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OP Items

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Randomguy404, Aug 3, 2013.


    WTFFFS New Member

    Modular Powersuits is imo horrifically OP without GT recipes (sure it uses a lot of resources but it also negates so much that otherwise would cost resources that it's pretty cheap overall), you can easily become immune to almost all damage, lava is a nice swim with enough heatsink (apart from the constant ouch anim), you fly faster and with more control than creative mode flight, the power requirements of everything is almost nothing, with the addons you will never run out of power as long as you can move, the railgun is hitscan and can hit past visual range on normal render, you can easily tweak the full set to give you all abilities with almost no weight penalty and the only things which are any danger in any way are status effects (poison\wither etc). Hell you can fly faster than you can freefall I flew up to about 10k blocks (which I found rather odd in itself) in a matter of minutes I then fell and it took several times as long to hit the ground again.
    Though I do love my MPS suit, probably a little too much, especially when Thaumic Tinkerer is added to the mix since it handles the status effects that the suit doesn't, OP sure but "I am like unto a god" is fun :D
  2. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    and with GT recipes its pretty much not worth it.
  3. Esperologist

    Esperologist New Member

    Bahaha... sorry, read only the first page really. I saw the comment on the 'stone picks' being Over Powered... found it funny.
    The original post should have put some confines on what over powered means.
    I do use stone picks a lot... but their just really useful, since until getting a macerator/pulverizer up and running, iron is a little limited.

    Well, I did encounter one over powered combination in FtB Ultimate, but it is gone in Unleashed. Still, I'll share since I liked it.

    OP Item: Unlimited Blaze Rods in FtB Ultimate
    Mods: Thermal Expansion, Equivalent Exchange, Thaumcraft
    Steps to achieve:
    1) Find a desert, harvest at least two cinderpearl flowers for blaze powder.
    2) Make a minium stone, use it to convert the pair into a blaze rod (or pairs into blaze rods).
    - note: the recipe may not show up in NEI, and may also look like it doesn't work... but take from the crafting output and it will produce blaze rods.
    3) Throw all resulting blaze rods into the pulverizer, you'll get 4 blaze powders per rod.
    4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with results until a good store of blaze rods is achieved... or excessive volumes.
    Nerfing the recipe would be difficult, and is probably 'invisible' since it is OP. It is likely meant to be disabled.
    Although, changing the cost of the recipe (ex: 8 blaze powder = 5 rods) might make it less powerful, making the power cost and uses of the minium stone more meaningful.
    However, it may actually sway the 'equivalency' of the exchange.
    Besides, if you can't find two of those flower (or get lucky in a chest), one has to go to a blaze spawner anyway.

    I last used the recipe about two days after Unleashed was released. So, it should still work for anyone in the Ultimate pack still.
    I have yet to get blaze rods or powders in Unleashed to see if it is possible.
    I only found it in Ultimate because I wanted rods and said to myself, 'this should work' and clicked on the crafting output, even though it was blank. I was surprised to get it.
    I was thrilled, since I am horrible in the Nether... at least in Unleashed I can use a Force Wrench, if I ever find a blaze spawner... I lag a lot in the Unleashed Nether. (hypnotizd's setup)
  4. immibis

    immibis New Member

    To be consistent, they should have changed either the MPS and MFR recipes to be harder, or the GregTech recipes to be easier. Probably the latter.
  5. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    You are the OP, items can not post on forums!
  6. cynric

    cynric New Member

    So is the quantum armor if you include the solar helmet and gravi chest plate. Providing immunity from damage, drowning, falling, all kinds of status effects etc. plus flight plus (almost) unlimited energy for tools needs to be balanced by some serious downsides, cost just doesn't cut it in my opinion. Still nice to play god from time to time, but I'd prefer a wider variety of armor sets each with different pros and cons.
  7. Aetherr_

    Aetherr_ New Member

  8. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Steve is OP, without Steve none of those machineries will work nor would the ores mine themselves.
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  9. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    it's a bug and it's fixed in Unleashed.
  10. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member

    I got an award for my post in this thread. Feels like grade school all over :3.
  11. GPuzzle

