[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

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  1. Green_Razor

    Green_Razor Active Member

    Niether, It is from the fish oil in the sapling storage. I was able to drink water bottles from it before I moved it, but now I can't.
  2. Brock_145

    Brock_145 New Member

    How exactly do i configure the inputs and outputs for mekanism machines correctly? And how exactly can I go about storing RF in this mod pack?
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  3. Zyin

    Zyin New Member

    I've finished playing the pack and overall it was fun. A bit grindy to the point where you need to automate anything and everything just to get by.

    While playing I compiled a list of tips and tricks for people starting the pack. I divided it up into three parts in case you don't want something spoiled as you play through the pack.

    • You can combine your camel pack with any armor in the crafting grid.
    • Rod of the Lands is very useful for creating lots of dirt.
    • You can live off of apples, squid, and one other easily farmable food (I like carrots). You get apples and squid from your tree/squid farm from getting the squid seeds. Eat 5 apples, 5 squid, 5 carrots, then 2-3 dried apples.
    • After getting a pick that can mine obsidian (usually an Aluminite pick) you can get infinite lava under the obsidian layer deep underground.
    • EnderIO's fluid conduits can be made in the early game (sand/gravel/clay/chiseled glass).
    • Repurpose the travel anchors to help you get around your base faster.
    • Wooden rails exist.
    • Don't stop mining all that lapis you find. You will need a lot for world interaction upgrades later on.

    • You don't need to use Flaxbeard's crucible and molds to make brass like the quest book says. You can comebine 3 copper and 1 zinc ingot in the crafting grid BUT this only gives 1 ingot instead of 4 so it is not recommended.
    • Use an Ore Converter to convert copper to Flaxbeard's copper for use in the crucibles.
    • The Roguelike dungeon chests suck. The ones from the fancy villages are better and you can loot the iron doors and anvils to melt down in your smeltery for buttloads of iron.
    • There is an abnormally high amount of diamonds and emeralds by the lava in volcanos near the bottom. I used a BuildCraft filler to fill in all the lava with hardened clay and then mined it out.
    • Make a mob farm as soon as you can. The Primitive Mobs drop loads of iron and gold items that can be melted in the smeltery. Diamond items also drop which can be converted to diamonds in the pressure chamber. Just make sure to made it a good distance away from your base since commanders can spawn mobs outside of the kill room.
    • Before you get machinery you can alchemize cobble into sand with Botania.

    • Use the Auto Enchanter from OpenBlocks to make level 1 books for magical wood (higher level enchants are not producing more magical wood, as it normally does. I think that was changed for this pack).
    • Making Galgadorian Metal is more efficient by using Infused Galgadorian Block instead of making it with the single ingot recipe that uses the blacksmiths anvil.
    • Don't make a Ring of the Mantle. It gives Haste II which you can also get from the MyFit.
    • Drones can be used to automate Flaxbeard's brass ingots production with crucibles and molds.
    • The Wither is no joke. Be prepared. You have been warned.
    • Use the enhanced galgadorian metal quest reward to make an alloy smelter so you can make item conduits.
    • The alter guardians drop amazing chestplates that are unbreakable.
    • Terrashatter + silk touch on asteroids is the best way to get lots of fallen meteors manually, which can then be hammered by a drone for resources.
    • Pneuticraft can be used to take enchants off items and onto books using negative pressure (with a vacuum pump). Has your mob farm produced any items with amazing enchants, such as Efficiency VIII? Mine did.
    • AE logic processors can be used to make printed circuit boards.
    • Electric Arc Furnaces will double your raw meteoric iron output.

    My thoughts on how the packs ends:
    I was disappointed near the end where you just visit the planets and gather a stack of everything on that planet, or find 5 dungeons and kill the 5 bosses which was stupidly boring. I actually stopped playing after I went to mars and watched a couple Lets Plays of people doing the other planets. I also never played HEE so who knows, maybe there's something there at The End.
  4. PrometheanSky

    PrometheanSky Active Member

    There is a second recipe for the heat resistant glass. Quicklime, molten aluminum, and a block of glass in a vat.
  5. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    You aren't supposed to be able to drink that, I am pretty sure that was patched to stop being able to work.

