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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by BaileyH, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Antony7_13

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    Hi there !
    I've run into the same bug and the same thing happen when i try to craft a node stabilizer. No idea why.
  2. Nivix

    Nivix New Member

    I apologize for the late reply -- but Ars Magica is no longer under development and this was one of the bugs which the mod authors could not remedy: https://github.com/Mithion/ArsMagica2/issues/1479
  3. sizik

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    как скачать ????
  4. Nivix

    Nivix New Member

    @sizik, we cannot help you if you do not speak English.
  5. sizik

    sizik Guest

    tell me how to download?
  6. MrMonsterGuy18

    MrMonsterGuy18 Well-Known Member

    I'm loving this modpack. It is teaching me how to use Aura Cascade
  7. Nivix

    Nivix New Member

  8. lloryap

    lloryap Guest

    issue with botania there is a bug where if you dont have 2 rings in your slot and you die you will get a extra ring (band of mana i was using) also would like to see the achevment book more streamlined to allow progression though the mods more after a certain point it just lets you do just about anything a slower progression would be easier as i have had to use forms and videos to progress through the later part of the mods because there is no direction.

    bumed there is no veinminer or a resource pack in this farming saplings for witchery took forever and ores also. ended up just today putting in veinminer as it was gettin boring grinding so much and not progressing.

    But thx great mod pack so far. looking to finishing it
  9. ElvosTsang

    ElvosTsang Guest

    When I am playing this pack, I can't finish the last quest of blood magic, which is making a ritual diviner that can place both dusk and dawn ritual stone.Even I have made 2 of them, I still can't finish the quest.Is it a bug?
  10. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    This pack is frankly ruined by the presence of Thaumic Tinkerer. The Osmotic Enchanter trivializes enchanting so badly its just disappointing really.
    Also - Dark Menagerie. Other than delightfully unkillable elephants what is the point of this?
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  11. LionMaiden

    LionMaiden New Member

    Hi, this error message keeps spamming my console, [Server] WARN Failed to send analytics event data. Result of attempt: ok | Authentication hash used: 2278d6836b2f33d4bc71a812448ee95b | Data sent: [{"install_publisher":"1.8.0_112-b15","install_site":"server","install_campaign":"3.14.32-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64","install_adgroup":"amd64","install_ad":"Linux","install_keyword":"server","user_id":"server5f70ef6c-542b-458d-86c4-c78bfdba4d99","session_id":"1481231630152","build":"unspecified"}]

    Is there anyway to disable this? I disabled the snooper setting on the console and it got rid of the spam but how do I get rid of the game analytics that's causing it?

  12. FlashGun

    FlashGun Guest

    Как её скачать?
  13. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    Lets Summarize v2:
    A delightful pack that provides exposure to a lot of magic mods that I normally don't delve deep into.
    However - when played on servers:

    * What the hell is up with the golemancers bell recipe? The substitute item that is thrown on the ground uses script functions that don't exist or are disabled for players to use on servers. (perhaps craftbukkit related)
    * KAMI should be disabled by default. "hard to make" doesn't compensate for the fact that no tool from any other mod continues to have relevance.
    * Osmotic Enchanting likewise ruins any balance that anyone tried to put into enchanting. At least Vazkii "slightly" considered balance for Bontania's Enchant anything.
    * There are way too many ways to sneak items into the Dream Realm. Witching Gadgets cloak, Thaumcrafts travelling chest. etc.
    * The version of Roguelike Dungeons is spawning dungeons in the End and Nether - the dream realm too, which will provide another avenue to get cross dimensional item transfer.
    * Seriously - Why is Dark Menangerie included? The mobs have no drops, no aspects, add nothing to any of the magic mods, and the elephants only take void damage, and spawn in implausible locations.
    * The version of Ars Magica used doesn't represent etherium as a proper fluid.

    Sever / Non Forge / CraftBukkit specific problems:
    * Witchery self infusions cannot be applied as the death protection poppits death protection only works on pure forge / doesn't work on craftbukkit.
    * Similarly, the Thaumic Horizons "Vat" and Soul Beacon can apply a new body, but again the death prevention fails and the server treats it as a death (decrementing the HQM counter etc.).
    * HQM has major performance issues and is prone to chunking its json file based "db".
    * Many HQM quests require the player to possess items that are commonly banned/disabled on servers - pretty much anything that can break blocks at range.
    * Ars Magica looses player spell levels whenever players return to the overworld.

    Some comments WRT HQM:
    The HQM for Witchery makes the "Mirror" option available way too early as there are other quests that introduce circle magic and summoning demons later.
    Likewise there is an abrupt transition from basic necromancy to creating a stone that, as far as I can see, requires a long term established base in the dream realm (if played properly. As above there are numerous ways to cheese this and simply bring a brewing setup over from the overworld).
    The Thaumcraft HQM quests actually push the user to using Osmotic Enchanting.
    The Aura Cascade HQM doesn't seem to do a good job of actually showing the player how to do something useful. Or I am too dim to figure it out.
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  14. Halavy

    Halavy New Member

    I've been having an issue with this pack that makes some sort of Z fighting issue for some reason. I don't have optifine installed but periodically mostly ars magica blocks they become almost translucent... Not sure what to do..
  15. Drovosek_228

    Drovosek_228 Guest

    Вообще, как скачать?
  16. Halavy

    Halavy New Member

    So I did a bit more looking into what my original issue was. I'm not sure if it's z fighting so much as a rendering issue. I took screen shots of the current issue.


    It only looks like that sometimes. Often times if I look away from it while it's still in view it might go to normal but when I look at it head on, problem comes back...
  17. KyMaR

    KyMaR Guest

    А как устоновить ?
  18. Misha_Genry

    Misha_Genry Guest

    почему я не могу скачать этот набор в лаунчере ?
  19. Daniilplay

    Daniilplay Guest

    Как скачать
  20. Quetzi

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    Clearly this pack has a Russian audience as well :) While they aren't speaking English they are just asking how to install the pack, this is not spam so no need to report it as spam, you can report as non English if you feel like a moderator needs to be brought in though.

    @FlashGun @Drovosek_228 @KyMaR @Misha_Genry @Daniilplay Обратите внимание, что на форуме только на английском языке. Инструкции по установке этого пакета можно найти в первом посте.
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