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Jul 24, 2013
*ahem* Some of us are more patient than others, and obviously you have been patient for some time and are rather fed up with the lack of communication and such. This is understandable, but I think it went a bit out of control here.

I do think that it is rather rude to call my forum buddy a "parrot" who is "championing them for their hard work" when you think they have done nothing. All he said was that you were being disrespectful, and, in all honesty, you kind of are. A lot. Also, @Padfoote had just told us to stop name-calling and personal attacks.

I completely understand your desire for increased communication from the FTB team, and I even support you on this. A quick (actually) weekly hi would be really nice just to know that our devs are still alive and breathing. If life gets in the way, knowing that would tell us that it's the reason why the pack is delayed.

I do however, think that one should not insult the people who run this place, even if either them or you feel attacked, especially since they carry the almighty banhammer. ;) A simple apology would probably do the trick, and also get everyone to calm the freak down. Seriously, everyone, calm the freak down.

In addition, I'd like to add that nobody is being paid for any of their involvement here. Not the mod developers. Not the pack makers.

I could understand the lack of patience IF we were paying for DLC, but we're not. In fact one of the games I've played on-line since 2006 went through an 18-month period of similar behavior in their forums... It was just over a year before we found out that the reason no new content or info was being released was due to a lawsuit between two partner companies. Sometimes things happen for reasons, and in that case one partner ended up losing their exclusive electronic rights to the IP in question.
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Mar 26, 2014
Seems that there needs a new rank added for special people who think they see something in a post that isn't there, the new Rank: White Hat FB.

Really, where in my post did I ask anything about a release date? I didn't. I asked for there to be more communication between pack maker and community. That is it. But yet you claim and copy and paste a reply about not giving release dates. I'm physically blind in one eye. I have an excuse to misread things, what is yours?

As monthly news update being the quick updates... Again what calendar are you using? Monthly News update implies there actually a monthly update which so far hasn't been one. And I know of a couple of times when the vaulted Monthly Update never happened. So don't claim them as the quick updates. I gave you an example. Have a thread for the pack where the Pack maker(s) can shoot off a quick post let us know they are still alive and kicking and they are still testing the Pack. It's not that hard.

In other words learn to read AND understand a post before chiming in with half the information.
As stated in past updates the person writing the Monthly updates was in the precess of moving and couldn't update for that month. On other times there wasn't any thing to update about so the decided to not make an update for that month. So yes sometimes there isn't a monthly update. That beings said it has already been stated that there will be a dec update covering who is play the alpha for the new pack/s. Also you stated in the comment quoted that no one asked for a Release date but clearly in the comment I quote you said " Now in that possible post there are no hopeful ETA's or anything," My post both informed you that the monthly updates were the updates you were asking for and that they don't give eta/ release dates/ what ever other word/s someone can come up with to describe when some pack will be out. Also it has been stated in detail in other updates why they have had to move to new versions. I would like to also point out that these people that work in FTB do so for free in the spare time. This is not a game dev company it is a modding community. Also again there is more then one place to get updates as the post to reddit and twitter. Note the Dec update was just released 6 hours ago.
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