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Aug 22, 2014
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As i simple enjoy drama and pain i would like to share this news with you guys. Apart from the rest of this (and others) blinded community i am happy for every single modder leaving this mess which started pretty nicely but its not worth in the long run and amount of .....s highly prevails any benefits. Mr. Arisux and creator of Alien vs Predator mod finally realized this.

Why is this guy still here? And now people are going to stick up for him. Even though he's just insulted everyone.


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Jan 6, 2013
I heard rumors we are leaving 1.7.10? Is there some big reason behind it? (bla bla, chunks loading faster this time,bla bla) Or was the 1238 mods enough for this version?


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Jul 29, 2019
Some devs are moving now but there hasn't been a mass exodus. After the hell I've caught with bleeding edge mods since 1.5, I'll sit back until thing mature enough. The big tech mods haven't really budged yet and I'm just not going to play without my faves.

So yes the days of 1.7.10 are ending, but it's waaay to early to call it over.
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Aug 24, 2013
As was the way with the transition from 1.6. I wait until the "next" version packs are at least 2 updates in before I get antsy to upgrade

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Well dang. That's pretty cool. Interesting to note that it's apparently 1.7.2 only.

However, since the link is incorrect, here's the actual link.
*nudge nudge* @Yusunoha *nudge*

DOH! You work for a year on a mod, then somebody gets a link wrong and nobody every hears about it :p. In any case thanks for providing the correct one!

Also, you guys need to keep up, I'm at version 1.0.3. now, 1.7.10 has been supported for almost a week now! And oh by the way, the mod now uses Forge InterModCommunications (TM) so it can communicate with any other mod, to demonstrate how this could be used I've made the mod send/receive messages to itself and in response spawn mobs inside structures. This means that you can now 1. Build a house ingame 2. Export it to a file using worldedit. 3. Edit that file using mcedit (optional) 4. Convert and import that file into the world generator using Minecraft Worlds 5. Customise the world generator's settings to have your house randomly generated in any kind of world/biome/terrain and 6. Define mobs to spawn in the structure, like a giant zombie called "Bob" in your basement (who never de-spawns if that's what you configure). And ofcourse you and your friends (and the entire MC community) can all do that, then share your houses (user-made structure files) and with a few clicks you can generate a world that has all those houses in it in any kind of biomes (oh and you can add world borders and pre-generate the world too if you like).

So the thing is, any mod can now add its own data to the user-made structure files (BO3s) that the mod uses. For instance in "MyDungeon.BO3" I could add custom data for the mod "MyCustomChestSpawningMod" saying "SpawnTheReallyBigTreasureChestHere" at the specified coordinates within the structure. What happens is that when MCW spawns "MyDungeon.BO3" in the world it sends an IMC message to "MyCustomChestSpawningMod" with the data "SpawnTheReallyBigTreasureChestHere" and the coordinates of the structure in the world. In response, "MyCustomChestSpawningMod" can place a chest at those coordinates. Mods can also send IMC messages to MCW to request any data in a specified chunk. This can ofcourse be used by any kind of mod, so for placing custom mobs/npcs/chests/blocks/scripts/basically anything in structures! What I need people to do is ask their favorite mod makers to add compatibity with MCW so that their mods can spawn things inside user-made structures. It's quite easy to do actually, I've posted code examples on the MC forums thread (tools section).

And when that's all done, we can all create custom structures/maps including quests, npcs, mobs, loot, scripts etc and share them and have them auto-magically sewn together into any kind of world we specify, that's the big idea in any case ;). So eh, help me spread the word guys!! Thanks!
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