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Whitelist Server HazeCraft |Unleashed V1.1.7 | Whitelist | No plugins/banned items | 24 slots | PvE | 18+

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Nicksterr, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. waywardbat

    waywardbat New Member

    • Age: 39
    • IGN: WaywardBat
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I have played FTB with the Minecrack mods for a few months in the beginning of the year before going back to Vanilla. I'd like to find a server now that the packs are updated that suits my playstyle and on a server this time.
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? Eastern time
    • Why do you want to join? I'm looking for a mature FTB server. I am part of a great community on Vanilla Minecraft and would like to experience FTB again on a server that is as great as that one. Really I'm looking for a server that is active and just want to have fun.
    • What would you bring to the server? Tough question. Even though getting back into FTB would be challenging at first with the new modpacks that weren't in Mindcrack, I think I can add some friendliness to the server and some maturity but at the same time can help others if they need assistance building things.
  2. 06koconnell

    06koconnell New Member

    Age: 18
    IGN: 06koconnell
    What is your experience with FTB/mods? I've played with mods since minecraft was in beta and FTB since it was released
    Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? England
    Why do you want to join? I'm looking for a friendly server full of nice people that is safe for me to play on without risking all my stuff getting stolen
    What would you bring to the server? A friend, someone to mess around with and help people if they get stuck
    Hope to be accepted DFTBA! ( Don't Forget To Be Awesome)
  3. r0lf90

    r0lf90 New Member

    Server seems down again!
  4. Stanekk

    Stanekk New Member

    • Age: I'm 20 years old.
    • IGN: My ingame name is Stanekk
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? Uhm, hard to say, as I'm playing with mods since IC, yeah right not IC2, but IC. I'm not a pro though but i think i come up with some nice automations, as I'm a pretty lazy player! BUt as we all know, lazyness pays out sometimes!
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? I'm living in Germany so its GMT +1
    • Why do you want to join? I'm still on search for a nice, mature server, that is up and has a high uptime. Also i'd love to have a base with at least one other player!
    • What would you bring to the server? As i mentioned above, I'd bring in some nice ideas to automate stuff. But I'm always open for more wishes i could fulfill!
  5. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    I'm working on it!
  6. atkkaa

    atkkaa New Member

    i think nick is lost lol
  7. Steven McWayne

    Steven McWayne New Member

  8. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    that makes me a sad panda
  9. waldanno

    waldanno New Member

    Apparently there is a problem with chunks not loading properly, nick is trying to get hold of our host, but he's away atm.
  10. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    Mkay, problem has been found and dealt with. So back to having fun :)

    Welcome to the server Stanekk, WaywardBat, and 06koconnell! :)
  11. Timbob102

    Timbob102 New Member

    Age:15 1/2 Yes I know I'm too young. I'm very serious about what i participate in.
    IGN: Timbob102
    What is your experience with FTB/mods? Since i started playing tekkit in 1.2.5
    Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? CST (WI, USA)
    Why do you want to join? I'm looking for a community to join who's friendly and not empty all the time.
    What would you bring to the server? Server promotion with my YouTube series I'll start.
  12. idrewt

    idrewt New Member

    idrewt ​
    I have ran multiple servers on my own, I have created communities with friends and have played almost every modpack on FTB. I've played minecraft for quite awhile and FTB is my favorite part of the Minecraft genre. I understand a good amount about majority of the mods in unleashed and always learn more as I go.​
    EST (Ohio)​
    Why do I want to join?
    I could no longer support the server I was running.​
    What would I bring?
    I would try to bring another active player to the server (Im a college student so.. maybe not always active) that loves to build and expand. Automations are a lot of fun, big builds are also awesome.. Maybe we could get a community build going with a little communication. ​
  13. r0lf90

    r0lf90 New Member

    I'm sorry to be the bad-news-guy, but the server seems to be down again.
  14. atkkaa

    atkkaa New Member

    we know
  15. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    It didn't crash... I checked cpanel and it's not even there anymore. I'm guessing Andy is moving it or something? Just messaged him and he'll get back to me.
  16. waldanno

    waldanno New Member

    I was talking to Andy earlier and he said something about changing the dedi server into gaming whatever I don't remember anymore :D
  17. atkkaa

    atkkaa New Member

    servers are back up enjoy
  18. The_Seadweller

    The_Seadweller New Member

    What is your experience with FTB/mods?
    I have very little experience with Unleashed and the FTB modpacks in general. I'd love to learn, though.
    What is your habitat?
    The US. UTC - 6
    Why do you want to join?
    I'm looking for a nice community to play with while I'm not busy with work and such. I'm sick of griefers and immature staff, and want to explore FTB Unleashed more.
    What would you bring to the server?
    I'd be a mature and creative member of the community, building large structures and hosting events. I'd treat other members with utmost respect and expect to be treated the same way. I'd be welcoming to newcomers and help where I can.
  19. reck0r

    reck0r New Member

    • Age:
      IGN: reck0r
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? Played various packs
      Started off with the mindcrack then moved to ultimate and now unleashed
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)?
      UK GMT
    • Why do you want to join?
      Been looking for a server for a while that isnt loaded with plugins, that has a trusted community.
    • What would you bring to the server?
      Maturity and always willing to help where i can.
  20. Kiliad1981

    Kiliad1981 New Member

    server hamster die? xD

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