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Whitelist Server InfiniteCraft: FTB Infinity 1.6.2-1.7.10 (18+)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Cryxzilla, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. MrFaux

    MrFaux New Member

    Age- 23
    Why you would like to join-i love small communities since im very friendly and like to talk a lot and its better to do so in a small community have lots of experience in modded MC
    How friendly are you- very friendly
  2. Manxzx1

    Manxzx1 Guest

    Skype-(I don't want to post this on a forum)
    Why you would like to join- I have been looking for a server to play on with a small community.
    How friendly are you- I'm fairly friendly.
  3. mcrocksohiostate

    mcrocksohiostate New Member

    25Age-(18+ only)
    Skype- dont use skype hopefully thats not a problem
    Why you would like to join- to play w a small group of ppl
    How friendly are you-very well help as much as i can
  4. Age- 19
    IGN- MuchoMochoMango
    Skype- Michael.wazowski69
    Why you would like to join- I would like to join because I love playing with a lot of players and love to make friends.
    How friendly are you- I'm friendly just don't get on my bad sad.
  5. brian hatley

    brian hatley New Member

    Age-(18+ only) 28
    Why you would like to join- just like to play minecraft, server is the only way to go.
    How friendly are you- mostly keep to myself, but i do help out whenever somebody needs it.
  6. Kelseyremy

    Kelseyremy Guest

    Age-(18+ only) I'm 21!
    IGN- kremy1815
    Skype- Will give out later!
    Why you would like to join- Playing Minecraft on a server with other people just adds so much more fun to the game!
    How friendly are you- I'd say I'm very friendly and a team player I'm very laid back and easy going!
  7. Eridinus

    Eridinus Guest

    Age-(18+ only) 19
    IGN- Eridinus
    Skype- arcticsoul97
    Why you would like to join- Looking for a quiet server to enjoy some modded minecraft with mature players.
    How friendly are you- Enough that you'll want to take me to bed.
  8. Lethalmatter

    Lethalmatter New Member

    Age: 27
    IGN: Lethalmatter
    Skype: VampyLestat
    Why you would like to join: Looking for a mature/long lasting server that my friend and I can play on and make new friends too.
    How friendly are you: I enjoy helping others to the best of my abilities while being mature and respectful.
  9. DeadMeerakat

    DeadMeerakat Guest

    Age- 21
    IGN- DeadMeerkat
    Skype- deadmeerkat (I rarely log into it, and would much rather discord/teamspeak.)
    Why you would like to join- Redundant question? You're running a server for a modpack, am I going to butter my toast with it? I'm likely to play it.
    How friendly are you- As you saw above, i'm sarcastic, and I'm generally up for a laugh more than an argument.
  10. KoznChaos

    KoznChaos Guest


    Skype-daskelpto (I primarily use discord - KoznChaos)
    Why you would like to join- I'm looking for a server
    How friendly are you-Very

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