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Whitelist Server InfiniteCraft: FTB Infinity 1.6.2-1.7.10 (18+)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Cryxzilla, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Hello everyone, Cryxz here and I Want to play Minecraft with a couple of people, 8-10 people would be great.

    InfiniteCraft is gonna be server with infinite possibilities.

    Join in on the potential Fun there is going to be.

    Some Basic Rules:

    - No Griefing
    - Friendly Environment
    - No harassment
    - 18+ server Only!


    Age-(18+ only)
    Why you would like to join-
    How friendly are you-
  2. zorax87

    zorax87 New Member

    Where be your server located m8? :) kinda interested, just want some more info about location, and som ideas for the future
  3. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    It will be in the US.
  4. zorax87

    zorax87 New Member

    ok. is it more like a friends roaming around open world or are you planning on expanding it to more public numbers?
  5. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Its gonna be small at first and maybe expand to greater numbers depending on the community.
  6. Levytskyy

    Levytskyy New Member

    Skype- Baloony2
    Why you would like to join-looking for a small server to explore the modpack in with others.
    How friendly are you-Extremely
  7. hunter dean

    hunter dean New Member

    Why you would like to join-looking for a new people to play legos with
    How friendly are you-pretty friendly
  8. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    You two are accepted, Please read your inbox. Thanks
  9. Nuhallis

    Nuhallis New Member

    Age-(18+ only): 20
    IGN- Nuhallis
    Skype- Nuhallis
    Why you would like to join- Because I want to a smaller group of people to play with, smaller numbers just mean you get to really know people and have fun, unlike zerg-fest servers with numbers in the 100's...
    How friendly are you- Marry Me?
  10. Captain Funki

    Captain Funki New Member

    Age-(18+ only) 23
    IGN- CaptainFunki
    Skype- Can tell you in game or send you a smg on the forum if you want.
    Why you would like to join- I'll continue with the starcraft reference and say that i don't want to be a part of the swarm, I much rather be a protos, few in numbers but much stronger then the zerg party.
    So what im saying is that i want to be a part of a smal but strong comunty.
    How friendly are you-i'll treat people with respect if they do the same to me.
  11. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Few more spots have opened up, looking for about 3 more people to join! Remember 18+ Please
  12. BobbyDD

    BobbyDD New Member

    Age-(18+ only) - 18
    IGN - BobbyDD
    Skype - I will tell you in-game.
    Why you would like to join - Looking for a small community of active people to hang about with.
    How friendly are you - I'm friendly and I like to laugh and tell jokes a lot.
  13. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Accepted! Please check your inbox
  14. jeremypayne82

    jeremypayne82 New Member

    Age- Older Then Everyone 33
    IGN- jeremypayne82
    Skype- jeremypayne82
    Why you would like to join- I Dont Like Public Servers But Love This Pack And The Whitelisted Server I Was On Shut Down Today Due To Money Problems I Was Willing To Help But Was THe Only One
    How friendly are you- I Am A Very Friendly Person Always Willing To Help Any And Everyone If Help Is Needed
  15. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Accepted, Please check your inbox
  16. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Spots are now closed at the moment till further notice.
  17. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Currently Looking for a couple more to join. See Application Details.
  18. Orbitus

    Orbitus New Member

    IGN- Orbitus2001
    Skype- Don't use skype, hope that isn't a problem
    Why you would like to join- Looking for a new server after my other one closed basically.
    How friendly are you- Well if I have something to trade or give away, I will.
  19. Hadrian

    Hadrian New Member

    Age-(18+ only): 22
    IGN- mikaplita
    Skype- don't want to post it publicly
    Why you would like to join- My last server just shut down randomly. It was also starting to have issues with immature players. I would just like to join a tight-knit community where I don't have to worry about griefing or stealing.
    How friendly are you- Very
  20. Arkhorse

    Arkhorse New Member

    Age: 19, turning 20 in two weeks :D
    IGN- Arkhorse
    Skype- arkhorse3
    Why you would like to join- interested in joining a server that is small, to have fun
    How friendly are you- Not to friendly, if you get my drift :D

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