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Mojang Reps Saying Modders Can't Have Terms on Their Mods

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by KirinDave, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Metallurgy Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Read Marc's quote in the thread on Minecraft Forums.

    He basically confirmed Curse can police their forums how they see fit and the moderation teams have said they'll be keeping the same rules. So they will be shutting down mods that contain "stolen" content, regardless of EULA. As a private website they aren't bound by it and can completely choose to drop mods off the site for any reason they see fit.

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    The really interesting one would be if someone used this as justification for releasing their own version of Forge based entirely on the current Forge's code now wouldn't that be a nice thorny knot?
    Forge is a mod for Minecraft and is under the definition of this isn't it?
  3. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    I fail to see how that is 'sticking up for' anyone. Curse is, as you just said, a single private website. It's about like trying to plug Hoover Dam with your finger.
  4. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Metallurgy Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Its the largest modding site there is at the moment for Minecraft mods and by far the most popular forum outlet. I think its safe to say they have a fair bit of control over the situation.
  5. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I'd have to examine the situation specifically rather than imagine a mutable hypothetical.
  6. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Ummm... the minecraft forums seem to be far more popular, considering that's where all of the posts for mods that don't have their own website can be found for the mod packs I am involved in. Curse is only just now getting popular because FTB is asking mod authors to switch over.

    So no, not really a whole lot of control.
  7. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Metallurgy Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Curse IS the Minecraft Forums..
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  8. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    you do realize curse and MCF are the same right?
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  9. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Yea, but they aren't utilizing the curse modder functions like mods such as Buildcraft are currently utilizing. In other words, all the code itself is not hosted on Curse, thus the mod itself can be distributed practically anywhere.[DOUBLEPOST=1390631306][/DOUBLEPOST]
    MCF can't really do anything without violating its own open source license agreements.
  10. Necr0maNceR

    Necr0maNceR Member

    Uhh, dude? I was commenting on the fact you said you wouldn't need to ask for permissions anymore, and I was saying why that would be a bad idea and you shouldn't do that. Then you go acting like the service of rooting out bugs for modders supersedes the need to act for permission to use their mods in a pack. I can assure you, it does not. You're going to need to keep asking for permission so long as mod authors request it, or you're going to burn a lot of bridges.
  11. numbertheo

    numbertheo New Member

    Community support is going to be the only real protection that modders get. How many mod developers are going to summon the lawyers when someone violates their license?

    Fortunately, it seems that mod developers are getting decent support in this area. As a community, we should respect the developers and their work.

    On a more practical note, I doubt that it will be easy to put together a mod pack of any significant size if the mod developers aren't willing to help.
  12. WTFFFS

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    Mutable Hypothetical? true
    but possible? also true
    likely? that one is more of a maybe but considering that someone did (specifically with RP2) when it was considered to be far more of a legal issue I would mark it as likely.
    It depends of your definition of a "modpack of significant size" I could distribute my personal packs both of which run 120-180 mods with no issues (both tested by me playing them and I tend toward "power gamer") with a few hours of setup (also it may cost money but that is not insurmountable). Advertising the fact would be a little more problematical but I can see a few avenues to do so.

    Would I however? not a fucking chance, since I also tend toward ethical behaviour and I respect the hours of effort the mod devs put in to enhance my enjoyment of this game (I don't sadly have the financial situation to be able to support them materially but the thought is there, I do deliberately download all mods and update my packs regularly via the ad.fly links though)
  13. immibis

    immibis Forum Addict Mod Developer

    You can already do that.

    Modpack permissions didn't matter before, except for politeness, and to make modders not want to add disruptive code to their mods (which they can still do).
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  14. Hambeau

    Hambeau Forum Addict

    You're not the only one with a low opinion of, let's call them end-users.

    In my 10 years as a Lan/Network Engineer for a major long distance telecommunications company I've seen the gamut, from managers that only bought 2 copies of software because there were 2 of us to install it on all 350+ workstations (during the 90's, when they were holding Lan Administrators criminally accountable for such occurrences, no less) to later, management-decreed sweeps of user accounts on our servers and e-mail looking for illegally downloaded music/video to be discussed at performance reviews and/or disciplinary action, to one "porn" aficionado's dismay. Boy, did WE become popular...

    To Joe user, they play music on the radio so it's free, right? If videos weren't free they'd do more to keep them off-line, right?

    The public, as a whole, has no respect for Intellectual Property, probably because, as a whole, "Intellectual" doesn't apply to a mob.
  15. un worry

    un worry Well-Known Member

    I saw this copyright infringement/takedown notice posted on the reddit thread. So would this no longer be an option for mod devs under the proposed EULA?
  16. Bagman817

    Bagman817 Well-Known Member

    Project Red didn't feel the need for a justification. Original code or no, it's a straight rip off of RP2. Which pretty much points out that this is pretty much a non-issue. Mod licences may or may not be legal, but they are pretty much un-enforceable. By the same token, as it stands, Mojang would have a difficult time preventing mods from existing, and as long as there's no revenue generation, it would not be in their best interest to try.
    Nothing has really changed. I believe as a decent human being, you should respect content creators via permissions. That said, there will always be people that don't, and there always will be.
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  17. Grydian2

    Grydian2 Well-Known Member

    Marc has tried his best to make this clear. First off mod authors would be unable to prove in court that they "lost" anything from a mod being used against their will since the EULA specifically says you cannot make money off of mods. Second owning minecraft gives you the right to use mods that are released and available to download anywhere on the internet. I dont think that means they can steal your code necessarily but it does mean flowerchild, greg, CJ, and others cant put game crashing code into the mod that attacks the end user. I love how everyone is blaming the user for this when its clear to me several bad behaving mod authors have pushed Mojang to finally have to define this grey area. Let me make this really clear for people who are confused about this. Minecraft is a game made by someone other then the mod authors. They really cant say how the mod should be addressed or handled or anything really. Its still Minecraft. That's really all Mojang is saying. All mods are Minecraft and we all own Minecraft. Pretty simple to me.
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  18. Lathanael

    Lathanael The Eye <o> Mod Database Admin

    And pretty wrong. Have a read on US, EU or most of the others copyright laws, even the Mojang EULA can not overrule this! As this is coming from Marc it's even worse. All this bs about permissions and how they have to be handled makes me sick.

    All this can only result in a loss for our communtiy and in the end for Minecraft itself.
  19. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Thanks but NO this drama can stay on Reddit and the MCF. Our permissions system is based on respect for the modders as fellow humans not legality.

    I suggest you discuss this somewhere where "legality" is a concern as opposed to "polite and respectful".

    Further threads on this topic will be deleted as flamebait.

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