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Whitelist Server Infiniterra-Infinity-1.3.4-Friendly-No Banned items-Dedicated 24/7-NoPvP

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Mahzurgh, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    We are looking for players to join our public dedicated FTB Infinity server.

    We have set up this server to play with some friends.
    Seeing this is our first serious attempt at a dedicated server we are limiting the amount of players
    that will gain access. This is solely because we hold the stability for active players in high regard.
    We feel our server should handle a total of 10 players at first.

    Server Specs:

    AMD AM3 Phenom II 720 @ 2.8Ghz.
    5GB DDR3 1333Mhz dedicated to Minecraft. (Can be increased if needed)
    200/200 Mb fiber connection.

    Location: The Netherlands

    (If you're not from Europe you may have ping issues)

    No disabled mods or items.

    No extra mods. We feel the Infinity mod pack has plenty mods as is.

    Server IP:

    Code of Conduct:

    Be mature.
    Respect your fellow players.
    NO griefing!
    NO other form of malicious intent.
    If you're offline for a longer period of time, without reason or mention, you will be removed from the white list.

    Any form of malicious behavior is punishable by ban!

    Banned items:

    Server Rules:

    This is by no means a hardcore or difficult server.
    We are aiming for a casual, more creative play style.
    If you want a bigger challenge, this server is not for you.

    White list application applies!

    To apply for access please fill out the following form:

    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp:
    Motivation to join:

    Final thoughts:

    We hope to see you soon as a part of our active community!!

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  2. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah New Member

    How long have I been playing minecraft Ftb?=Um... Since ftb unleashed Idk a while?
    Motivation= I love the infinity modpack and i love modded minecraft in general but singleplayer isnt my thing so server are the best option :)
    And question Skype? Do you guys use skype?
  3. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    We are two players (me Behedwin and Kung_Kokos) that want to apply.

    IGN: Behedwin, Kung_Kokos
    Age: 31, 34
    Location: Sweden
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Lots, since MC beta and FTB early days...
    Motivation to join: Have been away for some time taking a break after playing Monster. Now we look to get back and try new things.
    We have both been playing together allot, both modded and vanilia... and other games.
  4. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    Not to burst your bubble but Montana.....
    You will have major ping issues playing an European server from the states.
    It's not that I don't want to white list you, but having your best interest at heart maybe there are better, American based servers out there you could join.
    If you're intent on joining however, I'll gladly white list you. However, bare in mind your playing experience will probably suffer.
    Please let me know what you decide.
  5. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member

    Behedwin and Kung_Kokos,

    We'll gladly welcome you to our server!

    The names Behedwin and Kung_Kokos have been whitelisted!
    You should now be able to log in.

    See you in game!
  6. Malrama

    Malrama New Member

    Heyho =)

    IGN: Malrama
    Age: 23
    Location: Germany
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Very much. Mostly played Direwolf20 pack. Now I go and get Infinity. Also playin Regrowth =)
    Motivation to join: I am looking for a Server which has the most mods and Items enabled. I am not a fan of banning Items. Dont ban Items, ban the player who abuse them! ;)

    Greetings :D
  7. Raverist

    Raverist New Member

    I could use the entertainment.

    IGN: Raverist.
    Age: 26.
    Location: UK. Bonus points for being in the pseudo-nordic half of it.
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Quite a lot. I've done AgSkies, have finished ME3 and have survived ME4 (mostly), and on the non HQM side of things have dabbled in the first Mindcrack pack with Gregtech amidst other things.
    Motivation to join: Single player modded minecraft gets dull. Multiplayer would do me a world of good.
  8. xxrazorbeastxx

    xxrazorbeastxx New Member

    IGN: xxrazorbeastxx
    Age: 30
    Location: OH, USA
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: 3 years
    Motivation to join: community
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  9. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    We welcome you to our server.

    Your name has been whitelisted!

    See you in game!
  10. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    We welcome you to our server!

    Your name has been whitelisted!

    See you in game!
  11. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    Are you sure you want to play on a European server?
    It's not that I don't want to white list you, but you may find that playing on an American server improves your gaming experience.
    Playing a European server as an American may cause ping issues.
    If you're intent on joining though, please confirm and I'll white list you!
  12. xxrazorbeastxx

    xxrazorbeastxx New Member

    is the ping issue for me or you? If its for me, I don't mind. And I love european ppl ^^
  13. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member

    The ping issue would be yours.
    But if you're fine with that i'll white list you
  14. xxrazorbeastxx

    xxrazorbeastxx New Member

  15. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member

    You have been whitelisted!

    See you in game!
  16. Mahzurgh

    Mahzurgh New Member


    Welcome to Infiniterrra!
    Your name has been added to the whitelist!
    See you in game
  17. cucust9876

    cucust9876 New Member

    IGN: cucust9876
    Age: 17
    Location: Romania
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Like 3-4 years, mostly FTB but also Tekkit and Resonant Rise (2 and 3)
    Motivation to join: I wish to join a friendly, small server on which I can play with other people.
  18. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

    Is there a certain age limit?
  19. OinkMooBark

    OinkMooBark New Member

    IGN: NeverStopMining


    Texas, USA I have great internet so lag shouldn't be a problem

    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp:
    I have played mods since 1.4 ( 1.5 years about ) and I have played most public packs on ftb tekkit and AT so I have a decent amount of experience :) But my favorite packs have been Infinity and SF2 (Sky Factory 2). I know how to use most major mods the main one I don't know how to use is witchery and pneumatic craft.

    Motivation to join: I'm looking for a good server that wont go down in a day after that happening on 4 or 5 other servers I have joined. Hopefully not many or no plugins ( This doesn't mention them so :D ) After the last server I joined felt more like a minigames server than survival.

    PS: I'm a villager You'll see ;)

    - Oink,
    Have a good day!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2015
  20. Boyd

    Boyd New Member

    IGN: BoydR81
    Age: 17
    Location: Australia
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: First got into minecraft a week before trapdoors and pistons, around 4 years ago, then I found the wonderful wrld of mods, had great fun with all the old buildcraft toys and have just come back from a resonably long minecraft hiatus.
    Motivation to join: A 24/7, friendly, modded, casual, minecraft server. Can't get much better than that.

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