Mekanism: Feature Request Thread


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Dec 8, 2012
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Old post is old, but this is one of the top Google hits for ["digital miner" griefing].

Digital miner does not respect the Grief Prevention plugin, but it's easy to stop things like the Equal Trade Focus. Is there a good way to prevent digital miner griefing? The best I can do currently is to force it to be placed at least 16 blocks from somebodies claim. Of course, with a radius of 32, this isn't full proof.
Old post from a different version of MC, and vastly different versions of both Mekanism and the Grief Prevention plugin. The only way to get them to work is to go back to 1.5.x. Otherwise, ask the mod author for the Grief Prevention plugin to work with the Digital Miner.


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm asking here because the topic has already been discussed here by Vaygrim. If you're not Vaygrim and you don't have an answer to the question, then there's really no need to respond.
Hi, I'm replying to this because you didn't have to common sense to use a PM to talk to someone when it was targeted at a specific person. This is a bit like using twitter as email.


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Jul 29, 2019
I just coded this for Mekanism v8:


It's basically a cool looking way for you to visually see your Digital Miner's range. It updates whenever you change the values in it's configuration, too.

I've also added "Fuzzy Mode" to the ItemStack Filter, which when active forces the Digital Miner to ignore metadata values on that specific filter:
(image snipped)

Oh man, this feature will be much appreciated. The miner doesn't mine above it, does it? I assume the vertical range on those ghost blocks is to make it obvious even on uneven terrain, such as you have pictured. Any chance of that going into a V7 update, or do we have to sit tight for V8 to see it?

Barring that, can you clarify the radius setting? The miner is a 3x3x3 "machine" with the max radius of 32, it's mining a square 65 blocks by 65 blocks, centered on the miner, down to bedrock..correct? I suppose I could launch a test-map, and set a filter of * fed by a creative energy cell to see for myself...didn't think of that before now. :p

Well I don't really need sleep anyway, so documenting it for anyone else who couldn't visualize. Set the filter to *. Setting a 1 radius created a 3x3 hole under the miner, moving up from bedrock, working from the far-right corner. Setting a 3-radius created a 7x7 hole. 32-radius I didn't let finish, but the area cleared was 65 blocks long. So, you can't mine exactly within the 16x16 Minecraft chunks, but by watching your coordinates, and using a Bibliocraft tape measure or similar measuring utility, one can optimally mine areas without any overlap or missed area.

3x3 radius results:


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Jul 29, 2019
IIRC, it does mine above.
It did (or at least I remembered it did...) mine the ceiling when I placed it down in the Nether.


I don't know why I cannot use the digital miner, I just did not appear in the NEI or JET, even in creative mode, I just don't know why, anyone can tell me?