[Listed] 1.7.10 - Simply Magic [HQM][Magic][Light][Tutorial-Themed]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by BaileyH, Jan 13, 2016.

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    It is Crafttweaker/Modtweaker script causing it. Vanilla Disables.zs is the script file that controls all the vanilla tools and weapons. It's designed that way to get you to use magical versions.
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    Thx kindly for confirmation

    ARANDERS Guest

    So I've never downloaded a mod (or a mod pack, for that matter, without help) before, so please excuse my ignorance.
    I'm either blind, don't know where to find it, or it isn't there- I don't know if this works on any Launchers other than Cursed (or whatever) does it work on Forge; the only launcher I currently have? I'm kind of a lost sheep right now- Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place- but can someone please help?

    (And if anyone is willing to answer; how do I download this in the first place?...)
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    If you're using the twitch launcher, simply search the name "Simply Magic" and it should come up.

    If you're not using the twitch launcher and you aren't familiar with installing or using mods, I recommend you download it from the FTB homepage. Once it's installed you can find the pack. Installing a pack is a one-click install, and it will install forge and all the necessary mods and configs.

    Also forge itself is a way to expose the internal code of minecraft to modders to make it easier for them to mod. It's a pretty much universal requirement for all mods now.

    I don't really look at my forum account that often, so if you have more troubles or questions feel free to PM me.
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    Does anyone know how to make or find a taint biome? I've been looking far and wide and can't find one. I've also been trying to make one with flux goo, but the goo just dissipates over time, what do? Any suggestions are welcome.
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    How to download the Assembly?
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    s1200.png fjg

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