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Whitelist Server Infiniterra-Infinity-1.3.4-Friendly-No Banned items-Dedicated 24/7-NoPvP

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Mahzurgh, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Bruce Davidson

    Bruce Davidson New Member

    IGN: thepersonhere
    Age: 18
    Location: Ireland
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Since the days of AE2, Buildcraft and IC and modpacks were not a thing.
    Motivation to join: Looking for a nice community with no restrictions on builds or items.
  2. NovoGames

    NovoGames New Member

    IGN: NovoGames
    Age: 23
    Location: Germany
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: since FTB Lite 1.1.1
    Motivation to join: a nice community with fun to build and no limits to build.
  3. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    IGN: JoKillerPT
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: play minecraft with mods from the 1.2.5
    Motivation to join: I humbly so with people, i have very experience with mods because i played minecraft with mods from the 1.2.5
  4. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

    Portugal? xD
  5. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

  6. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    Do not whitelist this user if you want someone who follows rules
  7. Amadara

    Amadara New Member

    IGN: Amadara
    Age: 29
    Location: Singapore
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Since FTB Ultimate
    Motivation to join: Cool server spawn, love to try in this mature server.
  8. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    IGN: Streetgost
    Age: 16
    Location: Germany
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Started with ultimate 1.4.7
    Motivation to join: I've been looking for a friendly server in EU which isn't as crowded as publics, also I want to get helped and offer help to other members.

    And I would like to bring a friend of mine:

    IGN: Twotwaffle
    Age: 18
    Location: Germany
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Also since ftb ultimate
    Motivation to join: He wants to play along with me on a not so full server aswell.
  9. Dekutanoth

    Dekutanoth New Member

    IGN: Dekutanoth
    Age: 24
    Location: US
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Several servers of Direwolf20 and Infinity that just went inactive/lost funding
    Motivation to join: I love playing with others, and helping :)
  10. Muphet

    Muphet New Member

    IGN: Muphet
    Age: 23 (24 on 25th may)
    Location: Poland
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: modded minecraft since industrial craft 1, been playing most of the packs (no HQM) till present day. I decided to play some 'easy' packs while gregtech6 is in production (gt5 kinda "too short").
    Motivation to join: I was playing 1.3.4 infinity for about week on other server and they decided to transfer to new server.. RIP so it's new server time i guess
  11. KaosC57

    KaosC57 New Member

    IGN: Skiptrace
    Age: 16
    Location: Texas, US (Yes i fully accept any conceived Ping Issues that are actually more than likely non-existant as I have played on several european servers with 0 latency issues)
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Since the old Tekkit packs back in 1.2
    Motivation to join: Looking for a good server to join as I want to get back into modded MC again, but have not been able to find a stable server.
  12. Blue4euro4

    Blue4euro4 New Member

    IGN: sglwilso
    Age: 23
    Location: UK
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Around 3 years
    Motivation to join: Would like to play with loads of other people who love FTB.
  13. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    Server application
    IGN: Born_0f_Fire (zero in of)
    Personal Info: Ryan, 38, married, father to 2 young boys.
    Communication preference: typing chat, not voip.
    Fav mods: Dreaconic Evolution, EnderIO.
    Build type: Technical, not pretty.
    Typical play time: 1-3 hrs / day, usually after 9pm cst.
  14. Briedyn07

    Briedyn07 New Member

    1. Forum Name: Briedyn07
    2. Minecraft name: Briedyn07
    3. Age: 16
    4. Country: Philippines GMT +8.
    5. How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? Played since the released of FTB Ultimate, and
    6. I played many modpacks as well. Like Monster, Unleashed, Direwolf, and so much more.
    7. What do you like about modded minecraft? It's more fun to play with and also it's also moderately hardcore :).
    8. Have you been banned? If so, why? Nope, never once. I stick to all the rules on every server I've played into, and follow them.
    9. What can you bring to the community? I could help other people on their problem, I am friendly, and I can help with building stuffs like spawn areas, and all other types of building ideas :).
    10. Playing time : 4-8 hours a day, and I can play 24 hours straight.

      PS : Mature to other players, and good to moderators and admins.
      -My real name is Danilo, you can call me dan ;)
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
  15. STyX

    STyX New Member

    IGN: Trild
    Age: 18
    Location: Germany
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Everything began with playing Industrialcraft and Buildcraft. Months later the Technic Launcher came out.From there on i played like 90% of there released Modpacks. Furthermore I am a very big fan of the Direwolf20 Modpack and now am looking for a new challenge(Infinity).
    Motivation to join: I've been looking around for a small, cool and friendly community for about a month now... So it would be quite awesome to join you guys and play with you.
  16. mrgreaper

    mrgreaper New Member

    IGN: mrgreaper
    Age: 37
    Location: uk
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: i am the retired creator of the mrgreapers twisted mod, played minecraft on and off for years, mainly my own mod packs (i used to run my own pack here )
    Motivation to join: want to play minecraft again and start up my live streaming once more to relax between coding my app, work and other games. Had hoped to play after work if possible (2 amish gmt)
    The server rules apeal (mob griefing false...yes no creepers, keep inventory.....yes no rage quits :) )
  17. Alekdinho

    Alekdinho Guest

    IGN: Alekdinho
    Age: Turning 19 in a month
    Location: Norway
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: My favourite mod is IC2 and Thermal Expansion, trying to learn the most out of it. I was really into FTB a year ago but lack of time me quit MC for a while, now I really want to go back to FTB.
    Motivation to join: Really exciting to meet a new community and learn from others and share ideas. Hope to see you around

    Cheers! :)
  18. KakePvP

    KakePvP New Member

    Location:Czech Republic
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp:I was playing all kinds of FTB modpacks for about 2yrs now
    Motivation to join: Im trying to find small whitelist server with couple friendly people to have fun and do all kinds of shenanigans :)
  19. MetroidHunter123

    MetroidHunter123 New Member

    Location:United States
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp:A good two-three years
    Motivation to join: Servers are fun fam
  20. opt_user

    opt_user New Member

    IGN: opt_user
    Age: 26
    Location: Portugal
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: i play since the first tekkit
    Motivation to join: just got some free time i want use to play ftb and relax

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