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    Modpack News

    We have released a new map for our SMP retro 1.2.5 pack. Due to it being an extremely old pack, it is only available on the legacy launcher.


    A new, 1.12 version of our Horizons modpack is in development. Like in it's previous iterations, this pack is designed to showcase mods that aren't commonly found in FTB modpacks. We're hoping for a release sometime this month.

    We have also officially started development on our as yet unnamed expert mode pack for 1.12. We're planning to start testing shortly after Horizons releases.


    Java 9 has released and is not yet compatible with Minecraft Forge. If you are using the twitch app, it will automatically keep using the correct version of Java, but if you are using the legacy launcher, do not update to Java 9.


    [Edit by Quetzi: Clarified that it is Forge that isn't compatible with Java 9]
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  2. Migmag789

    Migmag789 Member

    First! of my god. I miss the old 1.2.5 modpack. Shiny.

    EDIT : Wheres the map download link ? o_O
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  3. BrickVoid

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    Are we supposed to break any of that? I'm going to play single-player and if the sapling generation goes south, I will break anything and everything that might give me a sapling chance! :D

    Edit: if you could release a single-player version that would be great, too! It'd be nice to play on an updated map.

    Cheers ...

  4. I9hdkill

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    Minecraft is 100% compatible with Java 1.9 since the first dev releases over a year ago.
  5. Quetzi

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    While this may be true for vanilla Minecraft, this is absolutely not true for any forge based install. Bearing in mind that this community is primarily a modded community, while you aren't technically wrong, that statement isn't particularly relevant. You have to remove some of the regularly used launch arguments to even get vanilla to launch with Java 9, though as the Minecraft launcher ships with Java 8 it won't affect the vast majority of players, including those that use the Twitch app to play their packs. What we can say for certain is that right now, the FTB launcher will not work with Java 9.
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  6. modmuss50

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    After you have updated the pack (to version 2 I think?) When you go to create a new world you will see a new button that will allow you to pick either map.

    If you wish to play it on a server, the map can be found in the maps directory.
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  7. DinnerBeef

    DinnerBeef Active Member

    The Map Is Out OMG (Map Team Joke)
  8. UnRealDinnerbone

    UnRealDinnerbone Active Member

    it is on the old ftb launcher, go the pack and you what version "2"
  9. Migmag789

    Migmag789 Member

    Oh cool, thank you ^^
  10. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Active Member

    Now the question is, when will Horizons release?
  11. Migmag789

    Migmag789 Member

  12. ChristineB

    ChristineB New Member

    yep, we want the horizons :p

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