden items just a bit more.


Owls like to land on leaves. So a glassed in box with leaves makes them content enough to lay eggs. A few stacks of owl eggs and then I let them out. Sure I intended to collect some of every animal, but you can't make me listen to that sound all the time.


Quest ram, and a flock of every colour. All the wool desired kept just out of reach. In the background you can see the top of the twilight tower where I've placed the magical biome converting tree and a few other decorative rainbow trees. If I had really wanted to convert my entire base to a magical forest the sack would have gladly moved the core of the tree around until it had all changed, but it's a more fitting twilight tribute if I don't change everything I feel.


Without nether mushroom soup the imps won't breed, so I had to capture and tag them and even then they arn't all that happy when it rains, them and the nether sheep perhaps would do better with a customized habitat like the owls, perhaps another time. Rabbits also kept escaping, but you get used to knowing that there's just no way to contain the hoppers.


Having done a bit of creative work I felt refreshed and came down to check another few things off the list. Upgrading expanded crafting to gold tier lets a few more things be made, some with a place in my plans, others just for the challenge of making them here and now.


Steve's Carts, a powerful system, many possibilities, many modules, and more than a few rare materials that are puzzles in and of themselves to learn to make, and a riddle and a half to automate no matter what the pack is. On the other hand you can use it to solve hundreds of little edge cases in the builds, items that otherwise just don't automate neatly. For example, it would quite gladly automate cake for me.


Galgador, one of those puzzles. Mob drops in a metal make automation into a trick and a half, though admittedly I have collected a number of spawners so in theory unlimited spider eyes would only be a bit of a delay rather than an impossible situation. As I don't intend to make elaborate contraptions with high value modules I figure I can leave this as proof of concept and actually make contraptions in some other pack. At this point moving forward to the next age for automation is better than staying in this one and making carts do the work.


Though that don't mean that I'm not going to have a little fun. Racing pig with a built in arcade monitor, just toss it down on a track and jump in, minutes of entertainment. One of the builds you just have to do with Steve's carts every time, no matter what.


Redstone engines are the practical item that's produced from the golden enhanced crafting table, can't get into buildcraft without them and they are the next step up from belts.


Here though is the true reason I've made the table. I wanted an airship. Sure easier to make this latter, but that's true of everything. Not as much of a point in having a fleet of airships once you can fly effortlessly, but maybe I want to wear my proper armor, it isn't like the mantle of the stars comes in a ring.


Used up some of the forbidden items making the modules to max out all the features, but I am nothing if not sneaky and deft in working around the restrictions of the worlds I've been sent to. Perhaps that's why I keep being sent to the strange ones, because I refuse to play by the rules.... nha.


All the options, all the power, turned all the way up. Fully fueled and fully loaded. My airship is ready to so very slowly fly through the skies. ... Maybe I should have made it earlier, oh well.


I can still put it on display here and build some airship docks for it and perhaps a fleet more of them as I get resources to make them. I'm thinking wood and metal scaffold with thin platforms between them and railings that are quite obviously only suggestions.


Thinking about the mantle there was one more thing I didn't make in Astral that's useful. Just had to wait until the stars aligned and then the ability to drill through bedrock and draw fluids from below the earth is mine. ... Oh, wait, that's not how you find oil.


Though apparently you CAN hit glowstone. And gold. And refined canola oil? Lots of hidden wellsprings of resources just waiting to be tapped and with the size of the crystal clusters in this world I don't at all mind throwing half a stack of them into the process to get another source of rare materials. Some I can use, others I will use latter.
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Aug 21, 2012

This is where oil is from, a completely different way of drilling down to bedrock. Only takes a few buckets to get things properly started, so I can just let this work with a power cell and come back as needed. Maybe I'll run the pipes up the outside of the castle, start adding to the industrial look. Though not yet, for now I only need a little.


Modular machines can do quite a bit in this age, but each of them is a complicated beast to craft around this one complicated core. Everything I'd been working on for the entire age is combined here in this moment.


These are the machines used for making plastic. But to make them run I need to do a bit more work. Oil can't just go into here, I need a better fuel. I also need to get some of the steam that I'm using to turn the turbine up there on the roof. There's more than enough to make plastic and power all day, and if things run a little short at night it's not like I don't have other power.


