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Whitelist Server HazeCraft |Unleashed V1.1.7 | Whitelist | No plugins/banned items | 24 slots | PvE | 18+

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Nicksterr, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. ChaoticPancakes

    ChaoticPancakes New Member

    • Age: 28
    • IGN: ChaoticPancakes
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I have been playing FTB for about a year, so have quite a lot of experience with the majority of the mods in the pack.
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? UK, GMT
    • Why do you want to join? I am looking for a server with a mature community, one at that is hosted in the UK is ideal, both to minimise lag and the maximise number of people playing at the same time as me. The last server I played on had an awful lot of downtime and a large number of fairly devastating rollbacks, this got very frustrating after a while.
    • What would you bring to the server? I have quite a bit of knowledge of the majority of mods and I am always willing to help out whenever I can.
  2. Mrtman123

    Mrtman123 New Member

    • Age:18
    • IGN: Mrtman123
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I've been playing with the mods since tekkit 1.2.5
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? EST
    • Why do you want to join? To join a mature community, one where I can enjoy minecraft with people of mature attitudes. Also, being able to help people when I'm able!
    • What would you bring to the server? Some knowledge I have of the mods and be willing to help where I can!
  3. Coooooookie77

    Coooooookie77 New Member

    • Age: 18
    • IGN: Coooooookie77
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I allways playd on tekkit servers before and just changed to ftb and have a huge intrest in every thing magic related like EE
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? GMT +1, Berlin
    • Why do you want to join? well, my old server shutdown all of sudden and from what I heard of my brother hazecraft is a pretty neat and friendly server
    • What would you bring to the server? expert underground base building skill, mushroom farms and participating in large projects (since I think they are fun and helpfull for the comunity)
  4. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    Welcome to the server APproject, ChaoticPancakes, Mrtman123, and Coooooookie77! :)

    I'm sorry I've taken this long but I had to gauge our player base and whether or not to accept new applicants. I now feel like a few more to add to the community wouldn't hurt :)

    As it has been some time since the applications I understand that some, if not all, of you have already found another server.
  5. 00Astal

    00Astal New Member

    • Age: 29
    • IGN: Astal2684
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I've played the direwolf 20 pack, the mindcrak pack. I enjoy Forestry, MFR, and thermal expansion.
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? I'm in the Bahamas, i think its -5 GMT
    • Why do you want to join? Stopped FTB for a bit for scholl work and now that its finished I have been dieing to get back into FTB.
    • What would you bring to the server? I am will to help others if able to.
  6. PiGLet11

    PiGLet11 New Member

    • Age: 18
    • IGN: Hey_PigLet
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? I have pretty good experience with almost all of the mods, but i have to learn a lot.
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? GMT +1
    • Why do you want to join? I get bored of public servers with full of ranks and griefs. I want a mature, good community to play with and have fun. :D
    • What would you bring to the server? A guy that tries to help out everyone i can, and some fun.
  7. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    There seems to be an incompatibility with the modpack and mcpc+, therefore we will have to remove that. Andy isn't on right now so we will have to wait for him to get on before we can switch over. Server is down in the mean time, whomever lived at -500, -100 please let me know what you were doing before the crash.
  8. Elrondus

    Elrondus New Member

    Darn I was about to get on for first time in like a week too!
  9. Chris052675

    Chris052675 New Member

    Dang.. any ETA yet on the server?
  10. Kiliad1981

    Kiliad1981 New Member

    server up.
  11. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    Server is down again and it's not looking so great, more and more fingers being pointed at mcpc+ being incompatible, if that is the case there is no other option than to have yet again, a map reset... At best, the server could be rolled back 48 hours, but the underlying problem would still be there and it is likely to happen again.
  12. reck0r

    reck0r New Member

    ouch good luck on fixing it! ill still play on it!
  13. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    Alright so here is where we stand. I have a new world up(can't get on as it appears mojang is/was having issues with sessions servers.) It is completely vanilla ftb, no more craftbukkit or plugins to crash the world. The old map is still around but I fear the worst as it is just so corrupted. As this is very frustrating I see this as my last attempt at running a smooth server. We have lost quite a few players to these issues we've been having and I don't blame any of them as I would have personally bolted myself had it not been for me being the admin. Anyways, hopefully things stay in the clear now and we can build with the player base that we have left after this ordeal :p
  14. Nobsocks

    Nobsocks New Member

    Any way we can get extra starting resources to make it quicker for us to rebuild?
  15. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    Hmm while the session servers are down I'll think of some ways I could speed up the beginning gameplay for everyone. I'll make a little hub at spawn with some helpful tools and such, such as for instance a t7 dartcraft tome and other things I'll try to come up with. It doesn't feel like just handing over a few stacks of iron and all that even if we all had way more than just that.
  16. Chris052675

    Chris052675 New Member

    heck with that.. Just hand over a single quarry for each of us and BAM, shave the first 2 days off the start up.
  17. JyrasiQ

    JyrasiQ New Member

    • Age: 21
    • IGN: JyrasiQ
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods? about 5 months
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? Eastern US
    • Why do you want to join? looking for a friendly community to play with
    • What would you bring to the server? creative builds
  18. potato_pie_lord

    potato_pie_lord New Member

    • Age:18
    • IGN: potato_pie_lord
    • What is your experience with FTB/mods?almost none
    • Where do you reside at (timezone will do)?Pacific
    • Why do you want to join?Learn mods and get friends
    • What would you bring to the server?friendship :#
  19. nart

    nart New Member

    server down again ?
  20. Nicksterr

    Nicksterr New Member

    It didn't have enough memory... Thought it had kept the same jvm flags as from the last server but I guess not. Fixed now.

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