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  1. I'm hoping that the new pack will have either OpenComputers or ComputerCraft :/
  2. I honestly don't think ComputerCraft is going to be updated with the new pack. I feel like dan is getting ready to pass on the torch when he open-sourced computercraft.
  3. atomicgermx69

    atomicgermx69 New Member

    Are we getting any news on the expert pack this year.(year sounds more dramatic then December):p
  4. There is a 1.12 version of ComputerCraft, but more and more I see newer packs support OpenComputers.. which I still enjoy. I just hope that they at least add that.
  5. drkravenxin

    drkravenxin New Member

    What I want to know is what calendar FTB pack makers are using? I ask this simply for the fact it seems a month to them is a year or more for us. Also are they making/testing these packs once a full moon on the 19th cycle when the planets are aligned?

    Am I sounding irritated? Yes I am. I am also sick(literally). Is it so hard to make a quick post about the status of things? Just some like: "Hey all we are still ironing out a few things/bugs that showed up. We are hoping to get them squashed and fixed. Keep checking in!" Now in that possible post there are no hopeful ETA's or anything, but enough to let us know you are still working on the pack and not sitting on your thumbs which would make actually doing anything pretty difficult. What I am getting at as well as few others is the fact there is NO ACTUAL COMMUNICATION. Once a month we get news update. And for the last year or better you have jumped from version to version for the Expert pack. We get that you all have real lives to live. But it takes maybe 15mins to make a quick update post letting the community know what is going on. You want us to have patience but our patience is wearing thin and that is due to the lack of communication.

    In other words get your acts together decide if your community is important enough to you to keep us around or let us know you don't give a flyin hoot and we can move on to something/someone who actually gives a thought to their community.
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  6. RabidHampsta

    RabidHampsta Guest

    I have to agree, it is just a little effort on your part to keep communication coming so those of us that are rabid fans can feel like you care, that we care. I look forward to hearing about what you are working on, I don't need definitive dates, I would just like to hear something. I find myself asking if I am the only one wondering if you guys fell off of the face of the earth, looking back to your past posts to indicate when I should look forward to hearing from you. I looked up your twitter feed to find out any information. I have googled and found nothing. Good communication is priceless to your fans.
  7. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    The monthly news post are the quick updates. They are have never nor will ever give a time table for pack releases so whenm they say a month it just means what is exspected by them but not to be taken as a release date. This is because they "Don't Give Release Dates"
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  8. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    You're more patient and polite than I would have been, Magz. Oof.
  9. atomicgermx69

    atomicgermx69 New Member

    I always find it interesting how some have to put on the white knight defender armor and come riding in. First off I didn't see anyone demanding a release date. Implying that is a attempt to derail someone legitimate complainant about there view of the break down of communication from FTB . Lets be honest a lot that has been said about the expert pack in the last year that has not happen ,changed etc. and in the thread someone asked about about FTB one video of new pack and was answered on Dec. 5 a December update was coming in a few days its been a week later and it going on the Christmas holiday then 2018 I can understand how some feel, with wanting more communication on current state of said expert pack and I can understand how people patience seem to be running low it just human nature.
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  10. drkravenxin

    drkravenxin New Member

    Seems that there needs a new rank added for special people who think they see something in a post that isn't there, the new Rank: White Hat FB.

    Really, where in my post did I ask anything about a release date? I didn't. I asked for there to be more communication between pack maker and community. That is it. But yet you claim and copy and paste a reply about not giving release dates. I'm physically blind in one eye. I have an excuse to misread things, what is yours?

    As monthly news update being the quick updates... Again what calendar are you using? Monthly News update implies there actually a monthly update which so far hasn't been one. And I know of a couple of times when the vaulted Monthly Update never happened. So don't claim them as the quick updates. I gave you an example. Have a thread for the pack where the Pack maker(s) can shoot off a quick post let us know they are still alive and kicking and they are still testing the Pack. It's not that hard.

    In other words learn to read AND understand a post before chiming in with half the information.
  11. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    That's a fascinating bit of text about reading more into words than people have said, all things considered.
    Likewise. And you might want to tone down the hostility and sarcasm there, friend.

    This is veering rapidly into off-topic territory. I apologise to the thread author for my part in it.
  12. drkravenxin

    drkravenxin New Member

    It is really difficult to not be sarcastic and maybe a little hostile in replies when all we get are cookie cutter replies.

