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    Hello everyone! As you may or may not have noticed from my signature, I have recently become the Project Lead for something called "PhoenixConfig." However, there has not been very much publicly available information on PhoenixConfig until now, because, we are releasing it. What is PhoenixConfig? It's a set of Modular scripts for Minetweaker that can be installed and run on any client, with little to no configuration.

    The Concept:
    The idea for PhoenixConfig was inspired by the old Universal Configs from the 1.6 era. However, with the new phasing out of item IDs, the Universal Configs were no longer needed.As well, everyone would be using the new item names, like <ThermalFoundation:bucket:2>; instead of everyone having a different item ID, like 456 or 7689. This gave rise to new possibilities.
    I came up with the idea for PhoenixConfig while working on PhoenixCraft II. We had been planning on using Minetweaker to make Botania rely on Blood Magic and Blood Magic rely on Botania. We were also going to have scripts that would gate things like Archimedes' Ships behind Mekanism. I was struck by an idea then. Since each and every client is using the same item names, if they had the same mods installed, one could distribute Minetweaker scripts to literally anyone, and they would still be able to run them exactly the same. I figured that it would be simple to distribute these scripts as "modules" that people could install and run, without any dependency on other scripts. This would make it simple for people to create modpacks based around things, without having to go into the long process of creating their own Minetweaker scripts.
    So, I assembled a team. We were going to work together to create as many of these modules as possible. Once we got a good amount, we would release the project to the public for anyone to download or expand upon.

    The Library
    Before we could get started on the modules, however, we needed to be able to reference all the items we were going to use in our scripts. But, as these modules would not be dependent on each other, we would have to go in and define every value each time we created a script. So, we had an idea. We decided to create a library file that contains pre-assigned values for any mod we'll use in our scripts. If we decided to make a new script with a new mod, we added values for the items from that mod into the library file. This file eventually contained values from quite a few mods that we could copy over into our scripts. The best part? You can use it too. If you ever need to make your own script, and don't want to go through the terrors of assigning your own values, you can just copy them over from our library. We give you complete permission to do so.

    You can find the library here.

    The Modular Scripts
    Now, the part you've all been waiting for. The modular configs. This is what we made this project for. I'll go into a little detail about each of our existing configuration files, as well as it's author, before providing you with the download for that file. All of these scripts require Minetweaker and Modtweaker.

    Archimedes' Ships - Mekanism
    This script is a simple one, made by @Padfoote . All it does is gate the recipes for Archimedes' Ships behind Mekanism, requiring you to go at least a little into the tech tree before creating huge ships that fly about in the sky.
    You can get it here.

    Botania - Blood Magic
    The original purpose for these configs, this script makes sure you need to use Blood Magic in order to obtain Botania items, and Botania to obtain Blood Magic items. This script was made by yours truly, @Gideonseymour .
    You can get it here.

    Botania - Witchery
    This script, made by @Strikingwolf , is similar to the BM- BTN script. However, instead of making Botania rely on Blood Magic, it makes Botania rely on Witchery, and vice-versa! Don't worry, this is still compatible with the BM-BTN script. If installed with the BM-BTN script, the player can then choose whether to do Botania by playing with Witchery, or by playing with Blood Magic.
    You can get it here.

    ComputerCraft Nerfs
    A module by @goreae that nerfs ComputerCraft recipes, hinging them on other mods, such as TE and Applied Energistics. This places the ComputerCraft technology significantly later in the game.
    You can get it here.

    Ender IO - Thermal Expansion
    A module by @Elec332 , this makes Ender IO rely on Thermal Expansion and Thermal Expansion rely on TE.
    You can get it here.

    Extra Utilities - Mekanism
    Once again by @Padfoote , this script is similar to the AS-MEK one. However, this only gates the Watering Can behind Mekanism.
    You can get it here.

    Gendustry - Buildcraft - Thermal Foundation
    This script is by the fabulous @Padfoote . This script simply keeps a lot of the Gendustry items gated behind Buildcraft or TE.
    You can get it here.

    Golrith's TiC Nerfs
    These scripts, created by @Golrith , are just nerfs in general. They make tools require various TiC parts, as well as nerf the output of planks and torches. There is also BoP compatibility, but for universal config reasons, in order to use the BoP nerfs, remove the lines saying to delete themselves.
    You can get it here.

    Kill Them With Flowers
    The first big module to be created, @Strikingwolf 's Kill Them With Flowers does one thing: make everything revolve around Botania. With this module installed, you will have to go through Botania to make almost anything from almost any mod. It's a great way to create a focused experience.
    You can get it here.

    parcel31u's Buildcraft Blueprints
    @parcel31u , the creator of ME^3, has been missing his spatial storage cells. So, to cope with withdrawal, he's been working on something similar for us. These scripts, which should be deposited in the Blueprints folder for Buildcraft, will give you the option to have your builder build all sorts of things, like Cactus Farms and Cursed Earth towers.
    You can get them here.

