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Whitelist Server Panda Craft| Ftb Horizons 1.0.7| Pandacraft.co |White listed| Mature Staff | PvE |24/7|New ip

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Panda911, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    The old ip pandacraft.co:25568 NO longer works Use
    pandacraft.co:25569 or it wont work sorry for the inconvience

    Welcome to PandaCraft
    We just got this server up since its a new mod pack there may be some bugs but nothing we cant fix (hopefully)
    But we still need Good Players to join the server
    About PandaCraft:
    Pandacraft is a server i Decided to Create after falling in love with ftb After i got bored of minecraft and tekkit and voltz and all of that lot i found i loved ftb due to its great mods tekkit refuses to add (forestry is the main one) so i made it since i find minecraft just isnt as fun with out others. right now its a small server with with a average of 4 people on But i hope for it to grow So others can enjoy

    Cool & Mature staff

    Small But good community

    If your already white listed on are ultimate server
    your white listed on this one 2

    No Greifing
    No Stealing
    No screwing with others machines

    Team speak IP: pandCraft.co currently broken

    horizon ip pandacraft.co:255689

    Server Specs:
    4 core 3.6 ghz
    8GB RAM
    60GB ssd
    go to http://pandacraft.co/whitelist.php and fill out the form and you should be accepted in a day use this ip to join pandacraft.co:25569 for horizon
    The email doesnt always go though so just check back in a day or add me on skype panda91111
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  2. LittleExo_

    LittleExo_ New Member

    I've applied ! :D
  3. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    yep and ive accepted you and 2 others so far
  4. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    there is a small whitelist delay and assawn you are whitelisted now
  5. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    6 more people have been accepted
  6. royvs33

    royvs33 New Member

    I applied to

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  7. haavardsjef

    haavardsjef New Member

    I can't seem to break any blocks. I have tried going away from spawn, and docxx doesn¨'t seem to have the same issue.
    I get the error message: [Towny] You are not allowed to break blocks in the wild.

    Never mind, a quick relog seems to have fixed it. I am posting this anyways for future reference :)
  8. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    that was probly between the time i added towny and fixed the config sorry for the issue.[DOUBLEPOST=1386619967][/DOUBLEPOST]
    yes and you have been accepted
  9. Hollowfires

    Hollowfires New Member

    I have applied. Hope to hear from you soon
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  10. Yoho401

    Yoho401 New Member

    Application Sent :) Awaiting reply :p
  11. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    were having a slight issue migrating the server
  12. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    Its fine now make shure to use the ip pandacraft.co:25569
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  13. NiamahNyx

    NiamahNyx New Member

    Applied, hoping to hear soon :).
  14. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    you were accepted
  15. NiamahNyx

    NiamahNyx New Member

    Thanks! Been trying to get on, and something on my end is glitching me out I think. Working on it.
  16. Valastro

    Valastro New Member

    Hello Panda, I have applied and cannot wait to join your server!
  17. Ozzy248

    Ozzy248 New Member

    application sent, cannot wait
  18. NurseMissy

    NurseMissy New Member

    application sent :D
  19. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    all of your apps have been accepted

    ARCEUS493ZELDA New Member

    I sent in an app

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