    If I wanted cookie cutter replies I contact a gaming companies support center.

    But the issue still remains. There are members of this community that would like for those who make the packs to either a) Post a quick comment on a thread dedicated to the pack, or b) Nominate someone to do it for them.

    Example Post:

    "Maker of Pack"
    Hey all, we are still testing and bug fixing. Sorry it is taking so long. Keep checking in for more updates!

    End Example Post

    How hard is that? All those of us complaining want is to know the maker(s) are still around, and what part they are working on be it test and or bug fixing or even public releases of mods.

    Also November ended 13 days ago.
  13. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    The problem is that more often than not, there isn't much to say. As a result, most monthly news thread would become like your example posts and if that happens people would quickly loose interest in the news threads.

    If that happens people won't get the news if something interesting actually does happen.

    Now, no news-> is the same as your example post, meaning that if a news thread shows up everyone knows that it contains at least some useful information. This causes interest in these thread to stay high and thus makes sure that news reach those that want to hear it.

    Maybe calling it monthly news isn't correct, but that is another discussion.
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  14. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Relax with the name calling and personal attacks.

    I really don't care if you guys continue the discussion, just be respectful and relax a bit with attacking each other.
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  15. drkravenxin

    drkravenxin New Member

    I think the biggest problem is the fact those of use who are waiting for the expert pack are fast coming to the conclusion it is nothing but dream like a certain mod that for the longest time was "coming soon" but never left 1.4.7.

    They announced that an expert was being worked on now on 3 different versions of Minecraft. 1.12.2 being the latest. I'm waiting for them to announce instead of 1.12.2 they decided to move to a different version. This is why a good portion of the community is so frustrated/irritated with FTB.

    And don't come in stating about stability or the version or what have you. We know. every new version it is claimed development was delayed for the next major version or what have you. What we see when you say this:

    We are being lazy and want to use new or updated mods that have this this and this.

    So yeah those of us waiting are irritated and frustrated.
  16. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Careful there, friend. How confident about the size of the portion of the community you've decided to speak for are you?

    Seriously? Seriously?!

    There are words for how you're coming across, and I'm not going to say some of them because I like not being banned.

    Disrespectful, I would say is a fair one.
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  17. drkravenxin

    drkravenxin New Member

    And yet again you only take a portion of the post.

    Those of us who see decision to wait or move to a newer version of minecraft see the excuses or decision as being lazy. How is stating what we see being disrespectful when it is our opinion. While your running around the forums championing them for their hard work, we see a guy being a parrot. All we want is better communication between the pack makers and the community. That is all we have ever asked for but we get pulled into these arguments/whatever by people who think we are attacking them.
  18. Byromaniac

    Byromaniac Guest

    You're right to want better communication but calling the devs lazy is counter productive.
    I think you make it almost tempting for them to add an extra round of testing so please refrain.
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  19. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    I wasn't sure I was going to say something on this current topic or not. But they only point I will agree on is a little more communication from the FTB team. But, I know they like me are working on what they can for an Expert pack. But, they are also waiting for certain key mods and support for them to come out. Specifically, at present there is no craft tweaker support for Botania. I know this because the dev team I'm part of was discussing this very issue over the past few days. So the only piece of advise I can give is be patient. It will get here when it gets here. There is a lot of things that pack devs are dependent on that are completely out of our control.
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  20. triggerfinger12

    triggerfinger12 Well-Known Member

    *ahem* Some of us are more patient than others, and obviously you have been patient for some time and are rather fed up with the lack of communication and such. This is understandable, but I think it went a bit out of control here.

    I do think that it is rather rude to call my forum buddy a "parrot" who is "championing them for their hard work" when you think they have done nothing. All he said was that you were being disrespectful, and, in all honesty, you kind of are. A lot. Also, @Padfoote had just told us to stop name-calling and personal attacks.

    I completely understand your desire for increased communication from the FTB team, and I even support you on this. A quick (actually) weekly hi would be really nice just to know that our devs are still alive and breathing. If life gets in the way, knowing that would tell us that it's the reason why the pack is delayed.

    I do however, think that one should not insult the people who run this place, even if either them or you feel attacked, especially since they carry the almighty banhammer. ;) A simple apology would probably do the trick, and also get everyone to calm the freak down. Seriously, everyone, calm the freak down.
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