    GPuzzle New Member

    You know, while some stuff is clearly OP, some other stuff is clearly UP. And some others are just bad design choices.
    The only real resource in Minecraft is time, so if someone does something that's cheap at the cost of it taking more time, leave it as it is. It doesn't need much skill and time to power a pulverizer on an stirling engine, but the same idea is taken up to eleven when you power your boiler using charcoal that comes from your automated treefarm and it also powers your quarry and your ore processing system. You know, I'll just slap one of my favourite Extra Credits episode:
    You see, something that's OP is essentially something that:
    a) is cheaper than other stuff
    b) is FASTER than other stuff
    For example, ore processing.
    While Factorization has a good system of ore processing and it's quite original from a game design perspective, it isn't really used because it is slower while having the same price as the others. While using it will have a lot of advantages, on the other hand, when used to process ore from a quarries and other automated mining systems, it just can't handle that much input.
    Mekanism also has multi-step method of tripling ores, but it is as effective as IC2's or TE's. Why? While IC2's the fastest and TE's the most flexible, Mekansim's simply doesn't need 20 minutes, meaning that, for more electricity, you can get more ingots per ore.
    Other interesting approaches are AE's and TiC's. AE has a slow, manual, cheap way of ore processing simply because it's supposed to be like that. It's supposed to be cheap and manual because the player should be hand-mining with really bad stuff by then. TiC's is preety damn interesting, mainly because by the time you find lava you won't have processed a lot of ores. And it needs a lot of stuff to be automated, but it's by far the most recompensating system of ore processing. And it's easily expandable.
    On the other hand, some stuff is actually quite OP. Pre-nerf MFR Biogenerator could make boilers futile, and while a combustion engine overcomes the number of MJ produced by far (say, from a 12LP boiler), it didn't make as much MJ per tick. The Biogenerator was an 8HP boiler that took only a block and was more eficient.

    Wow, writing a text about overpowered stuff without trying to start any flame wars is hard.
  12. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    An OP item? Hrm, I gueeess just saying the Minium Stone would be redundant. I mean you can get a lot of iron from a diamond with that thing.
    I guess the Power Suits?
  13. Randomguy404

    Randomguy404 New Member

    That's just a bit silly to me. Please read the first post.
  14. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    Consider it a very appreciated exercise in self-control. =)
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  15. Randomguy404

    Randomguy404 New Member

    I wasn't expecting 6 pages of posts about OP Items to stay alive.

    BTW: Read my sig for an OP mod.
  16. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Minium stone.

    It makes it quite easy to get ender pearls, which is the choke point in so many of the other items mentione here. Especially MPS.

    As mentioned above, the only actual resource in the game is time. And it takes time to be able to kill endermen reliably.

    With the MPS, the real OP is the addon. The energy generators (removed from the base version) easily make it to where you never need to recharge your armor. Without that and EE3, the armor isn't that protective until much later in the game. The checks and balances (weight versus armor versus energy) are pretty good until you can get the pearls to make force field emitters, and once you have those you'll run out of power fairly quickly if you get damaged a lot.
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  17. zorn

    zorn New Member

    Ive said this a lot, minium stones really break the game. People keep telling me 4 iron for an ender pearl is balanced, but imo it should be more like 4 diamonds. If people mined by hand, then sure iron to ender pearls is ok, but with turtles and quarries, iron is not much harder to get than cobble.

    But then you could say that quarries and turtles breakt he game. If people had no way to automate mining, minium stones would be ok. Id also be very very bored too. mining by hand is ridiculous.

    I do actually think quarries should move half as fast for the energy put into them. its just too easy to get 100 mj/t and start mining like a madman.
  18. WTFFFS

    WTFFFS New Member

    I prefer to mine by hand, it's a nice soothing treasure hunt.
    Mind you the TiC Hammer and easy availability of ridiculously high speed and extreme durability on said hammer makes hand mining more like a manual tunnel bore, that is actually faster than the automated ones and you can fortune those lovely shinies, hand mining simply wins for me.
    A quarry is too slow, we don't have frames and I dislike turtles so my options for automated mining are limited to MFFS (once I get around to learning how to use it) and the MFR laser (which I haven't had a play with yet, but I will).
  19. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    Daring your friends to drink liquid ender through a straw without telling them what it does is an OP way to get rid of unwanted friends.

    High-energy pellet launchers are instant kills for most players, although recently I survived a single hit with full MPS and a stack of TiC heart containers. They'll kill anyone on the second hit no matter what though, making them one of the best styles of anti-player trap in the game while costing almost nothing.

    Dartcraft adds bottled withers, which are not only relatively easy to mass-produce but also easily weaponized because the withers spawn the moment you drop the bottle on accident, break the chest containing the bottled withers, or shoot one out of a dispenser.

    The moral of the story is don't ever touch things I make and don't drink or eat anything I give you.
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  20. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Extra Credits <3

    I agree with a lot of things you say, though imho the AE grinder has very little use. After 1 half decent mining trip you can easily set up a TE Pulverizer, so the only time you'd use the AE grinder is before that and you simply won't have much to grind before doing any mining. Like you say, the only real resource in MC is time which means while you're grinding ores by hand you could also be mining more or simply smelt the ores you have in a (slag) furnace and use them to set up your Pulverizer sooner.
    Speaking of the Slag Furnace, it has 1 big advantage over the AE grinder and that is that it will work while you're away while still giving you ~120% increase on your ores. I think that is one of the best time/reward values you can get between your 1st and 2nd mining trip.

    Other than that I totally agree with everything you say though.

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