Opinion: Why I think some mod authors should think twice about their new content

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by frederikam, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Yes, as you can see I have a link to this thread in my signature. I then started playing this game where Eunomiac was one of the players, and he most likely took this link and got here.
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  2. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    I made a stone brick factory in my world today with igneous extruders. Only I didn't use the Cyclic assembler. Costs way too much power. I used the autocrafting table mark II.
  3. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Guess for you the goal is not to reach a consensus but just to keep on going. To each his own.
  4. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I want to get this opinion as far out as possible, even if the thread died.
  5. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Why? It makes no sense.

    My opinion is the sky is purple. I know I'm wrong and no one agrees with me, but I'm so narcissistic (I don't know if that's the right word) I want everyone to know that I think the sky should be purple anyways. Even though doing so serves absolutely no real purpose except stroke my apparently massive ego.
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  6. NTaylor

    NTaylor New Member

    I do have to disagree with what you say here in a way.
    Firstly your real life analogy can't really be applied to a video game; To put it into an analogy myself if you are in a video game that has a really fun combat system and come across a crossroad that splits into two paths and both paths lead to the same place and along one path is a horde of enemies that you have to fight your way through and would really enjoy fighting your way through it and along the other path is just a toll bridge where you pay a couple of gold and go across. Which path would you choose to take? Most people I know would take the path that is more enjoyable regardless of the extra time requirement or increased difficulty.

    So when you reach the end of the path that has loads of enemies and is a lot of fun to fight along and meet up with your friends that took the quicker easier way out do you really care that they are ahead of you given the amount of fun you just had but they missed out on?

    Saying that in real life the rational decision is the one that is the easiest/quickest because you have other things to do is completely true, however in a video game (especially one like minecraft that has no true end to the game) I would argue the rational decision is the one that gives the most enjoyment regardless of time/dificulty given that the entire point of playing video games is to both waste time and have fun.

    Now my argument does fall through a little bit when you are directly playing with other people in a shared environment (ergo working together in one house and doing the same things) you may be forced into taking shorter paths to appease them, however again I would say realistically you should try to set up your base/ perform activities with people that have a similar play style to yourself to not encounter an eventuality where you have to forgo enjoyment to appease the other people.
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  7. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    The whole easy choice vs difficult choice is flawed because this game is sandbox and the choices are more gray that black and white. In the example of a simple tree farm vs tree breeding I'd choose neither. I'd prefer using the blocks added by mods to build an awesome base.

    I'd never knock anyone for breeding trees. I'd never knock someone for hunting ghasts tears to make a cart for farming trees. I can't express to you how little a f"#@ I give about what someone else does with their game.

    Options are awesome. Not everyone wants the same thing. With so many mods its great that people don't feel boxed in to one way of accomplishing the same goal. That's the heart of it. Some people will like an all encompassing mod for only 1 thing. Others will be happy with linear tech tree climbing. There are some people that just want to run around looking at stuff. This whole thing is a game. Let people have their own version of fun and judge yourself only.
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  8. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Even then, nothing stops you from creating a secondary base/area to do the stuff you want to do it.
  9. Eunomiac

    Eunomiac New Member

    One thing I'm reading a lot of is people projecting their own play style and enjoyment onto everyone else: "I don't need to fly around with a Powersuit to have fun---ergo, neither should anyone else." "I do whatever I feel like, without worrying about 'the most efficient method'---ergo, neither should anyone else." "I don't feel the urge to compete for progress in SMP---ergo, neither should anyone else."

    The fact is, the modded Minecraft community is divided---not in a bad way, but in a way that needs to be recognized. Just because your fun doesn't depend on game balance doesn't mean the same is true of everyone else, nor is your opinion more "mature" than the "whiners" on the other end. These black-and-white positions are simply untenable.

    For those who are unconcerned with game balance, of course there's no motive to balance two different paths to ethanol (like a Steve's Carts tree farm vs. Forestry tree breeding)---you'll do whatever you find fun, because that's how you enjoy Minecraft. But for the significant number of players who are driven (by a competitive streak, gamer mentality, perfectionism, whatever) to pursue the best/most efficient method of doing something, game balance has a HUGE influence on their options. If balancing two alternatives measurably improves one side's gameplay experience without detracting from the other's, then such a balancing act is a good thing overall, isn't it?

    This isn't an argument over which side is right, because game balance is a matter of personal taste. The game balance debate should instead be about how to serve both sides, without dismissing whole segments of the FTB community as "game-balance" whiners or "it's-simple-don't-use-it" elitists. Pretending one side doesn't (or shouldn't) exist is as unhelpful as it is wrong.
  10. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    And the thing is if mod developers listened to the OP, which they won't, it would destroy the game for the majority of the players that enjoy the game exactly the way it is.
  11. Mero

    Mero New Member

    Nice way to take my point completely out of context. Nowhere did I ever say that because I don't want to fly, nobody else should either. Let me Quote the relevant parts you missed.

    To which I responded

    Nowhere did I say that nobody else should be able to fly because I don't have the desire to.

    If other people want to, go for it.
    But in no way do I feel the need to fly just because every other person on the server is doing it.

    Everybody should be Themselves and stop worrying about what others are doing.

    Nobody HAS to use a Mod, just because everybody else on the server is using it.
    You should only do what YOU consider to be FUN.

    I even clarified exactly this point with this statement.

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  12. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    Go see the likes list on the OP
  13. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Doesn't matter. Tons of my posts also got likes. Doesn't mean mod developers have to or are going to listen to him.
  14. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    It does when a mod dev likes his post. Which is akin to listening. I support your view, just illustrating that some are listening or at least agree with the OP
  15. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    I seriously doubt CovertJaguar read his whole rant about TE. He probably just skimmed over the bullet points.
  16. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Also, I'm pretty sure there's more likes against his idea than for it.
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  17. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    Let's hope so ;)
  18. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Eh, OP has changed his post so many times it is hard to tell what his point is anymore. I've just given up bothering trying to understand it anymore, and just walked away, shaking my head slowly.
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  19. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    That's another point. The likes on the op are completely meaningless.
  20. CrissHill

    CrissHill New Member

    I see you walking away, nodding my head slowly.

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