Official FTB seed thread.

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  1. ScottWears

    ScottWears New Member

    Hey all *waves* this is the official FTB seed thread.

    I want to keep it as relaxed as possible but I do want to include one rule, please keep screen shots to a maximum of two.

    Guidelines to make an awesome seed post.

    ·Include the seed :)
    ·List any config settings​
    ·Give a description of why you think the seed is awesome​
    ·Co-ordinates are always handy​
    ·Include a maximum of 2 screenshots of the most awesome spots​

    Again this is a guide and post’s won’t be removed if they miss anything.
    Have fun
  2. ScottWears

    ScottWears New Member

    Previous submitted seeds
    Looking around for good 1.4.2 ExtrabiomesXL seeds I was unable to find any good resources so lets create a seed sharing thread to resolve this.

    Include pictures of the seed please.

    I was chasing nice village spawns so the seeds I have are all related to villages.

    Coordinates in x,z format.

    8448723965774887914 - Redwood Forest at Spawn. Village at -270,95: Meadow bordered by Autumn Woods and Forest and Ice Wasteland.

    -4150807124875998501 - Village at 0,254: Meadow with Snowy Rainforest, Extreme Hills and Ocean.

    -106650124623743674 - Village at 274,315: Shrubland bordered by Mountain Ridge, Snowy Rainforest and Ocean.

    2095236761369782820 - Village at 3,596: Savanna with Woodlands, Lush Redwoods and Tundra.

    -8103545430603110821 - Village at 239,57: Savanna bordered by Autumn woods, Forest and Ocean.

    Seeds were found with extrabiomesXL version 3.3.0 from the
    FTB beta.
    -8306201030401787093 - Nice open building area with a decent view. Also a fairly large village around +100 +100.

    {v3.3.0 FTB Beta}

    -1988968635 - / - Nice cave 1 block away from spawn and a village straight north.
    -217333311 - - Large village with quite the bronze-worker in a nice valley.
    -1012222381 - - Mountain village and a near-by sand temple in the middle of a river; nice set of mountains with tunnels going through (back right of the image).
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  3. Judgebot

    Judgebot New Member

    Also, in MaxFireStorm's stream and Jadedcat's you can do !seed and get their current seed!! ;)
  4. A_Li_N

    A_Li_N New Member

    I found an ... interesting one. 'Tekkit' I cannot provide any images or info as when you create it, the game returns to the main menu. When you try to open it after that, the game freezes.

    Biased? :p

    Edit: Yeah, definitely biased! I tried Technic as well and had the same results.
  5. Oodahn

    Oodahn New Member

    I did Tekkit. With my current XLBiomes settings, it started me out in Savanna near 3 or 4 other biomes. Pretty good mix, but not spectacular. :)
  6. VastZeratos

    VastZeratos New Member

    I found this one :

    -Spawn in 0,0 point
    - X shaped river exactly on spawnpoint.
    - Biomes in X's "corners" - Desert,Tundra,Shrublands, Savanna ... so, great for bees
    -Village north-west from spawn
    -Small lavapool on south side
    -Extreme jungle on south-east and west sides...but You propably already noticed :p

    Oh and remember that Oil can spawn in difrent places in Your world :)
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  7. Beliar58

    Beliar58 New Member

    i am really looking for a survival island seed if anyone found one pls tell me :)
  8. JustcallmeJJ

    JustcallmeJJ New Member

    I think I found a pretty neat seed. It has two villages close together both with smithy's although only one has epic loot.

    ~begin transmission~

    Seed: Feed the beast
    Gen: default
    Epicness: close to this song


    The first village is near spawn and is situated in a shrubland biome surrounded by savanna and wasteland.
    This village contains smithy however its chest doesn't anything special.

    West from this village lies another village (coords: x -678 z 293) which contains an beekeeper as well as an smithy
    whose chest contains pretty epic loot.

    This 2nd village is situated near a surface ravine, two entrances to a vast network of caves, ravines and abandoned mines and a surface entrance to a zombie dungeon with also epic loot.

    Between these two villages lies a dessert which contains at least two surface dungeons, loot not checked.

    Image showing layout second village:

    Note on image: mod specific terrain features will vary per generation.

    ~end transmission~
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  9. cmwatford

    cmwatford New Member

    This seed doesn't seem to work for me. Did you change any of the worldgen settings?
  10. VastZeratos

    VastZeratos New Member

    I don't think so...No, no changes.
    Oodahn gave me 'like' so I think it worked for him...
  11. cmwatford

    cmwatford New Member

    The map you sent me has a different seed than what you posted.
    It's -1534630815425603831 Looks like you forgot the last three digits when you posted.
    But thanks for the map.
  12. VastZeratos

    VastZeratos New Member

    Damn, I had to delete part of that number when I pasted link to imgur...
    Thanks for the info. I already fixed that in my first post. :)
  13. Celldweller

    Celldweller New Member

    I'm curious how to make normal seed generation work in FTB. A friend and I are using a seed called "cheppa" its full of resources tons of diamonds at level darn near right under the main village but "cheppa" in FTB is completely different then "cheppa" in vanilla 1.4 I even tried to disable the BiomeXL mod and move the config file completely out but that didn't work at all. What could be causing this seed to load differently from normal. We had a server with Forestry, Ic2, buildcraft, ee3, you name it but our seed worked fine before. Any takers? Here's the link to the original seed:
  14. BruteMan

    BruteMan New Member

    if you want a survival island natural seed try seed "21"
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  15. kells117

    kells117 New Member

    Check what version your minecraft is and what version your FTB is that might have made a difference
  16. minor98

    minor98 New Member

    Hey all this is the best seed for Bee people and people who like scenery.
    Pics: [​IMG]


    Also has a lot of other good starting off stuff in the blacksmith.

    Latest Vershion
  17. Ironface077

    Ironface077 New Member

    Anyone find a seed with a witch hut near by yet?
  18. Oodahn

    Oodahn New Member

    lol WUT o_O

    That's the highest oil spout I've seen. And that Village?! lol

    Seed: -7232935610783782886

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Iscamania

    Iscamania New Member

    Haha! That's a nice one! And it's even better with some palm trees in the desert:


    I think I'll play this map for a while. Thanks for your post. :)
  20. TheConfuZzledDude

    TheConfuZzledDude New Member

    Was playing, and found this:

    Seed: El Unicornio Espacial
    (That means Space Unicorn btw)[​IMG]

    But go to -97, 270, and you'll see a cave. Go in, and there's a spider spawner in plain view, with great loot, and if you dig to the left a bit, there's a zombie spawner!

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