On the other hand, over here I've got a few other machines, mostly these automate things I can already do in the world. The drying unit is the drying rack only faster and better. The other three likewise will save me time. Course right now I've just made them because I can. It's not like I have any particular need for thousands of books right now.


In order to process the oil I've got to run it through the distillation towers. Not once, but twice as the raw diesel is mostly used to make power and I've enough from the solar array upstairs.


Buckets in hand, steam from above, and naptha from the towers, I just hook power up for as long as I need it, and latter I can run pipes and wipes everywhere to keep this running not stop, day and night.


Chemical Mixer to turn the steam and naptha into propene. Not sure why I can move this with a bucket, but I'm not going to argue with a small miracle when it's offered to me, that's sure as anything. Speaking of, have to love these fluid hoppers, without these I'd have to power pipes with redstone engines to move this stuff at all.


Byproduct from the refining process, a bit of lubricant that I'll be able to use to make the other machines run better, just a dab will do you.


Propane inside the liquid processor and I've got a bucket of plastic. Repeat this process a few times with the oil I brought up and pour it all into the next machine.


Where the plastic molder turns it into neat plastic sheets. Sure, I could pull this out, but there's a bit of cleaning up I want to do in my world first, and if I was to do it in the next age it wouldn't be quite as impressive. I always like to leave an age with a bit of tidying up.


Some might argue that the deadstone is unsightly and blasted. I only argue that it's blasted hard to break. It looks far better than the stone that used to be here, and with a bit more work I've converted the caves, decorated with some glowberries and glowvines to prevent there from actually being any dark spaces and otherwise just cleaned up the twilight region until I was quite satasfied.


Better with Mods has a few tricks left, though admittedly some of them I shouldn't be able to do as diamonds are meant to be unknown. Still I was able to make the infuser, use up my souls and create bamboo and some seeds.


It was also kind enough to let me make a Tatara, but without the correct fuel this particular project isn't going to go further. Maybe there's a way to convert the rice seeds from one kind to another, but it's escaped me for now.


Grew a lot of bamboo, burred it in the hot sands of a desert to bake it dry, and then found a nice frozen lake to soak it in. With four of the soaking units I'm able to work through quite a bit of it at a time, and with my waterbreathing helmet it's not like I have to come up for air.


Used some of the bamboo for the screen and the frame and then processed the mulberry pulp in the fastest and most efficient way. Then I could use the drying unit to make this into stacks and stacks of decorative walls. I've plans for an entire golden pagoda to contain and handle the drops in the realm of the monsters.


Easy enough to use ice to fill a tank with water but not everything is happy growing in it. The good news is that the water is quite happy to co-exist with the water of the betweenlands so that I can grow the quite amazing plants from there in this tank.


A tank full of the water didn't look quite right and too many plants was just too much. Still I am quite happy with my friend Nipsy in the tank even if he is a bit territorial.


Not in the right height to have squids by itself I've taken the liberty to tag a few as well as a few other nipsy fish. I like to think I've hit the right balance here, a bit other worldly, a bit grounded in this world and all around magical.


Speaking of another world, I decided that if I'm going to spend time in the nether I might as well have a little touch of home here. A walled garden complete with a pet sheep and even some real water.


And here's where things went wrong. A few seconds after taking this picture the world crashed. There's a corrupted chunk right on the edge of the load distance. Sure, I could delete the nether. I could track down the chunk file with the erroring block and just delete every sign of it. It apparently happened a while ago because even the backups crashed when loaded. Though I asked myself, why? I got far enough. I'll just let the end of this age be the end of the era.
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Aug 21, 2012

A final bit of decorating seems an appropriate place to end this story. I made it through a few ages. I walked right up to the edge and the line, and then I stepped back and went my own way for a while. I'm pleased with where I ended up, and I'm pleased with the time I spent in this pack. I hope everybody else enjoyed seeing this.

Anybody who stayed this long, spare a like?

Ah, well I'm at it, might as well pimp myself fully, current project:

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Jan 29, 2015
I'm sorry to hear this came to an unfortunately premature end! I've not been able to keep up with it as much as I'd like, but I love what you've been doing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more if you do another :)
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