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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. JMakAttak3

    JMakAttak3 Active Member

    Wait a minute.
    Mindcrack Pack = LeafGreen
    Direwolf20 Pack =
    And Slowpoke is behind it all... Hmmm...
  2. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 Active Member

    Haha, love that music that comes with it!! :D
  3. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Greg (from gregtech) says trolololol guys
  4. Thuulstrea

    Thuulstrea Active Member

    Gotta catch them all....
  5. JMakAttak3

    JMakAttak3 Active Member

    Any servers running a trial, without a whitelist or with a quick application yet? ^_^
  6. CrazyAL

    CrazyAL Member

    Confused.... Why is there a mindcrack pack? just curious as to why when I would assume FTB's main pack to replace the beta one will be pretty much be the same... or am I missing something?
  7. ixiboneheadixi

    ixiboneheadixi New Member

    so whats the difference between the packs like just different mods? and will there be a pack that has all the mods
  8. McSick

    McSick New Member

    Hey all I am running a whitelist server. I myself can't seem to find the mindcrack pack in my launcher but I do have a server running it. PM if you wanna get some details....AND anyone feel free to give me advice on to fix my launcher XD
  9. AnDroid

    AnDroid Member

    Yeah, it will be ultimate pack soon :)

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  10. Shane_C

    Shane_C New Member

    so when will the full update be out? i mean including redpower and such
  11. AnDroid

    AnDroid Member

    RP included in mindcrack pack, very soon i think will appear ForgeCraft pack and than ultimate pack (contains all mods) :)

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  12. ixiboneheadixi

    ixiboneheadixi New Member

    why are they having different packs anyway? why not only do unltimatepack wit hall mods and if you dont like part of a mod just dont use it
  13. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Possibly: Because some YouTubers respect the way things are done around here and asked if a modpack, specific to what they want to do, could be made for them.
  14. Dirty_Weegie

    Dirty_Weegie Active Member

    Is it just me or is Traincraft missing?
  15. Quostin

    Quostin New Member

    I just tried the mindcrack modpack, and it's really laggy, and killing my FPS right out of the gate. Hopefully it was just a bad load and doesn't carry over to FTBBeta Modpack.
  16. HerbertIzMe

    HerbertIzMe Active Member

    Mindcrack Client missing a few mods? Computer Craft, CC Turtle, and TC? all I am getting when connecting to a server.... Does not show up in mod list either?
  17. Ray Herring

    Ray Herring Active Member

    It was already asked and answered back on Page 1 and 2 i believe, but the answer wasn't the one i am hoping for.

    How do i get the server version for the Mindcrack pack? i don't use windows for my server, i use Debian (no GUI) so i can't get it via the launcher.[DOUBLEPOST=1356303167][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Not necessarily missing them. The Mindcrack pack will have been commissioned by the Mindcrack server (ie. they paid for it to be made) and they would have hand picked every mod they wanted in it.
  18. vineet

    vineet Member

    When are the others coming out?
  19. HerbertIzMe

    HerbertIzMe Active Member

    But the server side version has them. Scratching my head.

    What I am saying is, the server version HAS those mods, the client version does NOT. Trying to find out whether this is error or not.
  20. Ray Herring

    Ray Herring Active Member

    n/m, i figured out how to get it.
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