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Whitelist Server InfiniteCraft: FTB Infinity 1.6.2-1.7.10 (18+)

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Cryxzilla, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Accepted! Please check your Inboxes!
  2. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    The server is now updated to 1.7 please update to this version.

    Apologies to the downtime earlier. Host issues.

  3. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    Due to server issues, we are going to have to reset the world to fix the issue.
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  4. MassacrewMC

    MassacrewMC New Member

    Cry anyway it could be reset with 1.90 version of the pack? Reason being is the world gen seems to be a lot different in this version then others.
  5. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    I will look to see if its avaible anytime soon, atm it is not.
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  6. Disconnected

    Disconnected New Member

    Age-(18+ only) Sure im 18 :D
    IGN- XMiner001X
    Skype- philip.hack3
    Why you would like to join- I got some time on my hand and would like to play FTb with some other people again :)
    How friendly are you- On a scale from 0-10 probably orange - no im rlly friendly unless u piss me off xD

    I hope i still get on now that u have a potential reset x:
  7. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    World has been reset to a Biomes O Plenty one!
  8. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Of you don't mind me asking where is the server based I live in Australia and at the best of times I get 290 to 600 ping on servers from the U.S

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  9. Cryxzilla

    Cryxzilla New Member

    The server is located in the us
  10. Orbitus

    Orbitus New Member

  11. HandsOfBlue

    HandsOfBlue New Member

    IGN- HandsOfBlue
    Why you would like to join- I am just looking for a small, friendly, and mature gaming community to have fun and build awesome stuff with!
    How friendly are you- I'm a very friendly (and funny) person! Don't worry, I'm not an antisocial/awkward person that won't talk to you. I will make a great addition to your community!
  12. zorax87

    zorax87 New Member

    Age- 28
    IGN- zorax87
    Skype- zorax666
    Why you would like to join- Love FTB and if I'm playing with the right ppl I'd like to start streaming it :)
    How friendly are you- Very very friendly and mature Swedish guy who lives in his mines and builds awesome machines :D
  13. EternalHittMan

    EternalHittMan New Member

    age - 20
    IGN - EternalHittMan
    Skype - TheHittMan5
    Why you would like to join - my last server shut down, and i would like to have a server with friendly people without griefing and stuff so we can have lots of fun
    How friendly are you - Absurdly
  14. thcHlade

    thcHlade Guest

    Age-(18+ only) - i will be 18 in two months... ;)
    IGN- thcHlade
    Skype- i will tell you in game
    Why you would like to join- because i like small comunities :)
    How friendly are you- If someone is nice to me, i am nice to him ;)
  15. Gambrous

    Gambrous New Member

    Age-(18+ only)- 22
    IGN- Gambrous
    Skype- Gambrous Gamington, make sure you say it's you or I wont accept the friend request
    Why you would like to join- Looking for a serious but fun server, with no banned items and no one who'll grief.
    How friendly are you- Very I guess
  16. Bratyha_mandarin

    Bratyha_mandarin New Member

    Age- 22
    IGN- FFUUUsha
    Skype- stroganov-grisha
    Why you would like to join- just looking for a good server
    How friendly are you- very nice :3
  17. MrHanXin

    MrHanXin New Member

    Age- 22
    IGN- MrHanXin
    Skype- MrHanXin
    Why you would like to join- I would like to play on a friendly server, as I indulge in the game of Minecraft once again.
    How friendly are you- I am pretty sociable with everyone, haven't ever gotten into any drama or troubles with others.
  18. Age-(18+ only) 29
    IGN- CynicalDirector
    Skype- I prefer teamspeak, but I usually don't post my Skype on public forums
    Why you would like to join- would like to join a community
    How friendly are you- pretty friendly, no griefing from me
  19. Bourdane

    Bourdane Guest

    Age-28 (18+ only)
    Why you would like to join-Looking for a FTB infinity server to play on
    How friendly are you-I like to think i'm fairly friendly :)
  20. Age-22
    IGN- StrunkyHawter
    Skype- Don't use skype anymore. I do use other clients.
    Why you would like to join- I like to chat with other ppl in game. Hate to play alone :p.
    How friendly are you- Can you even mesure this :p? I don't screw with other ppl and like to chat.

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