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Whitelist Server Server no longer runs Agrarian Skies.

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Equitime, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Merendel

    Merendel New Member

    If any of our players are wondering why you cant log in right now its due to the apparent downtime of the mincraft authentication servers. Its not on our end and theres not much we can do to fix it till mojang straitens whatever the problem is out.
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  2. joão rego

    joão rego New Member

    hey guys, this has nothing to do with the issues that have been going on but since the servers were down i took my time and upgraded my minecraft account to a mojang account and now it says bad login and i also cant login to vanilla servers. if u know how to fix this problem that would rly help
  3. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    Were the session servers back up when you tried to log in?
  4. joão rego

    joão rego New Member

    i believe so, just up. i guess that was the problem, tryed now and its all good
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  5. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    For some reason the server seemed to be down overnight. Its back up again now.
  6. TheWarHound

    TheWarHound New Member

    It's down again
  7. lordi91

    lordi91 New Member

    It's up in the console but just rebooted for you
  8. lordi91

    lordi91 New Member

    Scratch that there's an mfr issue I canna fix at work that's crashing the server out
  9. joão rego

    joão rego New Member

    [DOUBLEPOST=1406900096][/DOUBLEPOST]this sucks.. i wanna play before i go off for the weekend :p
  10. rodolpho97

    rodolpho97 New Member

  11. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    I noticed the issues too but atm I'm a bit too busy. I will try to fix it as soon as I can.
  12. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    Server back up and running now thanks to Lordi's help.
  13. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    Ign: CharizardScorch7
    Bans? for dying to much in agrarian skies, but that's all.
    Experience: I have played minecraft for about a year and a half, played modded minecraft for close to a year and I have been playing Agrarian skies for a few months.
    A little about myself: I'm 16, I am from Australia and I love all different types of video games.

    For more information, my email is [email protected]
  14. twynham

    twynham New Member

    IGN: twynham
    Age: 16
    Ever been banned: No.
    Experience: I am very experienced with agrarian skies and modded minecraft in general. i love minecraft, especially modded and i am looking for a nice server to play agrarian skies on.
  15. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    A few new islands have been added to the server. I have also attempted to tweak the chickenbones config settings to make it better for the server. For instance Chunkloaders will now work for 24 hours after a player has left the server. This is causing problems with the TE chunk boundary atm. There is an example at spawn showing how you can get around this.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2014
  16. joão rego

    joão rego New Member

    hmm equi? i might have crashed the server by breaking a barrel.. sorry
  17. bobidepic

    bobidepic New Member

    name bobidepic
    age 15
    how long you have been playing ftb/modded minecraft. 3-4 years
    have you ever been banned from a server before. yes
    if so why? loosing all my lives in agrarian skies
  18. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    This server has changed modpack and no longer runs Agrarian skies.
  19. James Swaro

    James Swaro New Member

    What modpack is it running now?
  20. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    If you need the new pack info please message me here, or via [email protected] for now. Thanks and have fun

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