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Whitelist Server Infiniterra-Infinity-1.3.4-Friendly-No Banned items-Dedicated 24/7-NoPvP

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Mahzurgh, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Create_Faith

    Create_Faith Guest

    IGN: Create_Faith
    Age: 19 (20 soon)
    Location: Netherlands
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: I've played Tekkit since EE was still a thing, had a break and been playing FTB Infinity for a while now.
    Motivation to join: I used to have a Tekkit server with a friend, but since he's no longer interested I'm trying to find a server to just relax and have fun.
  2. Nikjee

    Nikjee New Member

    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp:I started playing modded minecraft since 1.7.
    Motivation to join:I really like playing in company of people where no banned mods or items so i could learn each mod and get a support from players.

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