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Whitelist Server GFgaming [FTB Mindcrack v8.3.2 [25 slots] [Anti-Grief] [PvE][Nothing disabled]

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Blackie_life, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Killer_microwave

    Killer_microwave New Member

    the server is no longer whitelisted
  2. Ingavar007

    Ingavar007 New Member

    What kind of mod pack is it. I can't figure out how to get on the server.
  3. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    If youre having problems joining or have any questions just join us on our website and ask for help there. gfgaming.org
  4. Eternallight555

    Eternallight555 New Member

    Username: Eternallight555
    Age: 16
    Experience with mods?: I run a couple of servers with my friends.
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes, i accept the rules.
  5. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    we arent whitelisted so you can just join =]
  6. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    its ganna be fun hearing first day of school stories later
  7. doughman

    doughman New Member

    Username: doughman00
    Age(Optional): 20
    Experience with mods?: 4 years of vanilla, 2+ years with mods
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes
  8. Killer_microwave

    Killer_microwave New Member

    this server is not whitelisted, no need to apply :D
  9. Muphet

    Muphet New Member

    Username: muphet (all lower letters)
    Age(Optional): 22 (and a half to be precise)
    Experience with mods?: High (I'm playing since Technic SSP)
    Do you accept our rules?: There sholdn't be this question. It's obvious that only ppl who accept them will be invited to play. Rest of players who join to grief may go play vanilla or whatever. But yes, I do accept this rules.
  10. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    NOT WHITELISTED, join as you please =]
  11. Rafmaninov

    Rafmaninov New Member

    Experience with mods?:Total knowledge about all of it
    Do you accept our rules?:I Do
  12. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    no need for an application lol just join
  13. the_minecraft_manic

    the_minecraft_manic New Member

    Username: tapo92
    Experience with mods?: average. i know a bit, not a lot
    Do you accept our rules?:ye
  14. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    lets just relax and play some minecraft
  15. Guelmy

    Guelmy New Member

    Apps not needed =]
  16. Frankiejoh

    Frankiejoh New Member

    Username: Frankiejoh
    Experience with mods?:I played a lot a awhile back and had a great time with the mods.
    Do you accept our rules? Yes

    My friend would like to apply

    Username: Vortex2122
    Age(Optional): 16
    Experience with mods?: I had played alot with my friend had lots of fun.
    Do you accept our rules? Yes
  17. Killer_microwave

    Killer_microwave New Member

    There is NO whitelist for this server any more. feel free to come join, NO application needed
  18. Jake Anderson

    Jake Anderson New Member

    Username: CommanderJake59
    Age: 17
    Experience: I am very familiar with the Mindcrack mod pack
    Accept Rules?: Yup!
  19. Killer_microwave

    Killer_microwave New Member

    no need to apply. just jump on and have fun
  20. Killer_microwave

    Killer_microwave New Member

    come and join us, if your interested we also have a feed the beast unleashed server up now, join it at

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