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Whitelist Server GFgaming [FTB Mindcrack v8.3.2 [25 slots] [Anti-Grief] [PvE][Nothing disabled]

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Blackie_life, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Gai

    Gai New Member

    Username: KaufKaufKauf
    Age(Optional): 17
    Experience with mods?: I used to play for months. Quit for 6 months. I'll need a couple days to refresh, but I know what your supposed to make and such. Just need to remind myself on recipes. I'm not a noob :p
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes!
  2. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    Yet again the Whitelist is turned off for good
  3. mogsb11

    mogsb11 New Member

    Username: moggy1236
    Age: 13
    Experience with mods?: I've been using FTB for a while now so i'd say i'm pretty good with mods.
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes of course.
  4. Bronze

    Bronze New Member

    Username: bronzeowl9
    Age(Optional): I would rather not say.
    Experience with mods?: Well I have zero experience making mods but I've played Tekkit since 2012 and FTB since mind-2013.
    Do you accept our rules?: Of course.
  5. pheonixmario

    pheonixmario New Member

    Username: Pheonixmario
    Experience with mods?:Yes, most of them.
    Do you accept our rules?:Yes, I do.
  6. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    If you guys would read above there is no whitelist.
  7. Cole Vogel

    Cole Vogel New Member

    Username: Cole416
    Age(Optional): 16
    Experience with mods?: I've done FTB/Hexxit for about like 6 months. I know the basics and all but the advanced stuff I might need help on if I am completely honest.
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes sir.
  8. Cheesy_Phantom

    Cheesy_Phantom New Member

    Username: Cheesy_Phantom
    Experience with mods?: I play with the technic launcher for minecraft.
    Do you accept our rules?: Yes

    Srry didn't realize that u turned off whitelist.
  9. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    Will be getting a new host soon! Just as a reminder there is no whitelist
  10. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    New ip
  11. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    Make sure to sign up on the website to unlock more items!
  12. Identif3r

    Identif3r New Member

    Experience with mods?: Pretty much tryed all of em, just didnt got serious into magic
    Do you accept our rules?:Yes
  13. Blackie_life

    Blackie_life New Member

    Make sure to vote to get your daily reward!, Remember there is no whitelist anymore
  14. Mr_Modder55

    Mr_Modder55 New Member

    Experience with mods?:Industrial Craft,Thermal Expenstion and others
    Do you accept our rules?:yes
  15. Username:320veseljko023
    Experience with mods:thermal expansions
    Do you accept our rules:yes
  16. Eliazzzzz

    Eliazzzzz New Member

    Username: Eliazzzzz
    Experience with mods?: I have played mindcrack before and i really like machines and stuff and i just want to have a great time with my friends.
    Do you accept our rules?: YES I DO!

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