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OP Items

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Randomguy404, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Randomguy404

    Randomguy404 New Member

    Any OP items may be posted here.
    Please describe the item names, what mod they come from, how quickly you can make them (using time), whether they are a multiblock structure or just one block, a written tutorial on how to make it (if it is not a single item. Iron tanks count as a single item), a video tutorial if available and how to make it aesthetically pleasing. Please do not argue about anything.
    Please do not post anything that is unobtainable without cheating or using any form of item spawning. For example do not post anything like creative mode, command blocks or quantum generators. Please do not mention anything stupid like the player or another mob.
  2. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    This is gonna turn to hell in a handbasket real quick.

    People have differing opinions on what is OP, therefore there being no such thing as overpowered.
  3. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    Yeah, um, considering how subjective "OP" is, people are going to have opinions and there'll be plenty of disagreement.

    I won't close the thread right off the bat here, but the moment this gets out of hand it's getting the shutter.
  4. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Aren't there already tons of threads on various "OP" things? Did you even try searching before starting a thread? I guess you started a thread because you want other people to do the work of looking the information that already exists up.

    It's like starting a thread with "Tell me how to win at Minecraft while doing the least amount of work possible. I want videos, tutorials, full step by step instructions, and whenever possible completed world downloads so I can show off all the work I didn't do to all my friends."
  5. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member

    I feel like the vanilla furnace is OP. It's cheap and is aesthetically pleasing. I could use furnaces everywhere and achieve fashion without sacrificing functionality. I could smelt ores, glass and charcoal wherever I am in my base. Simply delicious.
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  6. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    I feel the stone pick is very OP. It's very cheap, you can have several mere minutes into the game. It can mine almost every block easily and has ok durability.

    I mean, I rarely go mining with less than 10 of them in my inventory.
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  7. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc New Member

    I feel that creative mode is OP, I mean you get unlimited stuff...
  8. Moosolini

    Moosolini New Member

    There's no need to be snide. The OP asked a legitimate question, and honestly, it's one that a lot of people have probably asked themselves.

    I guess I'll start first. Because of the fact that FTB isn't just one mod designed by one person, and is instead a collection of works from different people, you can occasionally get unintended interactions between mods and you can sometimes even use them to your benefit.

    My favorite interaction like this is between GregTech and Thermal Expansion. There exists a bug where you can convert between MJ and EU for pretty much infinite power. What you'll need for this is a Redstone Energy Cell, some type of IC2 energy storage like an MFE, and some glass fiber cable. Orient the machines like this (dashes indicate cable):

    (Energy Cell) - - - - - - - -
        |                      |
    (MFE)  - - - - - - - - - - -

    The number of cables needs to be exact. Anyway, once you have it situated like that, connect the final cable so that the machines are linked twice:

    (Energy Cell) - - - - - - -
        |                      |
        |                      |
    (MFE)  - - - - - - - - - - -
    Now wrench the MFE so that it is facing upwards. You'll next need to go to the End and defeat the Nether dragon for the Enderdragon Egg, I won't tell you how to do this, you can look up a video if you need help.

    With the egg in hand you will next want to make a Magic Energy Absorber (I think that's what it's called) from GregTech. Situate it like this:

    (Energy Cell) - - - - - - -
        |                      |
        |                      | - - - - - (MEA)
    (MFE)  - - - - - - - - - - -
    Put the dragon egg on top of the absorber so it will start working. CAREFUL, do not attach the tesseract yet or the MFE will explode. Attach a lever to the side of the MFE and change redstone behavior to ignore. Do the same for the Energy Cell. Now turn on the MEA. Take the cows that you bred earlier and attach the milk bucket.

    This causes an infinite power loop that produces over 100,000 EU/t. Hook up your matter fabricator or whatever else you want that can make use of the energy. Enjoy!
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  9. Riuga

    Riuga New Member

    Steam consumers are OP.
  10. DrHexatron

    DrHexatron New Member

    I think Greg's wood planks nerf was good ._.
    I'm probably the only one.
  11. PoisonWolf

    PoisonWolf New Member

    I don't get it, how does the glass-fibre cable even interface with the redstone energy cell? Do you have a screenshot to show the 100k eu/t?
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  12. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Actually, I wasn't being snide. Ok, partially maybe. I've always believed stone picks were a little to much bang for your buck. The only time I use iron is to mine higher tier ores, and (depending on what mods I'm playing) I never make diamond as I can make a nether portal with lava and water.

    Since most of the time I play I won't let myself use automated mining, I manually mine everything, stone picks become very OP just because of the shear amount of cobble and low cost to resources gained.

    Do remember the fact that everyone's idea of overpowered is different. Even in modded minecraft , early to mid game stone picks are the one constant for most players. Many people over look how much you can do with a half an inventory full of stone picks and one iron pick.
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  13. Randomguy404

    Randomguy404 New Member

    I agree that stone picks become OP but stone mines iron and iron makes progress and mines gold and diamond which make progress. Without stone picks it would be impossible to make use of iron ores.
  14. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Quantum Generator is a very OP item. It outputs infinite amounts of EUs at any voltage and requires no fuel or special conditions to use. It's from Advanced Solar Panels and you get it by being an Op.
  15. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    i could makes a joke about tiering but, i`d say that advanced solars are op, followed by compact solars. but its probably because that other generators in IC2 a just garbage.
  16. SonOfABirch

    SonOfABirch New Member

    NEI is OP. It lets you spawn in anything in the game.
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  17. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Actually, there's every reason to be snide. If the thread author would have bothered with even the most basic of searches on these forums alone, they would have found tons and tons of threads from people saying a certain item is OP and a pages and pages in that thread of people discussing each side of the argument.

    I'm pretty certain that one of the forums rules is to SEARCH before posting a new thread.

    [Guide] Where & When to Post New Threads
  18. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    That's more a guideline than a rule to help consolidate posts. I wrote that post because I wanted to cut down on how many threads we end up moving and/or merging because they're treading the same territory, and because it's difficult to have a rule saying "post in the right place" and not give a general guide on where the right places are.

    That said, my cardinal admonition to keep threads "on the rails" is "Be Nice". Please keep that in mind. =)
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  19. immibis

    immibis New Member

    You have to lure a creeper to the ore vein and make it explode, but without taking any damage since your maximum health is 0.5 hearts.
    (OP GregTech style)
  20. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    Guys, let's try to keep things from being locked, ok? I think that the force engine can be quite "OP" it's an early game engine that requires few recourses the create and manage and outputs unbelievable amounts of power.

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