[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Submitted a new update! Waiting for admins to update it now ;3

    - Added version number to title screen
    - Tinkered with some starting quest rewards! A little easier to survive now!
    - Nerfed spice of life
    - Updated Botania to 1.40
    - Updated Environmine to 1.3.60
    - Updated enderstorage
  2. Lharoi

    Lharoi New Member

    is the pack using the tinkers version from direwolf20's forgecraft 2 lets play? those new tinkers mechanics are awesome..

    if not, will the quest or pack still work if i manually change the version of tinkers to that one?
  3. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    This pack is using TinkerC 1.710 the one from the direwolf20 pack, however it has iguana tweaks that makes the tools less op, could you specify what are the new tinker mechs you are talking about?

    The quests wont break as long as u do not remove TC entirely, and updated version of TC wont break the pack.
  4. Lharoi

    Lharoi New Member

    from direwolf20's lets play it got some new weapons like crossbow, shuriken and the multiblock of smelter has been altered to allow larger than 3x3 smelters, i think dire made a 9x9 smelter

    oh nvm, i just looked at the tinkers forum and that version is still not out, i guess its exclusive for forgecraft2 lets play for testing (longbow hit for like 88 to 95 hp per shot :p, and has a draw time of half a second or 1/4 a second with zoom function)
  5. EagleSausage

    EagleSausage New Member

    Hey am i allowed to upload this on youtube? more people will see this modpack if i do
  6. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Yes you are allowed to.

    Version 1.0.3 is out! save file should be intact with download!
  7. Lharoi

    Lharoi New Member

    1.0.3 is just a save file for the world right?

    i can ignore it and wait till 1.0.4 comes out?
  8. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

  9. Snappedmetal

    Snappedmetal New Member

    how do i survive first night do i have to freeze from cold and wait ?
  10. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    torches warm you, stand next to a torch
    south from base is a gravelpatch
    west is a pillar with easy to kill infernal magmacubes drops good gear
    in the quest with the sword or the axe the axe should be preferred as the magmacubes drops better weps
    centers of the pillars contains best materials
    enjoy even with this info youll struggle, not an easy pack to do :)
  11. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    I Suggest using wooden armor it keeps you warm more, Make a crook to smack the leaves asap cause you will need the sapplings, stand on torches to keep yourself warm.. Do not attempt to fight the mobs at day 1, let them burn to death... If its a 250hp zombie which walks very slowly, just walk faster them him and loot the area above your base at dawn... (zombie flesh in barrel = dirt)(zombie flesh in furnace = leather!)(zombie flesh in drying rack = food!) Then once you get the crucible reward in 1.0.4 u can cook leaves/sapplings for water to ensure a healthy amount of water! ( The ice in the basement can be broken for salt water, then heated in crucible for fresh water!)

    The 1.0.4 makes starting a little easier so just hang on tight if you are ripping your hair off xD
  12. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    Could you had InventoryTweaks on the next version?
    And... AromaBackup?
    And... Dont know why no one adds this but also, MouseTweaks?
    Just make sure you disable the wheel scroll on the mouse tweaks config or it will conflict with NEI and none will work.

    And... Its all for now :p
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  13. EagleSausage

    EagleSausage New Member

    Ikr dude
  14. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    InventoryTweaks, AromaBackup Snucked into 1.0.4 before the admins could upload it :O *winks
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2014
  15. ViDMort

    ViDMort New Member

    The save would be the same in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4?
  16. CreativeGuy2013

    CreativeGuy2013 Active Member

    Good Job Sir! Good job!
  17. Braystone

    Braystone New Member

    Questing after completeing quests and getting the rewards it still says unclaimed rewards how to fix this?
  18. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    So...after boosting the flint/bone pickaxe I can mine copper. With copper, I need to build a smeltery, so I can make the copper pick.
    For that, I need clay. I can make clay with the mariculture vat, since his recipe is with copper. But... how to I get water inside it? I cant mine iron to make a iron bucket and I cant make a clay bucket since I dont have clay....

    What am I missing here to be able to progress?

    (Still playing with 1.0.2 version)
  19. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    Its an HQM bug, some quests might get fixed after a restart, usually they dont. Sadly, there isnt a new HQM version for a long time....
  20. Braystone

    Braystone New Member

    Ive never had this issue on any other hqm modpacks

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