    Just make water from snow, a snow farm is simple and you can get more than enough from one golem.

    Ohhhhhh.... oops. lol
  6. TheLogan

    TheLogan Active Member

    Is it just me or is mariculture kindof broken..? Especially the fish breeder is acting very very weird for me. If I open it up, then it can suddenly show one of the 2 fish as being my camel pack, and if I try to remove the fish they aren't always removed, and suddenly I have 2 camel packs, or something equally odd happens... just feels really unstable. I've also had multiple crashes related to it.
  7. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    The only part I'm finding hard is that if i die once it's game over because it spawns me back out in the middle of nowhere, usually at night, with no equipment. Which quest gives the sync stuff? I don't see anything resembling it.
  8. TheLogan

    TheLogan Active Member


    This sexual relationship they've got going on is just wrong on so many levels...
    I mean for crying out loud, I have to drink from that thing!!
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  9. Grey_Ghost

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    I wish Hardened Clay worked in the compacting drawers, I guess the problem is it doesn't have reverse crafting recipes.

    It's a Minecraft bug for 1.7.10 version. If someone joined you over LAN they would see you (the Host) as Steve too. I just added a resource pack with my skin instead of Steve's to work around it.

    You need to edit the mod in the launcher and disable "SmartCore", "SmartMoving", & "SmartRender". That fixed the armor animation issues for me.
  10. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    That is an awesome way to fix it! You wouldn't be able to help me out with a resource pack, would you?
  11. Grey_Ghost

    Grey_Ghost Member

    Yeah sure, why not? Assuming this is your skin, I'll zip up a quick fix.

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  12. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    Ok I found the problem. The quest states that the glowstone is in a bunker but it's actually near the nether portal. Died a lot before I found this.
  13. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    The bunker was lit by glowstone?
    It is just chiseled to look like something else.
  14. Merfax

    Merfax New Member

    So, killed the Dragon, cannot collect the egg.
    Tried a piston, Item dropper, even the striped pipe.
    What am I missing!
  15. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    Did you have the piston push the egg into a block?
  16. Merfax

    Merfax New Member

    With and without a block. Tried dropping it on a torch too. Is it because I'm playing on Hard? Would a Magnum torch prevent it from dropping (like a spawn)?
    I could let it fall into the Void and spawn one in as a last resort. But not just yet.
  17. iasa

    iasa Member

    Hardcore Ender Expansion changes how you get the Dragon Egg. You need to right click the egg with a sword. I believe a TiC sword should work.
  18. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    Which bunker? The stone one or other metal ones? I'll have to go back in creative and check before my next run.

    Incidentally, whcih mode is best to play on? I've been using /hqm enable at the start but it doesn't seem to work with sync.
  19. felinoel

    felinoel Well-Known Member

    The one I started in when I first played version 1.1.6 of the modpack.
    Whether or not the new bunkers have the same glowstone I don't know, sorry. BUT the glowstone IS chiseled and not recognizable in my version and might be the same for you.
  20. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag Active Member

    I'm on 1.3.1 now. I found a dungeon with some glowstone in the latest map. Still much easier to get it from the nether portal area.

    Edit: Ok I think I figured out the issue. I was playing on a map titled 1.3.3. I downloaded version 1.3.4 of the pack and I got a new map titled 1.3.1. This one seems to have a much different dungeon which does have glowstone in it.

    Edit 2: I updated the HQM to the latest. Still doesn't work properly with sync. There are two options. Play on either map with "/HQM enable" and use the sync stuff simply as a spawn point. When you run out of lives you die, even if you have a clone. Or play on the hardcore map and use "/hqm quest" alongside the sync mod. The second one is probably the more immersive but it may be considered OP as it effectively gives infinite lives. The first one basically wastes the sync mod but is more difficult due to the limited lives. Only problem is there doesn't seem to be a way to increase the number of lives. These should be part of quests as far as I know but they aren't.
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