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Whitelist Server Panda Craft| Ftb Horizons 1.0.7| Pandacraft.co |White listed| Mature Staff | PvE |24/7|New ip

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Panda911, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    it has been accepted
  2. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    no problem
  3. Veggetossj

    Veggetossj New Member

    Just created an application
  4. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    It has been accepted

    ARCEUS493ZELDA New Member

    it says im missing a few microblocks if you need a screenshot let me know

    ARCEUS493ZELDA New Member

    ok I found a way to fix it
  7. GiantSapling

    GiantSapling New Member

    Just applied - hope to be accepted soon!
  8. Docxx

    Docxx New Member

    Panda, cant login due to an error 'Internal Exception: java.io.IOexception: Bad Packet id 27' after googling it seems to be an Ars Magica 2 Error and resetting my Skill tree fixes it. Not sure what to do otherwise :(
  9. royvs33

    royvs33 New Member

    Try force updating your pack maybe the problem is in your client
  10. Docxx

    Docxx New Member

    its server side, if Panda doesnt know how to fix it then thats fine, I will look for somewhere else to play. Good luck guys :)
  11. DavidRockin

    DavidRockin New Member

    Can you try to connect right now please?
  12. silverman24300

    silverman24300 New Member

    I've applied
  13. Docxx

    Docxx New Member

    Thank you it worked. However with the loss of all my TiC tools and enderthermic pumps being removed with no oppurtunity to replace them with something else it means my place is now powerless with no machines and AE I would have to start from scratch so I will find somewhere else to play. Goodbye guys.
  14. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    doc next time please contact me via Skype or email much easier not shure what tic is but we made it so you could get free lava until they fix the pump thing i wish i knew about this early so i could have fixed it also we couldn't wait since it was lagging the server pretty badly every half minute ish as always you can contact me via my skype panda91111 or email [email protected] you can get free lava via the tesseract or free barrels at /spawn
  15. DavidRockin

    DavidRockin New Member

    Our teamspeak 3 server appears to be working at the moment. You can connect by using our IP address, pandacraft.co
  16. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    we have updated to 1.0.7
  17. Hollowfires

    Hollowfires New Member

    the website is down so I'm posting here:

    Griefer was caught obviously breaking into my spawner that I created.

    I have now added a do not break into spawner sign, but the user chose to ignore my do not break magnum torch sign and took my magnum torch.

    I have the user's equipment. It was mostly made out of iron. Iron boots, pants, and a few iron TiC materials.

    The griefer did get his/her just deserts though because he/she died a few moments after breaking into my spawner due to an auto-killing spike.

    Request for help from an Opped player. I need them to enter creative to fix the spawner, otherwise trying to fix it without creative may break the spawner further due to creepers.
  18. Flame_Knight101

    Flame_Knight101 New Member

    I just put in an application.
  19. Panda911

    Panda911 New Member

    The griefer has been caught and the issue has been fixed[DOUBLEPOST=1387611922][/DOUBLEPOST]
    You have been accepted
  20. damunzy

    damunzy New Member

    i hope i get accepted more towards the 1 day than the 6 day. :D

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