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Whitelist Server Phun Server | Direwolf20 v5.1.1 | 20 Slots | Whitelist | No Lag | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Neilios, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. DJ Hatfield

    DJ Hatfield New Member

    To join the server, please reply to this thread with answers to the following questions. I will edit this post with accepted names. Hope to see you online soon!

    Previous Mod Experience?:Tekkit and FTB
    Additional Info?:i love pulling friendly pranks and having fun

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  2. ElZendo

    ElZendo New Member

    That's a good idea, thank you kindly, I will try and implement this at some point today!
  3. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    There is some major issue with Thaumcraft on the server atm, there are no nodes in the overworld apart from ones that were made by silverwood trees etc, somethings happened and I have no idea what...

    I don't know if something went tits up with the protection mods I installed, I doubt it.

    Also I just don't see its possible to update the pack, I can't spend hours and hours trying to sort out all the errors and issues with moving the world over. As far as I was aware there is no major changes but using GT and our other additional mods its just not working the way it should. Also getting chickenchunks errors, something with the chunk loaders and id's. So for the time being I'm not updating the server.

    If a major release happens with some massive amount of new stuff added or worldgen changes It will likely result in a brand new worldgen.

    Let me know your thoughts. Also not a lot of people are playing on the server now compared to how many are on the whitelist...

    Open to thoughts and suggestions

  4. Omlettwender

    Omlettwender New Member

    I think if it just brings issues to keep the current world it would make more sense to generate a new world, especially with the thaumcraft issues we currently already have anyways.

    As for additional mods i would like to suggest adding Ticks Per Second or something similar that we can look which worlds might cause lag and Logistics Pipes since it's just an awesome mod to use for automation and sorting.
  5. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    Yeah I was looking for Logistics pipes but couldn't see one that was gonna work... do you have a link to a mod page?

    Also I think new worldgen is the best thing tbh.. i know a lot of people won't like it but It means everything is fresh and up to date.
  6. Omlettwender

    Omlettwender New Member

    here you go: http://ci.thezorro266.com/job/LogisticsPipes/
    of course logistics pipes is nowhere near fully stable but i have seen servers using it so it can't be world breaking ;-)
  7. ElZendo

    ElZendo New Member

    I agree with generating a new world to fix the issues you are having Neilios, although DW20 has mentioned in a recent video that the update to version 6.0.0 will change alot, so we may have to do it again in the future. I assume, however it isn't going to happen until some of the mods are fully released, which could be a while.

    I also agree with adding logisitics pipe as I have had alot of fun with it in the past. As for the ticks per second mod i'm not too familiar with it but if it helps determine lag it can't hurt right?

    Thanks for keeping on top of the issues, i've been having a ton of fun playing on your server!

  8. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    I tried their latest build (90) and it crashes the game client using DW20 pack 5.1.1
  9. Omlettwender

    Omlettwender New Member

    as i mentioned yesterday on the server i've seen a server that's using build 89 so that one should work.
    what issue did you have? logistics pipes uses the same item ids as portal gun so you would have to change the ids around.
    i attached the config file i'm using in my ssp instance with DW20 5.1.1 (the txt extension is just because it didn't want to let me upload cfg files)

    basically it shows for every dimension how much time it needs to calculate a tick and for the whole server how much time it needs to do so. that way you can see with which dimensions the server has an issue with keeping up with the whole calculation and if it is able to process all the stuff that is going on on the server.

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  10. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    I've configured a 5.1.1 client with everything now. GregTech, Adv_Solars, Adv_Machines, TPS, Logistics. I sorted out the clash with portalgun.

    Just need to configure a server instance and get all the configs into a zip and sent over to you guys, I'll likely use dropbox as it seems way better than any other hosting site.

    That being said, In the latest dw20 video he mentions about adding the new solar helmets to v6 of the pack, I don't know if that means a release is due out soon? If so depending how long it might be we might hold off on server regen.

    Once again, let me know your thoughts and comments.

    Also I wanted to hear from Hailphil about resetting etc, hopefully he sees this soon. I've pm'd him also.

    Thanks guys

  11. Omlettwender

    Omlettwender New Member

    are there any indications on what might change with v6?
    i would be quite surprised if it would break his world since he is nowhere near the end of his single player season so if it does i guess it will still be some time - at least until xycraft is released i assume.
  12. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    Nothing solid that I can find. You're right its unlikely to break a world generated in the current pack.

    In that case, I'll work on getting a fresh server instance of 5.1.1 running, but it won't be online/active yet.

    I'll report back soon

  13. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Cool fresh 5.1.1 server all I need to do then is swap out configs to use & keep my off line game running, soon as its created & the new cofig is up I'll login.

    Good work Neilios one step nearer the server you want :), & ty for keeping us informed, update the first page details as needed, I'll keep a check on it, again tnx for the time & effort you are putting in & not even asking a single thing in return, oh & tnx Omlettwender for adding your expertise.
  14. Neilios

    Neilios New Member

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and responses.

    A fresh instance has been created for 5.1.1 with all our other mods installed and configured. same address, same port. The server is now online!

    Please see front page for details on connecting, and new configs etc. Let me know if you are having any troubles.

    See you on soon!

  15. Omlettwender

    Omlettwender New Member

    Awesome, thanks for taking care of the new server so quickly and taking in the suggested mods!

    Just got all the mods ready, on to finding a new place to live ;-)
  16. fbeatnik

    fbeatnik New Member

    Previous Mod Experience?:ive used all these mods before
    Additional Info?: looking for a good community and would like to be greif free
  17. Jose-JMH

    Jose-JMH New Member

    IGN: JoseJMH
    Age: 17
    Previous experience: I started playing vanilla a while back now but stopped because I got bored and then started nodding like a year and a half ago. I haven't really had much experience with ftb because my computer is too slow to run it. I do have experience with most of the mods though, except computer craft. Still haven't learned the lua language.
    Additional info: I've always wanted to play with a community. And I like to mine a lot so ill usually he underground. Haha.
  18. Frankiejoh

    Frankiejoh New Member

    hey neilos i have not been whitelisted nor declined whats up with that?
  19. Target

    Target New Member

    IGN:chewieeeee (5 e's at the end)
    Age: 17
    Previous Mod Experience?: Played direwolf20 for a while
    Additional Info?: I hope I can meet new people and play with them, and learn some more ofcourse :)
  20. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    I just tested the DW 5.2 & there is some nice icon changes, & at last xy machines & lots I mean lots of stuff to play with, so am wondering if this server will update at any time in the near future, just a polite question :).

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