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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by ScottWears, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. comp500

    comp500 New Member

    Hey guys! I found a Survival Island seed! With only one tree, tall grass and some sugar cane!
    The seed is: -8539592294959210395
    You spawn on the main island, in an Ocean biome.
    There is another island at x:136, y:64, z:-23, smaller than the main one.
    Underground, there are some epic cave systems (that I often get lost in) and lots of lava poops pools.


    The island with red wool marking where you spawn:

    One of the caves, taken in my survival world save:
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  2. VastZeratos

    VastZeratos New Member

    Another one from me:

    Seed: "Rapsodia" OR "386146623" (Both work the same but i thought I'll write them here anyway...)

    Biomes: Meadows, Ex.Jungle, M.Taiga, Savanna, Shrulblands, Autumn Forest + some more further from spawn, propably :p

    Screenshot + Map:
    Spawn is near +280, +250
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  3. OrionEnsisJim

    OrionEnsisJim New Member

    This seed for FTB Magic Pack (v5) is excellent. You spawn next to a village and there are about 6 fairly deep oil wells with about 200-400 meters from spawn along with a few silverwood trees. a greatwood tree to the north and a spider infested Greatwood Tree to the southwest. Did I mention that there are cows and sheep everywhere? Chickens are a little harder to find, but i found some to the southeast of the village. In the Nether, There is a fortress 300 blocks west. The Nether, while not nearly as generous as the overworld...does have a nether fortress 300 blocks west or so. What's signicantly less generous is the location of the nearest strong is a long hike and the terrain and local mineshaft have destroyed large sections of it. That being said: This seed literally has EVERYthing that an aspiring magic pack user needs to get started quickly.

    I am numarically dyslexic so if this isn't it i'll fix it when someone let's me know.

    Happy adventuring!
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  4. ictrobot

    ictrobot New Member

    I like this. It likes like Ethos base on the Mindcrack FTB Server
  5. BurningCake

    BurningCake New Member

    All you need now is a giant canyon/crevice running parallel to the mountains. Then, it should be perfect.
  6. Lightningbros

    Lightningbros New Member

    Best Seed Ever!
    I spawned a little ways away (600 blocks) but this is so worth it!
    If you go to the nether about 11 blocks beneath the floor of the church you find yourself right next to a Fortress with a blaze spawner inside a hill, just waiting to be made into a mob grinder!
  7. ictrobot

    ictrobot New Member

    If you look at the mountains as they are in the screen shot and go around to the right there are more jungle mountains with a ravine in front that you can just see.
  8. nicholasiv

    nicholasiv Active Member


    Less amazing with Mystcraft worlds but if you're interested in a mushroom biome spawn island for single player map with any pack that uses ExtraBiomesXL for 1.3.x or above use this seed :)
  9. SublightNova

    SublightNova Member

    Doesn't work.

    At least for FTB 1st mod pack (BETA A, 1.4.2).

    And since you didn't specificy for which modpack/version the seed was I assume it was for a different version.

    >> after trying this yesterday several times, usually landing in the the water in the middle of nowhere i decided to try it again today.

    ALthough the layout is a lot of different from your map there are some similarities so it seems to work a bit at least. :) Lot of randomness in seeds though.

  10. VictorFox

    VictorFox New Member

    How do you get seeds from existing worlds? I ve just found a pretty good survival island world.
  11. Kronossan

    Kronossan New Member

    I think you enter /seed in the chat.
  12. VictorFox

    VictorFox New Member

    -466763500696254256 small (about 30 block length) island in the middle of an ocean, with a single tree and some yellow flowers. There is some oil not far from it. Might be good for survival island type situation
  13. ictrobot

    ictrobot New Member

    Oil generates randomly
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  14. SlickSplit

    SlickSplit New Member


    Seed has high plateaus to build houses on, and some of the largest villages I've ever seen. Digging straight down next to the chest at the blacksmith, within the wasteland village close to spawn, will land safely in a large cave system near bedrock (many exposed ores). Following this cave system runs into a ravine and an abandoned mine. All close to bedrock and easily navigated for a quick start on resources.

    Second village pictured is between two biomes and half on a hill.

    Couple large exposed lava pools on the surface.

    -400,340 another village spread way up a mountain side. :)
    (Difficult to even get it all in one image.)
  15. Oodahn

    Oodahn Member

    I haven't been able to find any decent seeds for the new pack. Anyone else have any luck?
  16. Pip69

    Pip69 Well-Known Member

    Don't have pics handy, but try "Feed The Beast" or -1960741170

    spawns on a cliff ledge, village behind you visible on the expanded minimap, cave opening near the village, spawner somewhere in the cave
    Biomes at villiave: Green Swamp, Green Hills, Alpine,
    Short distance away: Marsh, Mountain Taiga, Autumn Wood, Redwood forest, Mountains desert

    edit: did it for the MindCrack pack
  17. Oodahn

    Oodahn Member

    Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  18. Harro

    Harro Active Member

    Oh My God... used this seed to Dire's modpack.. there is a zombie spawner below the first village (open cave, you can't miss it really)
    and in one of the chests I found a Portal Gun !

  19. VastZeratos

    VastZeratos New Member

    - Bee-friendly seed
    - Go to (0, +280) - it should be near spawn, i my case: (24, 324)
    - Desert, Ice, Woodlands on one small island and around it. + vanilla swampland North-West from island

    Seed: -7944390277081023420

  20. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 Active Member

    Guys, please, when submitting seeds, please put the modpack name with it too, I dont want to put a seed in the mindcrack mod pack just to find its for magic world. -.-
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