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OP Items

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Randomguy404, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    Force Drills. Get a decent power network going, some sugar, some fortune cookies, and a bit of experience, a book, and a drill, and you have a tool that can near instantly mine in a 3 by 3 by 2 pattern and it can have fortune 5 on it.
  2. schyman

    schyman New Member

    yeah the force drills are like hammers turned up to eleven, and much easier to get (compared to a good hammer that is). And a decent power network in this case can be like two generators, a batbox and a lappack, and a clockwork engine for enchanting.
  3. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Two generators? At 2-3k EU a pop?
  4. schyman

    schyman New Member

    Oh you need more if you're going to have fortune 5 on, of course. This was more comparing it to a TiC hammer. And of course it depends on how much time you spend mining vs doing other stuff. But for me, two generators where by far enough for my mining needs until I had leveled the book enough, and by then it was easy to slap down a few more.
    But yeah, should've been more explicit in my post xD
  5. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Force Drills can AOE mine? o_O
  6. schyman

    schyman New Member

    Yeah. Right click to enable. Mines a 3x3x2, so like two minings with a hammer. 18 blocks a pop.
  7. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    You can actually mine 26 blocks. it's 3x3x3 but normally you can't hit the middle block of the 3x3x3 to make it mine as such but alternating the two modes to do this saves some power.
  8. schyman

    schyman New Member

    Does it save power? I thought it took per block, not per operation?

    Also, the force drill can still do the mine-obsidian-in-some-ticks trick that was fixed on hammers...
  9. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    AoE mode takes exponentially more power, at least that's what I thought.

    Not that it really matters considering it can already break obsidian.
  10. schyman

    schyman New Member

    well, farming obsidian is a lot easier with it. Not that it's hard regardless due to magma crucibles, but it feels... weird... that it's quicker to mine 17 obsidian surrounding one stone than 17 stone surrounding one obsidian! xD It's not OP, but it's goofy.
  11. Shakie666

    Shakie666 New Member

    Well, its not exactly OP, but the haste given by a xeno's reliquary mining potion overrides the mining fatigue from using a TiC cleaver, meaning you can hit super fast. So manyullyn cleaver + loads of nether quartz + xeno's alchemical potence (haste and strength boost) = ultimate wither killing.
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  12. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    omg gotta try this now
    this fixes everything
  13. Dmyster

    Dmyster New Member

    The reason I find force engines so op is because you can squeeze the force logs into liquid force which the engine can use. This gives you an renewable supply of them. MFR harvesters won't work with them but I'm sure steve cart with the exotic tree upgrade will make producing force effortless!
  14. immibis

    immibis New Member

    There are (or were) servers with only ComputerCraft, and turtles are balanced perfectly fine for that. I don't think turtles can ever be balanced for FTB, because they'll either be cheaper than every other autominer (and therefore OP) or very expensive (and therefore useless for small tasks like turning off Dire's animal farm)
  15. Skyqula

    Skyqula New Member

    Do note that annything that can go in a combustion engine can go in a force engine, wich is alot more then just oil/fuel ;)

    But is it actually practical on a server? Having to gather enough crystals to keep your base running when you are not online, of wich you will need alot. Last time i checked the force liquid burn time got hit rather hard in 0.18. A far saver and easyer aproach will still be something like an infinite loop tree farm :)

    I actually think that they should be made twice as rare. Not quite as rare as diamonds, because lets face it, that would put the entire mod to late game AND force a forestry "force tree" treefarm.

    It defenitly does mine slower, but mining at the speed of a diamond efficiency IV pick is still realy fast :)

    Except that 1 force log is only 0.1 bucket worth of force liquid wich is good for a total of 8000mj. Turning it into a golden power source and then into a heated 36HP steam boiler will provide 34909mj. Even turning normal logs into planks and burning that is more efficient than squeezing force from force logs...

    Yeah thats true, but an alternate recipy setting like MFR/MPS TE recipy's would be great though!
  16. schyman

    schyman New Member

    Yeah, that's why I said "full effect" ;)

    Yeah when you have the need to, and resources to, get a 24/7 production up that is certainly better (though some servers have limitations on tesseracts etc in which case it's still good for other stuff). Again, they don't compete with boilers, they compete with hobbyists engines, stirling engines etc., and as a bonus still remain useful for just slapping down some power if you don't have access to tesseracts for any reason.

    Force trees can give liquid force? :O Did not know that! I mostly use force trees because of their wonderful mustardy color. :3

    Yeah agreed.
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  17. Skyqula

    Skyqula New Member

    Yeah, its not realy usefull outside of suplying a force infuser with liquid force though xD The logs are worth more as planks/golden power sources. I was more aiming at the nuggets to make the force ingots instead of needing force crystals for that :)
  18. Revemohl

    Revemohl New Member

    They also don't seem to have the fatigue debuff, so they're better (for DPS, without the potion trick at least) than cleavers unless you want heads.
    Also, it says their damage is average.

    [edit] oh wait, the luck upgrade doesn't work as looting for them. I hope that's a bug.
  19. Flipz

    Flipz New Member

    Note that with Liquid Force in a Carpenter, you can also make Force Ingots according to the normal recipe, but without needing Force Gems. ;)
  20. immibis

    immibis New Member

    See the first line of my signature. Note that some of the people who do not change the setting will still complain for the default to be changed.

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