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If logs still give 4 planks then yeah your recipes can give a bit of immersion. I agree they do look better than the originals. And nobody mentioned veinminer. :p Chopping down 10 trees with veinminer is a piece of cake. Takes less than a minute. Without veinminer and armed with just a fist, it'd take forever just to get started, which is the unneccesary grind I was talking about.

But yeah if your goal is prettier recipes, you nailed it. :)

Logs still give 4 planks but then I think about it I have veinminer so you could get lots of wood and turn it into 4 planks plus if you find village starting off is a peace of cake

With StartingInv I always give my modpack player/tester a great start which is torches, apples and Wooden tools from tinkers construct. All you need is that for the start.
What I want is custom fluids and materials with JSONables but CANT GET IT TO WORK...

;-; Magical Crops got harder (you dont even want to know) and added scrips from Curse that adds more thaumcraft aspects to Botania, BloodMagic and Twilight Forest.

This modpack will be good if I figure out a way to work with JSONables
also creativity is at 10% ;-; IDK what to add and need ideas