    PhoenixCraft II Scripts
    These scripts are simply ones that are used in the PhoenixCraft II modpack/server.
    You can get them here.

    Santa's Non-Working Scripts
    @SatanicSanta has quite a few scripts available, although not all of them work. They do things like gate Santa's Toys behind Twilight Forest or make Witchery and Twilight Forest revolve around each other.
    You can find a folder containing these scripts here.

    SkeletonPunk's AE2 Nerfs
    @SkeletonPunk has created some excellent nerfs for AE2, making the recipes more expensive, but also making some things less tedious. It's a great way to liven up the AE2 experience.
    You can get it here.

    There have also been quite a few modules created, as of the writing of this, that I encourage you to go check out on the github!

    Creation of Modules
    Do you think something is missing from these scripts? Want to add your own version for everyone to download? Feel free to create your own branch of the PhoenixConfig github and create your own scripts! If we think they're up to the standards, we will add those scripts to the main branch (with credit to you, of course). So get coding! We could use the help!
    If there are any bugs, feel free to open an issue on the Github or post here.

    Support and Thanks
    Hey! Do you want to help us make more of these modules? Well, the simplest way to help would be to add this code to your signature:

    We'd like to thank several people for helping, such as @ThomazM , who created the art, and our team members:

    @Gideonseymour , Project Lead
    @trajing , Admin
    @Strikingwolf , Admin
    @Qazplm601 , Admin
    @Padfoote , Helper
    @SatanicSanta , Helper
    @Elec332 , Helper
    @parcel31u , Helper
    @Not_Steve , Formatter
    @goreae , Helper
    @SkeletonPunk , Helper

    Community Contributers:

    Other Things:

    And yes. You have complete permission to use and redistribute these scripts.

    Apparently Strikingwolf is planning a custom mod that allows you to download and enable/disable these scripts from a GUI.
    Our server is hosted by the wonderful ProvisionHost! Use the code "PHOENIXTEAM" to get 15% off your server!​
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    It's happening :D
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  3. trajing

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    This is still in development, but we do take pull requests, so if you have a good script, don't be afraid to share! Also I am going to make a page in github pages for this, so I'll post that when I can.
  4. Padfoote

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    As a note for anyone that reads this:

    My XU - Mek script isn't complete or functioning currently (as noted by the quote from me in the post). If anyone wants to work on it to make it actually run or just wants to add things to it, please do so.
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  5. trajing

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    Submit your PRs NOW! ;D
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  6. ThomazM

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    Awesomeness indeed.
    Nice post, Gid!
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  7. trajing

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    1:56 Configs:
    ..and Gideon put up the thread, and much joy was had.
  8. SatanicSanta

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    Note that both of my scripts aren't working yet :p
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  9. Qazplm601

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    so exited for this! i won't be doing a huge amount for now. i may add my vaelstrom scripts im making, but that will be in a couple weeks, and they will need quite a few mods.
  10. CarbonBasedGhost

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    Question: Wouldn't it be easier to make the library modular aswell. So say unnecessary data doesn't need to be there when you are not using it.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I get it now
  11. Golrith

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    Got a few configs, most are quite specific to my modpack I'm working on, but here's two simple, but game changing ones, and one for PneumaticCraft

    Reduce planks from Logs from 4 to 2, vanilla and BoP support

    Various tweaks including: crafting 1 torch, remove charcoal smelting, disable most wooden tools and change stone/iron to tinker components but also make stone require flint parts, change to button and lever recipes to include a piece of redstone.
    val mcTorch = <minecraft:torch>;
    val mcStick = <ore:stickWood>;
    val mcCharc = <minecraft:coal:1>;
    val mcCoal  = <minecraft:coal:0>;

    PneumaticCraft: Adds alternative recipes for plastic for people who don't like the plants/seeds. Requires dye, slimeball and MFR raw plastic. Note seed recipes not removed (causes crashes when trying to view recipes).
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:0>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:0>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:1>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:1>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:2>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:2>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:3>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:3>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:4>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:4>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:5>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:5>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:6>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:6>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:7>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:7>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:8>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:8>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:9>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:9>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:10>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:10>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:11>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:11>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:12>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:12>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:13>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:13>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:14>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:14>], false);
    mods.pneumaticcraft.Pressure.addRecipe([<minecraft:dye:15>,<minecraft:slime_ball>,<MineFactoryReloaded:item.mfr.plastic.raw>], 1, [<PneumaticCraft:plastic:15>], false);
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    You can submit a pull request to github if you like...that is our preferred method for this
    I am not on comp now but be welcome to make a PR
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  15. Golrith

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    I have no idea what a pull request is, I don't honestly understand what Github is :p
  16. Qazplm601

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    you are not alone. ;p
  17. Strikingwolf

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    It is fairly simple...I need to make a Github guide sometime because it is sooo useful. Just explore github and how it works and you will get it pretty easily
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    Right. I'll change that :p
    With your permission, I'll put that in the OP and Github later
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    Ah, so you finally released it. Looks good, nice work.
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    i already changed it.

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